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Michael - Many thanks for the detailed explanations, particularly for my particular question about oxfords. I am new to Epaulet and I am sold. Thanks again.
Does Gitman make the stock Epaulet Oxford Buttondown? The fit picture in the new Epaulet by Gitman MTO is the same as the stock model oxford fit pic, which leads me to believe these shirts are one in the same. Minus the MTO options, of course. 
Saphir greasy leather creme will condition, when infrequently needed, and get rid of any scuffs or scratches that a good brushing can't handle. 
Other than Leffot, does anyone know of a shop that carries a Color 8 or Cigar LWB with a waterlock sole? Alden of SF appears to carry calf LWBs on waterlock but I'm really looking for shell. I love the Leffot version with the antique edge but no clue when they'll have them again. FWIW, I asked about the next pre-order and was told they do not have a timeframe as of now. Thanks. 
I'm curious if someone can provide a sizing comparison between the Rivet Chino 8 oz. and Bonobos Washed Chino. I'm trying to upgrade a few well-worn everyday chinos and I'm trying to minimize the order and exchange cycle. I wear a 33 waist in the Bonobos straight and slim straight with a little room to spare so I recently ordered a 32" Rivet. I would appreciate any first hand insight as to how these pants compare, especially after washing and wearing a few times. Many...
Serious knowledge, and photoshop skills. Thank you. It would appear that JCrew's description is just wrong. This was my thought until I searched by model #97785 and found the same shoe, except the eyelets, at Alden of NY Mine certainly look like a double sole but without an in person side by side comparison I was in doubt. The JCrew model also looks nearly identical to the LeatherSoul variety, which states a double sole. On a related note, snuff suede LWB are excellent....
I just received a pair of snuff suede LWB from JCrew, I got lucky checking randomly and they must have gotten my size in on a return. They are reported to have single oiled/waterlock sole. I've had my eye on a number of LWB for a few months now and most seem to be on double soles, whether standard or waterlock. For the life of me I cannot tell the difference between the single and double sole in regards to an Alden LWB. In a comparison between a Bal or the like on a single...
A helpful guide can be found here.  http://www.hangerproject.com/shoe-care-guide/leather-care-overview I've been using the Neutral Greasy Leather Cream and a good brushing, after I've wiped them down with a damp cloth and then dried. 
Quick poll; does TSM have the best one stop online shop for browsing models and seeing various colors, leathers, soles and edges. I've been wearing my Indy 403s when I need to go walk a property and step in a puddle or other funk. Love the Indys but a little clunky. Trying to find something I can beat up a little but still have some style. Not crazy about the commando sole heal for what it's worth. Also not afraid of suede. Thanks for any input.
Try here, http://benjos.com. They have received positive recommendations from numerous places.
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