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Are these still availabe?
What size did you grab? And did you size down, up or go tts?
I've been looking back and forth from the websites that carry the jeans like SoHo and Rakuten, but I'm still unsure of what size I should get since I've asked people from SoHo about sizing. I'm 5'8, around 135lbs around, skinny frame, waist sz 30, I'd much rather get jeans with a small leg opening, but since sams are more taper and slim, it seems hard to decide. I've been wanting s710xx's but I just don't know what size to pick and which place to get them from. Buying from...
I got a question on Rogue Territory SKs and the sizing. I'm a 30 in levis, so does that mean I size down on jeans or...?
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