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This may sound funny but it has worked for me...Get a Dr. Scholls food insert (or any other brand), the kind that is one size fits all, and you cut to size. The double thickness one works best. Cut it about two inches too large...you may have to recut it several times until the fit is correct, but start at two inches. Put it in the shoe and insert your foot. Your foot will press the pad down and fill the space so that your foot fits higher up into the shoe. If it...
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS haha. too funny. Mine arent cords...but damn that would be awkward...im pretty sure 2 grown men in red pants in the same room would have the same effect as dividing by zero or the like. Thanks for the suggestions...I'll stay away from the red pants!
Just looking for ideas or to see how people are wearing them...i.e. casual with jeans, dressy etc. Have a pair of AE Macneils and trying to mix them into the wardrobe. Thanks
Nice coverage of George Greene...I visited there probably 6-7 years ago and was very impressed. I picked up their "house cologne" at the time. It was by Christian Tortu, apparently a french florist?? from what I could find out online. I have never seen it since, nor found any other fragrances from Tortu. Nevertheless it was a tremendous citrusy summer scent! I still have a little left, I think I'll wear it today...
I purchased a 10ml Amber Absolute decant off of Ebay from: mudassir( 326) 99.5% positive feedback. I paid $39.99. He has one on there now for the same price. There is approximately 8ml left in the glass spray bottle. The scent just didn't work for me. I will sell it for $28 shipped domestically. Please PM if you're interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by sweisman Moved to Ebay...Starting bid $250 Thanks for the reminder FStyles! http://cgi.ebay.com/Neiman-Marcus-Be...item25580b1982
Moved to Ebay...Starting bid $250
Neimans/Bergdorf Gift card with $330.75 on it. Looking to get $300 shipped. PM if you are interested.
According to two different links on google, 1 a review on Zappos (quotes mid 1950s) and the other a link for a site that no longer exists...shoe-store.net (1956)
Quote: Originally Posted by metkirk Measurements on the wingtips please +1
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