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Any chance removing the lapel snaps will be an option?
Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the nice words. It's actually really helped me out to have a list of "known good" sellers for things like the email list, so I'm glad to see it's helping you guys out too. I'm actually working on a new feature that I'm hoping will be of interest to some of the sellers here looking for more exposure. It'll hopefully be done this weekend, assuming my actual job doesn't interfere.
 Yep, pulled it from http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fatte-a-Mano-Pal-Zileri-Made-Italy-Brown-Patina-Leather-Chelsea-Boots-Shoes-42-/311003445060?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item48693ff744 That's interesting - mind sharing what % of your traffic (or sales) come from regular ebay searches, and what % come from your website/ebay followers/affiliate thread/etc? I understand if you want to keep it to yourself, obv.
Any chance we can get a photoshop rendering in some of these other leather options/colors? I'd love to see how the seal horsehide looks.
Question for SpooPoker or anyone else who wants to chime in:     When listing a shoe (or any other item) size like this, does it see less traffic than it otherwise would? Picking anything other than a regular number relegates it to the "Not Specified" portion of the size filter, and I'm wondering how much of an impact it has.
Thanks for the catch. The suits search currently searches the entire clothing category and not just the suiting sub-categories, due to some sellers being bad about putting stuff in the right spot. This occasionally makes the results wonky. I'll take a look when I get the chance. Glad you like it.
Anyone familiar with any reliable watch sellers on eBay? Mostly interested in low-end (sub $1k), esp. vintage.    You'd think at this price level people wouldn't bother with fakes, but you'd be surprised - even a lowly A-11, a watch worth MAYBE $200, gets faked left and right.   Recently added a watch search to the site, and trying to filter the bad ones out has been a damn nightmare.
Just looking for a quick confirmation before I go throwing around accusations - I'm about 99% sure.   There's absolutely NO WAY that this is shell cordovan, right?  
Thanks for the responses, think I got everyone.
Added - the under $75 is strictly for the reddit crowd, I'm MORE than happy to have people buy pricey things. Yeah, you can tell I sort of alternate between "make it another style blog and post pics" and "write guides on things you know about, dummy. There's a million and one style pic blogs already."
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