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Kop those MacNeils!I think the type of leather paltes apart on why the Walden didn't freak in as comfortably as the kenwood. If I'm not mistaken the burgundy walden does not use full grain leather. I think it uses polished burgundy leather.
Just waiting on Allison's reply for the snuff suede + bourbon heritage. So far, the following have shown some interest:   @watchidiot @7_rocket @quidameister @Mark_Y @Indyoshi68 @alexdell @jubu  @polishrifle @CGKIII    I think walnut can also work. I can burnish that myself. Some cloth tape or masking tape will help prevent the suede from getting polished.
I just sent an email to Allison to ask if bourbon is possible or if there is any other mid brown leather that we can use. Rough count is there appears to be 7-9 interested.
This model WIth this vamp and quarters     And this wing, eyestay and heel counter   Flat chili welt, medium brown transparent edge, single butyl soles.   Sorry no PS skills here.
I'm not very good with PS but I think this would look awesome and unbeatable at $199. Lets get the ball rolling boys! @watchidiot@Indyoshi68
Anybody up for $199 calf suede spectators using the heritage golf shoe as the base? Snuff suede vamp and quarters, bourbon wing, eyestay and heel counter. Brown flat laces.   Chili flat welt, single butyl soles and medium brown edge dressing.   I think 199 would be an absolute steal.   Do we have 12?
Id love to join in on the GMTO llama but no go for the 905 and PTB as I'm pretty full in those areas. NST or monks (dub monk cap toe or new design without the cap or austerity wing design dub monk) would be sweet though and Id be in.
Thanks for the information. Will have to wait for when Carmina finds more shell for us then. All part of the fun :-) Did that u wing boot push through as an MTO or a GMTO? I imagine it wouldnt be too difficult to get 2 more folks to jump in on that make up as the Carmina U-Wing boot was a winner. Im hoping in the future the can make a pattern for a split toe boot or a tanker boot.
@Leaves can EB do heavy stitching on their jumper boots, ala Frankenstitch?
Only because of preference. I kept the finishing on my AE shell strands.
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