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I measure 8.5D on the brannock and take 8E on 65 last blucher and 9D on 5 last.Other factors that come to play for me is type of insole as poron really affects my vgap. Also rough collection shoes I have to size 0.5 down (Elgin, Stewart, Neumok).
I would recommend a blucher with a flat welt like the McGregors, Clark St, Delrey or Lasalle. Merlot or Bourbon for extra versatility.
I got them for $197 when they were on clearance in 2013. I was thinking I would resole them for budget Daltons but the white harrier soles have grown on me and are pretty useful for hard walks.
the EBs are great. The only thing is since I got a monk and EB does not use any garter, putting it on the first hole makes it too tight on the instep and putting it on the second hole makes it too loose. I need strap to stretch. Otherwise fit is fantastic.Also to keep it to the thread, here is The Carson City boots worn with shorts Lara Croft style through the temples of Angkor Wat. Lol.
I would go with 8.5. If you have any Allen Edmonds shoes, can you describe how the 9.5D in certain lasts fit you?
Uhmmmm 5 I think with 3 more on the way :-)The finishing of Carmina is definitely a step up from AE firsts and at the current pricing it's hard for me to buy more AE dress shoes as my feet are relatively normal size (except for my very very high instep).AE seconds would still be my go to for work boots though.Now of course if the shell trunk show comes then I'll definitely be in again.
Details please? Wrong size?
Navy shell is currently not offered as an MTO option. Also Allen Edmonds has no GMTO program right now.
I had about 3 pairs of Carmina hidden in the closet too. You know what allowed me to get them out?I had my wife pick up a package from the post. She was surprised to see a mansur gavriel bucket bag inside. I took out the shoes from the closet that same afternoon. Didn't hear a groan and not even an eye roll. It works buddy! Try it!
My name is watchidiot and I haven't bought a pair of Allen Edmonds since Nov 9 2014.It's been a difficult journey, and there were times I almost succumbed to the temptation (heritage GMTO, 295 Dundee 3.0, tent sale).Thank you to the support of Allen Edmonds Anonymous.Lol.
New Posts  All Forums: