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half, the link you posted almost made me spend Eur525 outside my shoe budget... good thing they didnt have my size. Im guessing since Im an 8.5D TTS, Ill be a 7.5 in Carmina's rain last?
+1. It evokes the "why didn't I think of that..." feeling. Great make up.
Jos A Bank is having another site wide sale. Shoe trees are available for $10 a pair. A lot of folks missed out on the last sale (including myself) so this is another chance to get shoe trees at the cheap. I got 10 pairs this timeĀ 
I've had my strands with v/treads since July of last year, worn about 1-2x a week. Quite happy with them. Saves the leather from wet ground (quite important as I love in the tropics) nd provides a nice grip even on hard flat surfaces.
No. Both are shortwing balmorals however they have subtle differences. The Cambridge has a double sole while the Jefferson only has a single Indy sole (a thicker one though there was a separate discussion a few pages back regarding this topic). The Cambridge also uses a separate piece of leather for the eyestays that wraps around the shoes top line whereas the Jeffersons eyestays and quarters is a single piece of leather.
Ughh... I feel you Mike. What a dilemma. As difficult as the situation is, I hope You and AE can work out an acceptable resolution. Maybe someone here would be interested on a 10.5D shell strand, that would be win-win-win for everybody.
Just received confirmation that it was indeed an oversight. For a heartbeat I really thought that the SF MTO program has been canned.
Just got the invoice from Allison for my MTO Eagle County (probably the last they'll do for awhile until they again accept MTO requests for discontinued style) and I got charged the $125 MTO fee. The is the first time this has happened out of the 5 MTOs I've done via Allison. Has the SF policy changed as well? If it has, hen bummer, I'll have to cancel this one as my wallet can't justify that extra 125.
Just go to the first post of this thread.
Wow! Imeldific! Wiping drool of table now :-)Great collection Mike.
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