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Badlands in bitterchocolatesuede
Badlands in bitterchocolatesuede
Thanks Razl!
Oh they went for the LWB then :-)
Thanks! Is the GMTO link already live?Thanks you sir!
AE shell hanging out and with Carminas.
I'm selling my brand new in box pair of Carmina vegano marron single monk cap toe in Alcudia last, size 7.5UK model ref. 80093. I incorrectly got the wrong size but the cost of the return shipping was just too much for my location so I opted to keep it and sell it instead. These are currently going for Euro318 at Carmina's website.   I will ship via EMS to anywhere at cost (from Brunei).
Finally had the chance to take proper pictures of Reddit GMTO shortwing boots in saddle shell, Forest last. Pardon the photo dump.          
Let's split it between 2 groups? 3 each? I think a more casual make up would look great with tarnsjo.
@ThunderMarch if your in for a chukka maybe we've already got 3? I'm guessing @rydenfan would also be interested in a chukka. I know he has been jonesing for an EB grain leather chukka with norvegese stitching.
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