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This issue is actually quite prevalent. Most (like me) would not be bothered enough to send it back since the worn out tongue is actually hidden as it's beneath the eyestays. Most folks would file the rough edge so that it doesn't chew up the tongue. There is also no guarantee that your next pair would not have the same issue.That's said it's your shoe and if it bothers you enough, I would recommend to contact customer service and they will most likely accept a return.
Are these the GMTO 5 eyelet chukka in vegano brown?Wow!!!
ive read that Kiowa are on Dainite but if I look at the profile of the shoe in the above pic, they look like Toby mini lugs to me or maybe a mini lug tap sole.I don't know if my eyes are going bad afte looking at so many shoe pictures through my iPhone.Ha need an excuse to buy the new iPhone 6.
Welcome!1. Can't answer this as I've not yet bought any shoes from glenmore2. Not sure if there is a service similar to JAC. A similar service but may be passing through customs is forward2me3. I believe the reason why Sapatero is expensive is because their shoes are hand welted, which is similar to the way Enzo Bonafe welts their shoes. I'm not saying Sapatero is at the level of Enzo Bonafe, but just wanted to point out that their shoes are not GY welted.I just buy shoes...
+1Great looking boots and I love the Wholecut too.Can you also PM me how you managed to add the perf toe on the Blake boot?
Oh, got it!
What do you mean by mini lug combination tap sole?If you mean the sole similar to the black Daltons above then surely that is an MTO option. I used that sole in my MTO Rothsay.Or are you using the online custom tool?
True, that's darker than what I was expecting. Anybody else received theirs?
Here's a complete listing of Allen Edmonds soles for MTOs.
First quality walnut strands rarely ever goes on sale. Except maybe during the RDA sale where they give about 15%. But that won't be until September of next year.
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