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Regardless, it's a great pick up and AE Recrafting did an awesome job on those.
That's true. They actually look like the 4 last.
Wait til RDA and you'll have them at that awesome price too.
Gentlemen, based on your experience do 1-lasted boots wear the same as 1-lasted shoes? Also would shell vs calf boots wear differently?   I only have a Carson City (calf in 1-last similar to longbranch) in 8.5D and they are a bit snug with normal socks. As Im planning to shell boot in the same last that I plan on wearing with thicker socks, I would like to ask whether I should go 8.5E or 9D or stay to 8.5D is shell wears bigger.   Thanks for the advise. Unfortunately,...
OFFICIAL UPDATE: AE SF Group MTO   Hello gentlemen,   We have now reached 12 orders for the Brown Shell Townley. I will keep the survey open until 11:45PM Thursday, 9/18 for any additional orders. Once closed I will submit the list to Allison for invoicing purposes.   regards, Dale
OFFICIAL UPDATE: AE SF Group MTO   Hello gentlemen,   I have received a few PMs and emails from folks asking why they havent receveived their invoices yet after sending their complete information to Allison. The short answer is between reading our emails, completing customer records, and answering questions about sizing, the 50+ orders we have placed has her fully swamped at the moment. The good news is she will be sending the invoices soon. Well just have to wait for...
I line up the toes and not the heels as I wanted to show difference in pointedness.FYI, I find the Aberdeen 8,5D is wider than my 8.5D strand.The EC at 8E is same width as 8.5D EC but shorter. Both size works for me but I prefer the 8.5D. if you have concern with pinching your toes , go TTS and do not size down, up width because if you do, even if you have enough width at the balls of your feet the shorter length might pinch your toes if you have a wide forefoot.FYI I'm an...
i think the Clarke St. fits your usual get up more than the Rush St. The Clark St is a blucher and is more appropriate for chinos - plus you can even wear it with jeans. I like the natural but I think the dark brown may be more versatile. Some flat brown laces would look nice on those.
2 pairs of 2 lasted shoes and 2 pairs of 5 lasted shoes The toes on the 2 lasted shoes are also more flat.
It is compared to the 1 last. It's not a chiseled pointy last yes, but a rounded pointy last compared to the 1 last and the 5 last.
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