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Hahaha thank you for the follow.
That looks really promising! Can I pay to be a pilot volunteerĀ for this service? I need a new suit and might as well go for this.
I use obenaufs HDLP on my leather soles. Great product, smells good too :-D
Those are Graysons. Really old ones. The last shoe is the Elgin, it came out as part of the rough collection. The stewart (leeds) and elgin (strand) in tan waxy saddle with buff split reverse welt. That boot is an eagle county in dark chili and navy suede.
Did someone say group shot? Most but not all of my AE shoes :-)
So excited to receive mine too. I was on business travel last week so was not able to sort it out with Skoak, but should be with me next week.
Thank you kind sir! Looking back I should have MTOd a lot more in shell. But quite happy with the ones I was able to get while they lasted.
Unfortunately the thesummersale code does not apply to "additional service". Of course I can just add the discounted value already but not sure if that's OK.
Haha!No, that would be Pepper (natty shell dundee), Mdubs (walnut shell strand) and polojock (walnut+cappuccino shell sheltons).
Did someone say Bayfield?And navy shell?
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