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Thanks Leaves. This is great! That's the exact color I want.Come on gents, let's get this thing going while Forex is in our favor :-)
@Jmm722 @Tallcane That's 3 of us interested in a burgundy calf U Wing bal boot on the Rain last. Just to get the ball rolling and maybe get more interest, here is my proposed make up. - U wing balmoral boot - burgundy calf - My preference is for a rubber sole. Either Dainite, double Dainite, Dainite 500, Tomir or any other rubber sole. - maybe mid or dark brown edge dressing and welt but I can be swayed to get the numbers required for the MTO. Apart from the above, I'm...
Hi folks, I'm trying to round up a Carmina u wing boot in burgundy calf. I know there are a lot here who joined the burgundy museum calf GMTO but I was hoping there are others like me who missed the opportunity. With the favorable US/Euro conversion rate, now's the time to get one going. Please drop by here if interested.
That makes us 2. We need 4 more to get some traction on this.@Leavesdoes Carmina have any brown calf with reddish tones? Maybe something similar to EBs Etrusco calf?Thanks.
I guess this is going in a direction different than what I originally proposed. My preference was for something in burgundy or reddish brown calf. I'm sure the suede will look good regardless, but trying to fill up other holes on my rotation first. So I'll probably seat this one for now.Of course if there are 5 other folks interested in a burgundy/reddish brown calf u wing boot then we can get 2 separate GMTOs going.
With the favorable Euro/USD exchange rates I was just wondering if anybody would be interested in a GMTO of the Carmina u-wing boot by way of Skoak? I know that another affiliate thread did another run, but I was thinking that since the design was originally from Skoak then it feels more right to organize the Group MTO here. I'm open to any color upper, except black but my preference is a burgundy color or something in brown with reddish tones. Does Carmina have something...
@Leaves how does the Carmina women's sizing work? My wife's a women's 8US and a women's 39 euro. How does that convert to women's UK sizing. Thanks!
Wow the navy's are coming in! Can't wait for my navy Dundees! Ok ill email Paul this weekend to check. Im worried with all the news of natty shell running out that there won't be enough for another GMTO run.
Haha sorry I misread your post. She need not worry about me, my line has been hooked for 4 years now :-)
You met Allison?!?? To be quite honest I probably wonder how Allison looks like in person than Paul G.
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