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Pattern looks like shaker heights with a cap toe. Also appears to be a new last as I have never seen a 201 lasted shoe before. From the AE website, looks like a great looking last too!
Poron is basically foam wrapped in leather. It looks and feels quite different to the standard leather insole. When new poron appears shinier than the leather insole.
Check what the insole is. If it's poron then that would be the reason.
I think the latter. I have the Jefferson in shell and the strand in calf. The Jefferson in shell is very tight so I think the Indy lining and insole has an effect. Shell doesn't give a lot so the shape stays roughly the same.
Now I'm excited!!!
At least they're sticking to the same names :-)
I think the GMTO will not be successful as say Carmina but I think it has it's place. I think eventually the Dundee will hit 12 because it's a great make up. The problem I think was most peoplewho would've joined the Dundee GMTO are already capped it this month and are waiting for the EC, Bayfield and strand GMTOs.Keep the list alive and I think soon enough there will be 12.
thats quite odd, normally the gap closes with wear as your feet sinks into the cork bed of the shoe.An in is definitely too much IMHO for bals.
What's the final deets on those shaker heights? Am envious.Was torn whether to do a single MTO or buy multiple seconds. I ended up buying 1 first MacGregors, 1 seconds Long Branch, 1 seconds BB black park ave, 1 BB walnut presidio.
I think the ones on the left are the natural waxed infused MacTavish. The one next to it, is that cognac?
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