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Can anyone give a description of JL's Parisian brown Suede? Is it close enough to polo or snuff that i can use either as a matching belt? Also, has anyone tried shortening a Carlos Santos belt? Is the construction similar to Carmina?
I'm in the chukka on 74945 last.
Anyone up for a GMTO of Style reference 2475MOD on the 74945 last in that museum grain leather? This in that leather. With our without the norvegese stitching. Open to their leathers too.
Hahaha not my cup of tea. I'd be up for something in ebano or etrusco with matching suede shaft.
So what about we do calf and suede?
Chicago please!
Would like to check if anybody would be interested in another group order for EB black cap toes in 74945 as pictured here but with a bombe (rounded) waist?
@luxire taking a break from the tax discussions, would it be possible that Holland & Sherry crispaire fabric becomes available in the future?
Nice! I'd be down for a version in 74945.
Coincidentally, I'm wearing mine today
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