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Gents sorry I didn't send out the email. Running. 39degC fever right now and couldn't get out of bed to compose my email.
OFFICIAL UPDATE: AE SF Group MTO Gentlemen There are now 16 people who have signed up for the Brown Shell Bayfield. I will proceed to close this GMTO. I will be send out an email shortly to the people who have signed up to collect some information that I will send to Allison. Regards, Dale
I havent worn my black pair of jeans in 3 years, and its because I also dont know what to wear with them. A black blucher should work. LWB, PTB or NST. I can imagine a black loafer as well. Black suede should work too. Not sure about tan, but I can imagine white suede can work.
Yeah, in a way it's redundant with the brown grain EC.Is anybody up for a Bleecker street in Burgundy shell? I can try to get that going with a suede monk, or a suede boot - I remember I promised someone if get that going if he signs up for the EC Group MTO.
Address and CC info as well :-) but yes at least it's just 4 specs (soon to be 5)
Yeah we are upwards of 80 now. 83 at the moment, not sure if anyone backed out or made additional orders with Allison. She is quite overwhelmed with our orders. If my numbers are correct thats about $32,520 worth of shoes from our small community here. Not bad.
OFFICIAL UPDATE: AE SF Group MTO   Hi Gentlemen   As of 8:34AM ET, Saturday, 27 Sept there are 14 people who have signed up for the Brown Shell Cordovan Bayfield. I will keep the order form open until Sunday and will submit the final list to Allison on Monday.   For those interested in the boot but have not yet signed up please do so before Monday.   Have a great weekend everyone!   regards, Dale
Wearing my MTO Lexington
Is that what con puntera means?
There's 13 of us now but since it's a weekend I'll probably keep it open and submit the list to Allison on Monday. She's pretty swamped right now. The GMTOs really hit hard as we've submitted almost 70 orders. That's 70 invoiced and about 50+ people all trying to reach her.
New Posts  All Forums: