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U wing boot #8!!! Instakop!
Thanks for this!
Try using mahogany or burgundy and brown polish. It will probably come out like this.
Haha me too. Did you join the pre order too?
A couple of pages back I posted a picture of walnut MacGregors applied with navy and black polish.http://www.styleforum.net/t/141581/allen-edmonds-appreciation-thread/56460#post_7723071
Does anyone have experience with the following soles: - Clare rubber sole - VIP rubber sole - Othello rubber sole - Hamlet rubber sole Are any of these 2 piece soles? I'm thinking of doing a casual boot MTO with a rubber sole with a bit more give than Dainite. Also does anyone have a side by side of oxblood, bobs chili and merlot? Thanks!
Not to confuse, the split toe shoe I was referring to is the NST style saddle shell derby on Forest last that Skoak made available for preorder last month.
I was in on that one as well. I believe that was on the Forest.Will this #8 split toe be an NST or the "invisible" stitch?I'm probably in if its on Rain last.
Do you guys mean something like this?My navy suede Grayson from the glory days of AE MTO :-)
Glad to have you back here Cold Iron! We missed your very informative posts and beautiful pictures too.   I wonder where MWS has been...   Most of my knowledge about shoe construction has been from MWS and ColdIron :-)
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