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Thanks snoogz. You are correct, these are MTOd Lakeshore Drive in brogue suede with braided chili cord and tassels.
Thanks Kahuna!
I'm in the same boat with my last MTO. I find the black piping (I spec'd for brown) doesn't match well with the natural welt especially with the tan laces.
Hi Burzan, what's the slip bead (topline piping) on the burgundy Leeds? Is it black Or brown? I love the patina you developed on your burgundy leeds. Amazing.
I'm with you on lighter welts for CXL and shell, except for black CXL, shell. Those look great btw. On the topic of wearing MTO loafers, I'm wearing my brogue suede Lakshore drive today.
Wearing my suede lakeshore drives today. Tassel loafers don't get as much love here (except during the $199 glitch), but they are probably one of my all time favorite shoe design.
Lol, that last part made me laugh. On the bright side though, this just means your shell Dalton has that horween stamp everybody seems to be after. Personally Ive not had any experience with whooshing through the brogues. Others from here have said that the wooshing sounds goes away eventually as the shoe breaks in, ymmv of course.
Thanks for the heads up about Secret Armory. 
 Yeah, it terrifies me to buy bals online because Im never sure if id get the v-gap correctly.
Gentlemen, please allow me to reply to this troll here.Beach bum, first of all can you please point out where in my post was I complaining?I merely stated that I was probably returning them because they were made incorrectly. If you didn't comprehend my post in this thread and and the MTO thread, I clearly stated that the stitching and the slip bead were incorrectly made ie. they used the wrong color thread and leather from what I specified. That doesn't mean that my spec...
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