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i don't think so. Looks more like Aldens LHS but I wouldn't be an expert on that. Maybe mdubs can chime in.
Yes sir, I love em tassel loafers!
That's a difficult question. The shoe I wear most are my Carson City boots but they're not my favorite. I end up wearing them a lot to work. I work in a plant and wear overalls 90% of the time.I'd say if I had to give up all my AEs but get the chance to leave 3 behind, that 3 would be brown grain eagle county, shell grayson, brogue suede lakeshore drive. Not because they'll make a great rotation but because they are awesome!
I believe I joined this thread late in 2013 and look at what it has done to me
Great pick up! I love em loafers!
I was trying to get interest for a vegano burdeos (burgundy calf) u wing boot. So far there are 3 interests (including myself).
Is there any possibility that a boot version of the above would be available in the future, even as an MTO option?I love the look of Leathersoul's Alden NST boot in choco suede.
Id be a up for suede for a boot version :-)Moreso now that the burdeos u wing isn't gaining any traction at all.
Hi @Leaves, dropped you an email re shell NST bluchers. I'm size 7.5Uk in Rain.
Thanks Leaves. This is great! That's the exact color I want.Come on gents, let's get this thing going while Forex is in our favor :-)
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