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I took out my caliper and based on the picture I measured the left shoe was wider by 0.002mm. You'd have to return them. ūüė≠
Those are amazing! Was that cola llama you used?
I agree with you for the most part. I guess I was merely pointing out that not everyone in AE is in the same level when it comes to customer service.
Not unless you ordered during the trunk show from Michigan Ave. and somehow they messed up your order.I love AE and have had great experience with Allison, the staff from jeffersonvillle and folks from CAC. This makes my experience with the Michigan Ave store so much more forgettable (or maybe unforgettable but not in a good way) because I know how great AE customer service can be.
Thanks Leaves. It's always good to know more about the shoes we just cant seem to get enough. Speaking about EB, those MTO austerity boots in llama calf posted over at IG are outstanding. If anybody else is interested to do an MTO of the old stock version with the green suede shaft but with reh llama calf uppers instead of the brown calfskin, and with norvegese welt then let me know. I know boot season is over, but there's always next fall.
Hi BK, i have that set up in all my carmina bal boots. Here is how they look like on a bal boot.
Thanks for the confirmation. I guess I was confused by the description from the Skoab website that states EB shoes being completely handwelted. From what I understand, EB also offers GYW shoes (at least as per the pricing sheet that was available during the MTO run in January). Are these also then machine stitched? My inquiry was just for my own knowledge about the construction method used by EB. Apologies if this was already discussed here before. I completely agree that...
@Leaves Those Blake stitched EB loafers look great. Perfect for spring/summer. Quite a bargain for hand welted shoes to. I do have a question regarding how EB does their Blake construction. Blake stitched shoes as I understand are constructed by wrapping the bottom of the leather insole with the uppers then cemented. A leather outsole is then attached and stitched through the upper and the insole using a Blake machine (thus the name Blake stitched). Is this how EB...
Thanks! I'll have to tell my wife that you told her that she has big manly feet. Lol.Kidding aside hers are 6D while mine are 8.5D, with the navy being 8E.I hope some tassel loafers are available on sale. I'm eying a walnut grain Grayson or Lake Shore drive. Or maybe an olive green version suede.Would anybody be interested in a walden or burke in oxblood?
Thanks @JSO1! This is exactly what I need. Even better because your example is 7.5UK which is also my size in Rain. I think for monks and bluchers I will be able to take Inca in the same size as my Rain. I need to check the fit first before I can decide whether the same would be true for bals.
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