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One off MTOs are quoted to be available in 8 weeks. I've seen some become available in 4 weeks and I've seen some take as long as 3mo if there's a remake. Right now we have 52 orders so I really don't know how long that will take :-)
I'm ok with semi brogue (as above) or quarter brogue (minus the medallion). I'm out on plain cap toe as I already have grain cap toe blucher.
Well done. So much better now.
The survey ends in about 11hrs. My plan is to give Paul the resulting count and allow him to give us his pricing. While he does that minor tweaks can be made hopefully wit concensus. I'm hoping invoicing can start next week. It used to be that MTOs were paid in full upon order placement. Not sure if that will still be the case for GMTO. I will try to negotiate 50%, but more likely it will be 100%.
Is it going to be this in burgundy pebble grain?
I think it would be fine with a suit as the last is pretty sleek. Of course will work well with jeans.
Half a day is a couple of hours in my books.
I will as soon as the survey ends.
Hi gents, only a few hours left before the intent to order closes. So far there are 41 complete responses. The following gentlemen have submitted a partial reply only. Still a couple of hours to complete the submission. @AdamAdam    Submit your intent to order here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2V9TPFD See results here: https://www.surveymonkey.net/results/SM-8G2BKV8L/
I have the Carson city boots in 8.5d which is the same as the dalton and long branch. I also have the EC in 8.5d and 8e. The 8.5d fits me better. Ymmv.
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