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Looking for a 3rd person to join this MTO. I think this would be an awesome make up.
Depends on your instep as well. I wear 8.5D on most lasts but for the Lexington and Badlands I wear an 8E. 65 lasted bals just don't work for me even though I still keep my walnut strand because they look great. I sold off my burg shell strand and brown shell jefferson because my high instep makes for a wide vgap.
Thank you very much!
very nice! Which one is which?
Haha 3 years ago I didn't know what balmorals and bluchers were.Anyway the OP asked for one shoe and i cheated by giving 4 shoes. IMHO these are the 4 most versatile fit-for-denim shoes (kenilworth being the 5th) that AE has in its lineup. Easily dressed up or down, these 4 can go from jeans with polo or trousers with SC. I don't have the McT but o do have the Elgins and I don't think they are as versatile as the 4 I mentioned above.If a gun was put to my head and asked...
Dundee, MacNeil, Leeds and Bradleys.
Not really AE but since its about an AE boot then I'm posting it here anyway. I've finally worn out the harrier wedge soles of my Carson City boots and Id like to replace it with RLH soles. I already checked with B nelson and sadly try don't have RLH soles. Does anybody here know anyone that resoled with RLH?
I actually thought that was green shell! Haha. Navy or green, they are awesome!
Ohhhh man! Tifosi, in certain there was another guy who bought 7.5 because after I checked out, 7.5 was still listed. Block that other guy too!
Hi Leaves, I tried accessing http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/ through my iPhone and it kept automatically bouncing from the original to the U.S. site and back again continuously. I'm based in Brunei.
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