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@CanadaCal Id be up for a 3 eyelet chukka in Rain in tobacco suede. Victory sole is my preference though.
Thanks for listing my item here. 5% off the Carmina austerity wingtip boot to anyone who mentions this thread. 5% off extended to the other items in my signature as long as this thread is mentioned.
Thanks for including this item!
As the first picture is mine I an confirmThat it is indeed vegano marron :-)
Thanks! I hope somebody picks it up soon. Everyday I look at it I kinda want to keep it instead with the shortage of shell and because this model is not readily available online.
So who is interested in a rerun? Myself @steveyoo1983 @laufer @CanadaCal @tchoy What say you guys?
How do you find your detroit chukka? It's now becomes go to shoes when I'm wearing indigo denim. Really great shoes.
You could try 10B on 73 last. You could also use same size in 65 last as your 108 last. Will also probably work with 222 last.
Ops, sorry for not quoting. You are right I was referring to the loafer in tobacco/fox suede.
It's really difficult to photograph. IRL they are greener than the photo. But yes they do have grey tones going on too.
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