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Nice seeing you here jinjin. Good to have a fellow PWC member in this thread.
I know how much you love austerity brogues :-) would you like to join in in the event that LF cannot entertain our GMTO request?
+1000If LF ain't doing the bal cap toe I'm in for the bal austerity as long as it's Robert last.Back to regular programming. WTF happened to those natty Dundees by gatszu?!??!
How about this for the next AE GMTO idea. 5th street boot in bitter chocolate suede? It's this boot In bitter chocolate suede Brown flat welt Dainite (or Dainite with leather midsole) Brown transparent edge dressing It would look similar to an ankle version of this boot When's the next sale? Frustrated I wasn't able to get the pictured bal boot done :-(
Wow. How did that even happen!?!?
Hi Leaves, can you please check on this? I also remember placing an order for the u-wing boot in polo suede about 2 weeks ago. I actually received an order number for this GMTO preorder. I'm assuming this was the GMTO boot that RogerP was referring to.
We completely understand and respect your decision. We'll check in with LF if they can do a run of those boots in single Dainite.Changing directions here a little bit. Would you be amenable for doing a boot in this designOn this leatherWould it be possible to do this boot on the Robert last, single Dainite?
Uhhhhmazing! Bravo mike!
Holy smokes Mike! Those are amazing!
Thanks! These appear to be lighter than my own Bn chili grain. Must be the lighting.
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