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we have the same problem. What size did you end up taking?
Thanks! If that's the case looks like F in 41 would work. From pictures they look to be same in width right?Looking forward to it! Thanks!
Thanks Jeff! I size the same as you except that I have a high instep. I had to go up 9D on the 512 because the low instep/long vamp was rubbing the top of my feet. While I size the 5 last similar to you I can't wear 5 lasted bals since the vgap is too wide. Derbies in 5 last fit great.How does the Vass P2 and F last instep compare to Carmina's rain? If they are as roomy, then I can probably go for 41.Pepper thanks for the comparison pictures. Love how the P2 looks on more...
That was extremely helpful. Now it looks like I have to go 41 or 41.5 depending on the last.
I think the poplar belts are great!
Thanks! If already able, do you mind posting comparo pics of your rain last shoes and P2 and F. Also would appreciate a PM for list of your AE, Carmina and Vass sizes. I think we share roughly the same size, but I do have a very high instep so I am borderline next size in some lasts (especially those with low insteps) when compared to your sizing.
JAB cheapo ones.
Thank you. That was extremely helpful. I think Im now more confident of going 41.5 on P2 and F last. Can anyone wearing a 7.5UK carmina rain comment? Thanks!
Awesome chukka! How did you size this? Say compared to Carmina or Alden or Allen Edmonds?
I won't. I've still got some items listed in the MP and they aren't moving. Need them to go to cross over to Vass and more EB.
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