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My navy ECs, the older and subdued brother of the GMTO, had the same issue when new. A few application of leather lotion and a dusting of baby powder took most of the sqeak out. After a few wears they are almost silent.Thanks got sharing tjyoung. Can't wait for the brown grain and merlot!
I love those grain tanker boots! Is there any possibility Carmina can do a taller version of those tanker boots?
Great bayfields man. When did you put this order in? It appears they are accepting single MTOs for discontinued styles again.
I'm up for the suede Portland if that pushes through. Would have been in for the Dundee but I have an incoming brown Carmina chukka.
Anybody up for an a brown shell Bradley? I'm suddenly digging the norvegese stitch. Specs Bradley Brown shell cordovan Brown flat welt Medium brown transparent edge Indy sole Indy lining and insole
Great looking boot! +1 to what Mike just said, those shells will look better with time too.Flying to Asia? That's a long flight. I hope you won't be passing through a lot of security checks. Boots with no speedhooks would be a killer.
i don't really know the bespoke market in the US. I've been wanting to try a bespoke shoemaker in Manila Philippines where I'm originally from. Shop name is Sapatero Manila and he makes bespoke hand welted shoes between $400-$800. Looking forward to going home this December.
On the bright side, I think you have a good reason to justify going bespoke :-)
Yeah this forum isn't good for my health and wallet. I would say my choice in clothing has improved though haha.
It's 11:15PM here and I'm still awake. Constantly checking for an email from Allison saying at least one of my GMTOs are done and has shipped. I'm with you there on being pathetic Kahuna. This GMTO is even worse than the MTO program. With MTO you have to think of a good make up before you initiate an order. Now the make ups are coming left and right and you just want to join them all! Especially because of this damn sale! I'll be broke before Christmas!
New Posts  All Forums: