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I guess this is the variability of walnut shell that makes both Skip and Paul focus more on producing shell colors that are much more consistent. I can imagine some might return th for being too dark,FWIW I'll take that color walnut too even if it's darker than the other walnut shells posted here.
I already have my specs but I haven't been invoiced yet. They are still finding out if the "other" specs can be done for this MTO or if they will limit the options.
Navy with natural welt and edge doesn't sound crazy to me at all if you dress casually. In fact navy LWB on split reverse welt double soles would be quite difficult to pull off as formal wear anyway regardless of edge and welt color IMHO.
I placed order for 3 pairs (4 including the strand) but I've only been billed for the brown grain even though the merlot was invoiced first. Not sure how it works really but as long as they arrive w/I defects then I'm good. Is there anybody else that have been billed for the brown grain ECs?
Resistance is futile Kahuna you know that this is a once in a blue moon chance to score some rare shell with no custom fee without having to rally 12 people. Even makers like Carmina won't allow a GMTO for shell and a single MTO would carry a hefty price tag (150% of cost).I think I got you baited. Lol. :-)
Haha, you know that you're just saying this to convince yourself that the urge to get that Dundee + light welt will lessen, when in fact deep down your heart you know it won't until you get that Dundee + light welt right?
That's great! It's either you've just made a wise decision to give her a proper shoe/boot and shell now appreciate your purchases or you're in trouble as your AE budget has to be doubled :-)
How did she like it? I'm hoping my wife would be happy with the Merlots I got her. I sized her 6D, she measured 6.5C on the printable guide.
Just got charged for my brown grain ECs!!! It's just needs to make the trip from the US to Asia!!!
Whooooo, what to do, what to do. Are my green/navy Graysons worth the $125 up charge or should I just do a Dundee
New Posts  All Forums: