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Out of the 3 Id wear the Grayson to the mall AND to a date. Same pair of Grayson with chinos, denim and trousers
Looks like MacNeils. The flat(ter) toe box and pointier toes looks like the 97 last.
Those are awesome @ThunderMarch. I hope our chelsea and buttonboots arrive before the summer factory break.
Those look great! However that isn't technically a wholecut and instead is an adelaide.
You're welcome!
That is AEs brogue suede color. It's a nice rich brown color. Darker than snuff and richer than the chocolate suede of AE, Alden and Carmina.
Tobacco, snuff and polo at 9PM to 6PM
Haha! Chukkas all day everyday :-)
Hahaha. I have enough high boots as it is my friend. I need to relocate further up the equator to justify buying another kudu jumper. But a chukka I can make an excuse :-)
Thank you sirs! This batch of Loden from Oakroom taiwan is awesome!
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