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Just did. Hope to get some votes :-)
Maybe we can get GYW to do a the U wing boot in the new cognac shell. There was a GMTO with @steveyoo1983 of GF for a burgundy version but Carmina couldn't give shell slots to retailers.
F last is a great last! I'm sure Mr Kuti will be able to help you nail the correct length and width.
Thanks PC! Vass's burgundy is awesome, probably my favorite shade of burgundy.Yes sir. I had the good fortune of marrying a woman who has good taste in watches. Gave this to me as a wedding gift so that I could wear a nice watch to our wedding in 2011.
Wore these the other day. Really love the F last.
Its been raining here the past couple of days, perfect weather for the EB Grain NSTs. In the wild pics of the norvegese chain stitched welt
Thank you gents!
Speaking about blue...wore my dundees today
Finally had the time to take these out for pictures Thanks to team Skoak and thundearch for making this happen.
Ha! My size sold out fast enough (or most likely I was too slow).It's also by far my fave CS model too. I think this wingtip design is well balanced and the color was spot on for a full brogue.
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