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I'm an 8E on the 5 last and 8.5D on the 97, 511 and 234 lasts. I have the eagle county in both the 8E and 8.5D and though the 8.5D looks long, it fits me better and doesn't crease as much as the 8E. YMMV.
107 at Shoebank for seconds. 137 online for firsts.
Well we can still ask. The worst the they can say is no which would be the status quo anyway. One important lesson I learned in life, you wont get 100% of things that you don't ask for. Hehe. Email sent. Let's see if Paul will reply to it.
I'm also quite glad that they didnt name it Cavanaughmok or something like that. I for one think that its better for AE to use the same names for their shoes as long as the patterns and lasts used are the same, regardless if it uses a different upper, welt style/color, sole, lined/unlined etc.
 No I haven't. I wouldn't say I'm the most eloquent in the written language of English, but since I was the one who put the suggestion on the table then I would send an email to Allison and maybe Paul as well. There's no harm in asking after all.
Anybody asked if AE is willing to compromise by waivingthe MTO fee for Group MTOs? Its not an uncommon practice and I would like to get some MTOs done this RDA.
Guys, I just scored a pair of Grayson Shell burgundy seconds in 8.5D for 199 from the shoebank. Score!!!
Wearing brown shell Jeffersons today. Still can't join the walnut Wednesday gang.
Haha I'd burn Pandora for these bad boys! I said it over IG and I'll say it here again. These are AWESOME!
 This just means nobody can complain or ask seconds pricing for of receiving shoes with bad stitching of the sole. Its as per spec. hehe.
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