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Go for EEE rain.
With all the recent discussion about sizing of Detroit vs Rain I thought I'd take some side by side photos and share it with the group. The 905 5-eyelet vegano marron chukka in Rain is size 7.5UK and the 708 3-eyelet loden suede chukka in Detroit is also 7.5UK. Both have Dainite outsoles. The overall length are almost the same. In fact when measured with a tape measure, the outsole of the Rain measures 30.2cm while that of the Detroit meausures 30.0cm measured from toe...
This is a great price! What was the issue with the fit?
Wow your sizing is all over the place haha. And I thought I had it bad. I take an 8E (derby) and 8.5E (balmoral) on AE's 5 last. I take 8D on the Barrie. I take 7.5 in Rain and Detroit. I'm amazed that the 8 detroit fits given you take a 9 on the Barrie and 9.5D on the 5 last. Of course everyone's feet is different.
I'll play. My first pair of Allen Edmonds was the navy Harbour boat shoes of the AE line. Got it back in 2011 and I still use it during beach/pool vacations.
I measure 8.5D on the brannock but take anywhere from AEs 8E to 9D depending on the last, lacing, and type of insole.
I'm ok to wait too. Also more time to recruit.I don't have exact measurements but from pictures the profile looked quite slick because the ridges are "inside" and do not extend to the edge of the sole. I've had very good feedback on its comfort vs Dainite and works better even for hard surfaces like cobblestones. Also it makes a muted sound compared to Dainite :-)Does someone have side by side of victory and Dainite?
I'm Ok with Carmina's Dainite. Yes a bit stiff compared to leather but doesn't make me feel more uncomfortable.That said I take the same size in Detroit and Rain (7.5UK) while I take 8UK for Robert, Forest and Oscar.The only thing that bother me is the thub thumping sound it makes.One thing to note though is that Carmina doesn't really use Dainite right? It's some other manufacturer since it doesn't have the Dainite logo at the bottom and also the pattern is a bit...
@CanadaCal Id be up for a 3 eyelet chukka in Rain in tobacco suede. Victory sole is my preference though.
Thanks for listing my item here. 5% off the Carmina austerity wingtip boot to anyone who mentions this thread. 5% off extended to the other items in my signature as long as this thread is mentioned.
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