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There's usually a few 'Drizzlers' knocking about on US ebay for cheap. Sometimes the odd unused/new old stock crop up too. I picked up a light-blue Sears Perma-Prest one for bugger-all a while back. McGregor, Towncraft by JC Penney and Oakbrook/Sportswear by Sears & Roebuck are the ones I look out for. Izod/Lacoste and Munsingwear also made similar light jackets. McGregor ones are the best quality.
The Orvis Weatherbreaker is a pretty tidy Harrington-style jacket.
Segs/quarter-tips/Blakeys take a bit of getting used to at first. I'd say less than a day worth of wearing out and about though. I haven't had many 'Bambi on the ice' slip-arsing about moments. They're quite handy for the Tube. When it's rush-hour and some out-of-towner is standing in the way on the left-hand side of the escalator, the ominous clang of metal on metal as I walk up behind them usually makes them move out the bleedin' way. So they're good on the...
Yep, I'm one for segs.
My cheapo £11 F&F jeans turned up. The selvedge wasn't sewn on to existing fabric to give a 'selvedge effect' eitherThe fabric is stiff as a bleedin' board though.They're a lot darker than the photos (used a flash)
R.I.P. Prince Buster  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y161aQCT4P8
Yeah, that'd be about right. First pair of jeans I've bought/worn in 15 years (strictly a prest or mohair man since my 30s) and they're toot. Still, £11, can't grumble
Picked up a pair of Tesco indigo selvedge jeans off ebay for £11 (new). They're straight-leg, and plain. For some reason they've also got the selvedge-y bit on the top of the ticket-pocket and the top of the back pockets as well as the leg-seam. Not a fan of the pocket 'selvedge', so I'll be getting busy with the Singer sorting that straight out. Eleven quid and from Tesco, so I ain't expecting too...
Most of the jumpers/sweaters/cardies I remember wearing in the late 70s/early 80s were acrylic/Orlon or other manmade wool fabrics. Fred Perry, Slazenger, Cardin and Izod/Lacoste were all acrylic if I recall correctly. The only wool jumpers about were yer Argyll golf jobs (Pringle/Lyle etc) There were plain ones, but they were still too 'Casual', too pricey and too Corbett for my liking.
Quite like the look of the navy blue Dickies 'Eisenhower'. A bit more interested knowing the label/tag comes off without too much trouble. Had a look on the 'bay. As usual, you can get them cheaper in the US. Found one US seller that'll do you one for £43 all-in including p&p (lots of colours and sizes too) £50+ if you buy from one of the UK stockists.
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