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The vintage JCPenney/The Fox Harrington I ordered from the US turned up. Very nice quality. Better than I was expecting.
Levi 714 Quaaludes I call 'em
The Crombie my father wore
Have to agree with Cov, I don't remember anything other than acrylic jumpers/cardies and tennis shirts from FP in the 80s. I remember they changed the logo on the jumpers/cardies in about '81 to exactly the same as the one on the tennis shirts. Before that, the sweaters had a bigger logo where the laurel leaves had a stitched outline. Always preferred the older logo.
Picked up this 80s Harrington 'The Fox' jacket by JCPenney from US ebay for £16. Has a vented back flap. Not sure if it's US made or not. Seems pretty decent quality. I've got a 'The Fox' polo shirt (Penney's answer to Izod/Lacoste stuff) and that's well made.
Cherry red 10 hole Air Wair from Lester Shoes on the corner of Northcote Ave and Southall Broadway. Late '79. Lester Shoes was a mess of a shop, boxes strewn all over the gaff, no light due to boxes piled up against the windows and it stank of cat pee. Also bought my first Frank Wright Tassle Loafers and Brogues from there. Proper eccentric old-timey shop. Loved the place.
Happy New Year chaps.
Well spotted.By the way, what's you're opinion on the Scomadi ?
Well Santa (my good lady wife) brought me a 100x pack of Feather blades, a Duffer Prince of Wales check G9 jacket, a pair of blood-red cashmere socks, a bottle of 12 year old Aberfeldy single malt and a chronograph wheel so I can fix my Seiko Pogue.
Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel and Wesolych Swiat to you all (y'all if you're a yank)
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