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Hour long Northern Soul documentary tonight on BBC4, followed by Motown at the BBC.
Some vintage Sears and Roebuck gear currently for sale on US ebay. Some NOS, some hardly-worn, some right manky and in need of a damn good scrub. Here's a few samples in the $25 and under. (Us UK residents don't pay any import duty on anything under $25.60/£15) . Oh, and a very camp advert from the mid-60s Guys from the 1960s staring up at a yew tree. Now it's the other way round.
A bit of a 50s-throwback lady on a Lammy, mid-60s NYC.(Nice pins though. Mari Wilson on a bad hair day ?) NYPD issue Lambrettas 1970s. You know your getting old, when police officers and bus drivers start to look a bit too young.
I like this cycling shirt.
I've now seen a couple of alternate shots from the same photo shoot. Yeah, looks like leccy tape in those. Wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes.Shoulda used Velcro.
If you at the cover of This Is The Modern World, you'll notice the arrows on Weller's sweater are actually strips of Velcro he's bunged on himself. (That's what I reckon anyway)
Didn't some company reproduce the homemade Yale t-shirt featured in Richard Barnes 'Mods' book a few years back ?The t-shirts in the above photo look screen-printed. Probably not shop-bought though. Maybe a sister at art college did 'em, or one of the lads worked at a printers and knocked them up at lunchtime. (I was a screen printer for many, many years in a former life)
DLT had a quite the mid-Atlantic accent going on in that. That was a thing for a while with DJs. Also Chas Hodges from Charles and David on bass for Cliff Bennet.
The baritone sax player in the Ram Jam Band looks pretty smart (apart from the shoes)
It had the rounded mudguard that moves when you turn the bars rather than the bolted in place variety and side-panels with the 'step' towards the back.
New Posts  All Forums: