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Bela Kun wins it with the selvedge
Haven't posted in a while, but I will be attending.First round is on me.
Phwooar !
I decided to hunt out a sheepskin for myself on 'the bay' today. Blimey, it's a minefield of toot out there. As usual, any half-savvy seller knows the keywords of 'mod', 'suedehead' or 'skin' will bring him/her a premium asking price. I usually buy stuff from US ebay, but the weight and postage of said item would be prohibitive.(A heavy coat would be comparable postage cost with an engine-block) So UK ebay it was. Sometimes a UK seller doesn't know quite what they have,...
Longest owned ? I guess it's my Sebago penny loafers I bought from Russell & Bromley back in the early 90s. I've been married in them on three separate occasions. I've had them re-soled and heeled less times than I've been married, so I highly recommend them. I've got an olive green unlined Harrington-style RL jacket I picked up in NY in '95 that's still going strong. Then again, I've probably been married more times than I've worn it. Oldest actual clothing item ? Well,...
Saw this mint, vintage 44" Sears Clicker/Drizzler jacket going on US ebay. Works out to about £28 (including p&p) if you live in the UK.
Gordon Cooper, driving.Elliot See,  shotgunGus Grissom, back driver's sideNeil Armstrong, back passenger sideArmstrong and family 1963
Looks very much like Armstrong next to Grissom. Not part of the same mission crew, but I'm sure all the NASA fellas hung out together as a crew.
Virgil 'Gus' Grissom
The guy in the middle of the top photo looks like he may have been basis for this oft posted drawing
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