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Saw this mint, vintage 44" Sears Clicker/Drizzler jacket going on US ebay. Works out to about £28 (including p&p) if you live in the UK.
Gordon Cooper, driving.Elliot See,  shotgunGus Grissom, back driver's sideNeil Armstrong, back passenger sideArmstrong and family 1963
Looks very much like Armstrong next to Grissom. Not part of the same mission crew, but I'm sure all the NASA fellas hung out together as a crew.
Virgil 'Gus' Grissom
The guy in the middle of the top photo looks like he may have been basis for this oft posted drawing
I love the off-duty Gemini/Apollo astronaut look. If I still had hair on top of me head I'd probably sport a Gus Grissom haircut.
There was a brochure for Charles Tywhitt in todays Times. The shirts are very nice, a great selection, and reasonably priced too.
Cheers Bob,        The popularity with skater kids would explain the higher UK prices. As long as they're flat-front, decent wearing and don't split in the seat (like a certain brand of dogtooth 'sta-press' did after a couple of weeks) I'll give 'em a try.
I've read earlier down the thread about Dickies pants being an affordable alternative to Levi's Sta-Prest with our American cousins in the past. Obviously not the knee-padded or cargo-pants variety trousers. I've noticed a couple of styles, the 873 and 874 are very old school Sta-Prest looking. They have a decent rise, pretty good looking belt-loops, and most importantly they are straight legged and not too skinny. As mentioned before, yer Warriors and Relcos etc. are way...
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