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Happy New Year chaps.
Well spotted.By the way, what's you're opinion on the Scomadi ?
Well Santa (my good lady wife) brought me a 100x pack of Feather blades, a Duffer Prince of Wales check G9 jacket, a pair of blood-red cashmere socks, a bottle of 12 year old Aberfeldy single malt and a chronograph wheel so I can fix my Seiko Pogue.
Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel and Wesolych Swiat to you all (y'all if you're a yank)
Not had a lot of luck with Relco gear myself.A pair of dogtooth/houndstooth 'prest' trousers that split in the seat after only a couple of times of my wearing them (not because of my fat arse, but because of lousy stitching), and a paisley BD that faded to a ridiculous degree after one just wash.
This must've been posted up here several times before. So appy polly loggies if it has. But I just found this old Panorama episode from 1964 on the BBC iPlayer   http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p04ch7h2/panorama-mods-and-rockers#group=p04dgr0c
The most effectual Top Coat
Picked up one of these original 60s jackets a while back from the US. Not quite a Letterman jacket, not quite a Monkey jacket. Nice jacket none the less. A bit '63-early '66 Beach Boys. I might wear it at some point.   Then I went searching for a Crombie/and/or overcoat. I ended up buying a deadstock/NOS Chicago Police Department patrolman's double-breasted peacoat. I am never, ever, ever, bloody ever going to wear this f***ing thing. It cost so much to ship that...
I picked that coat up from Savvy Row about ten years back. An original deadstock/NOS 60s number. Really good Swedish-made quality. I recently purchased another Melka 60s belted raincoat for next to nowt. It's a 56 long, and I'm a 42 short. I've yet to take it to my alteration fella to work his magic on it.
New Posts  All Forums: