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Picked up these original 1960s tortoiseshell Polaroid sun-bins from a seller in Newcastle for a tenner on ebay. I bet my mincers still look like pissholes in the snow though.
I use Microsoft Word 'Claret & Blue' edition. 'Millwall' is flagged as a 'non-word' for some reasonOnly joking. London United !
Spurs, West Ham and Charlton in the same boozer ?
Cheers Cov. Got a few hits for 'drizzlers' on US ebay. Unfortunately no 'deadstock' or 'NOS' stuff (or stuff in my size) Thanks for the new 'keyword' though (I doubt my missus will be that impressed though)
This is my similar Sears golf/whatever jacket. It doesn't have pocket-flaps and has button-cuffs but it does have a lining.I reckon old 'slowhand' probably had an 'in' for American clobber from doing gigs at US bases.
I picked them up on ebay a couple of years back from a fella who had bought them and never worn 'em (That's the sellers original pic) I think I paid £20 plus £5 postage.Leather soles, leather lined. I just gave them a parade-shine and they were good as gold.Two years of wear and they're holding up nicely. They took bloody ages to break-in though.
My Next, bench-grade longwings. Made in Eire.
Another NOS purchase from the 'bay' arrived from the US today: Made in the USA Arnold Palmer by Robert Bruce polo shirt. Sort of Munsingwear looking with the tipped collar and long placket. $9/£6.72. £18 delivered. Not the best colour though. Anyway, Merry Christmas to all you lads and lasses on here !
Vintage NOS powder-blue Oxford BD poly/cotton blend (Prest) by Sears and Roebuck I've just purchased from 'the bay'. No idea of the actual age. Probably not a 60s original as it was made in Costa Rica. Still, it was £4/$6 and £20 all-in delivered. Not complaining.
I've always gone by the 'never ever do the bottom button of a jacket up' rule. I've passed on so many one-button mohair suits with thin lapels with a nice cut at nice price because I 'just haven't got a clue what to do.' Far from sweet.
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