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The most effectual Top Coat
Picked up one of these original 60s jackets a while back from the US. Not quite a Letterman jacket, not quite a Monkey jacket. Nice jacket none the less. A bit '63-early '66 Beach Boys. I might wear it at some point.   Then I went searching for a Crombie/and/or overcoat. I ended up buying a deadstock/NOS Chicago Police Department patrolman's double-breasted peacoat. I am never, ever, ever, bloody ever going to wear this f***ing thing. It cost so much to ship that...
I picked that coat up from Savvy Row about ten years back. An original deadstock/NOS 60s number. Really good Swedish-made quality. I recently purchased another Melka 60s belted raincoat for next to nowt. It's a 56 long, and I'm a 42 short. I've yet to take it to my alteration fella to work his magic on it.
Robert Vaughn has passed away. Napoleon Solo was always a very well turned out fella. Loved his style in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
I had my Melka raincoat taken in, taken up at the hem and had the sleeves shortened by 3" (it was bloody enormous to start with). My alterations fella did a cracking job for about £30. Then again, it was only a gabardine mac with open lining at the bottom. I don't know how much more difficult a heavy wool coat would be to do. I think a good enough tailor would be able to raise the hem and sort the lining no bother. The price to do it is another matter.
Yeti Lobsters really hate N2B jackets
That's a shame about the 874s, they look pretty tidy. Pity they're a bit too utilitarian and have a perma-crease. I picked up a pair of 60s deadstock/NOS ice-blue Haggar Forever-Prest strides a while back with a perfect rise. Problem is they need taking in about an inch width on the legs. They've been in storage so long that there is fading right on the crease. I doubt my alterations chap could sort it. I could dye them, but that defeats the purpose of buying them. (I...
  A vintage deadstock/NOS Towncraft Penn-Prest BD currently on sale on US ebay for $20 It's a medium though, so that's probably like a present day small   http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-NOS-TOWNCRAFT-PENNEYS-PENN-PREST-TAPERED-MENS-SIZE-M-15-15-1-2-SHIRT-/112176270069?hash=item1a1e3a0af5:g:As4AAOSw4s9Xkubj
Don't Dickies 874 have a higher rise than the 873s ? They look more baggy in the legs, but I'm sure they can be taken in quite easilly. Probably wouldn't be a problem for my footballer legs though.
In '79/'80 the green ones were known as Bom jackets (in Southall anyway) and not MA-1s. I thought it was short for 'bomber jacket', but one of the older lads said it was short for British Movement. As I recall, the old British Movement logo was a B and a M either side of a celtic cross so it looked like it read BOM.My mum was not to keen on me getting one because of that. I ended up getting a cheapo Southall Market job on the understanding that if I even thought about...
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