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A Squire Shop wool jacket currently for sale on the bay in the US. No bidders and 6hrs to go.
Love or hate the 'Woking class hero',he is still responsible for bringing Leah Weller into the world. So, I give him a pass for that.As for making two-tone teddy-boy-style winkle-pickers a 'Mod thing', he deserves a (redacted)
Not a bad little programme that. The Original they were talking to looked like he was in Adams of London. They do look like they've got some decent gear in there.
Cheers Ed, enjoyed that. The Beeb has done some pretty good docs recently. Two Northern Soul ones, and two Mods/Rockers '64 ones. And without the usual-suspect talking-heads for a change.
I saw them and got excited when I saw 37" on the tag. Then I realised it was the length. Who the hell has a 29" waist and 37" legs ?No wonder they were left-over vintage stock. God, I wanted them so badly.
Is that Geoffrey Robertson QC in his younger days on that album cover ?
Bronco Bullfrog has been posted up in its entirety on youtube again.
Hour long Northern Soul documentary tonight on BBC4, followed by Motown at the BBC.
Some vintage Sears and Roebuck gear currently for sale on US ebay. Some NOS, some hardly-worn, some right manky and in need of a damn good scrub. Here's a few samples in the $25 and under. (Us UK residents don't pay any import duty on anything under $25.60/£15) . Oh, and a very camp advert from the mid-60s Guys from the 1960s staring up at a yew tree. Now it's the other way round.
A bit of a 50s-throwback lady on a Lammy, mid-60s NYC.(Nice pins though. Mari Wilson on a bad hair day ?) NYPD issue Lambrettas 1970s. You know your getting old, when police officers and bus drivers start to look a bit too young.
New Posts  All Forums: