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Didn't know if there was such a thing as a 'Mod watch'. The whole Mod-Suedehead style is pretty short on accessories/jewellery etc. I suppose the scooters were accessories of sorts. The only watches I remember as a lad were the black-dial military-looking Timex if any. Anyway, I collect and fart about with watches. I would say I'm an amateur horologist, but I manage to bollox-up more watches I attempt to modify than actually fix. So, here's my Mod-homage watch I knocked...
Type in 'ICI fibres 1970' into youtube and witness an absolute style-nightmare. People make a lot of fuss about the fur-trade and Minks. Lest we forget Crimplene, and all those poor Crimples that suffered. (Copyright Big Yin)
Growing up as a child in the 70s as I did, Orlon was definitely the worst. The only man-made-cloth specifically manufactured to replicate the effect of stinging-nettles, itching-powder and Red Ants on the skin, into one handy fabric.
Trevira is probably superb used in an over-shirt, cardie, jacket or in a wool-blend. But in it's 100% form as a 'close-to-skin' polo shirt (in my experience), it' was like wearing a Scotch-Brite covered in Clingfilm. Saying that, my Trevira polo shirt is bloody nice looking. Shame it turns me in to an itchy sweat-machine.
My Mod-ish, Trevira polo shirt. It looks kind of nice, but is uncomfortable to wear. Terrible fabric. It's scratchy, makes you sweat like hell and generates a dangerous amount of static electricity.
Carnaby St is better now than it was in the late 80s/90s (when it was pretty much souvenir shops selling London tat), which isn't saying much. It now looks like an outdoor micro-version of Westfield or Bluewater, with the same sterile, overpriced 'designer' stores.
Some good points about throw-away culture in that article. Quite unlike the Mail say that some Far East-sweatshop produced shirts are just as well made as pricey ones from the West End.I was expecting; 'Shirts are rubbish nowadays. The old black ones were much better.'I try and buy new-old-stock pre mid 70s shirts when I can. They are better in overall quality. Even the mass-produced, cheapo ones.
This is only a few years later. But this is the way I first remember it. The rot had well and truly set in by then, but there were still some pretty decent clothes, record shops left (with actual Mods and Skins working in them). The flea market was still there in the late 70s/early 80s. There were some original old-stock shirts in the flea market, that were obviously bankrupt stock from shops on the main street, that had long since closed. You could half-inch stuff (not...
A large-collared, short-sleeved Town Craft BD for sale on the 'bay in the US. Made from a strange polyester-pique fabric. Probably, itchy, extremely flammable and uncomfortable in temperatures over 50 F. Looks alright though.
They advertise g9 jackets as Harringtons on US ebay listings now. I'm sure (I may be wrong) that Harrington was a British idiom for said garment. (I'm basing that on what I read in Richard Barnes' 'Mod Photographs when I was a young 'un) I'm from the Class of 1979, so I've bound to have got something wrong.
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