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I like a stingy-brim hat, but that straw one shown is positively tight-arsed. Yorkshire-brim trilby maybe ?
I like the 'Head' screen-grab avatar there Bunty.
It seems you're permitted to ride a scooter in California at a lot younger age than here in the UK
I just read that Mr Carl Douglas now has a net worth of $145 million dollars.
I wore my boating blazer with a FP, white jeans and desert-boots. Looks weird with a shirt and tie. Those black and white 'Jam' shoes were never to my taste. A bit too long and pointy, and a bit too Ted looking for my liking. Chisel-toe chelsea-boots with a non-cuban heel were about as pointy as I got. I've seen some less long and pointy two-tone gibsons that were less Rumplestiltskin-y than the ones Weller & Co used to wear. They looked better, but not better enough for...
There was RAF/USAF West Ruislip which is just up from Northolt as well. I had relatives near Ickenham just up from the base. You used to see quite a few yank cars driving about round there. The old base is now a housing estate.
I think it's been mentioned on here before, that the woman dancing in the ridiculous red and yellow hooped trousers and silver mac in that scene in Blow Up is Janet Street Porter.
The original Bulldogs used to look a lot like Boxers. They probably bore more resemblance to Boxers than the Bulldogs of today.  
The guy (and his mates) from Beijing impressed me. Obviously there is going to be a lot of style and substance 'lost in translation', but out of all the folk featured, the lot that came from the furthest away (China), and had the most alien culture to our own, seemed to 'get it' more than the others. I wouldn't mess with 'em. Saying that, that girl from Chile was bloody lovely.
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