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Site with some old Sears and JC Penney Xmas catalogues going back to the 40s. www.wishbookweb.com  Some nice looking BDs and strides in the early to late-mid 60s catalogues.
I've always thought the piano in the middle-eight of this song sounds like it's played on an old pub piano.
I love a bit of Northern Soul. Some of it is a bit xylophone/vibraphone heavy for my liking though.
Reminds me of that old joke, "Fly the flag.....hang a Mod"
No, but I can see 70s Northern Soul fashions being mixed in with 60s Mod fashions.
Just saw an advert on TV for  'Best Northern Soul Album Ever'. I know a Northern Soul revival has been bubbling-under for some time, and now it looks like it's going to be a mainstream 'thing'. It looks like I'm going to be spending the next 18 months tutting to myself and moaning about young people getting it all wrong. I shudder to think what bastardised fashions are going to come out of all this. I might as well order a job-lot of Pepto and blood-pressure tablets in...
Well Dexy's were from Brum, and they rocking the 'Longshoreman-look' for a bit. That's a bit like a band from the Fens, dressing like mountaineers.
A friend of mine worked at the Lambretta clothing company in Alperton/Perivale for 15 years. In all that time I never asked him to get me any cost-price gear from there. Make of that what you will.
The Guardian listings were wrong M-o-M. It's next weeks episode that has Steve Cropper and Eddie Floyd on.
Reginald D Hunter's documentary about the music of the southern United States features a segment with the Stax musicians tonight.
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