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The Guardian listings were wrong M-o-M. It's next weeks episode that has Steve Cropper and Eddie Floyd on.
Reginald D Hunter's documentary about the music of the southern United States features a segment with the Stax musicians tonight.
I associate the Donkey Jacket as a non-work/fashion item with scruffy buggers selling Socialist Worker Party newspapers in windswept provincial shopping-precincts in the early 1980s. People that looked like Ken from Citizen Smith, not Skinheads really.
I've heard that with that particular incarnation of Dexy's, the look was based on 'Mean Streets'. I really don't see it. (I'm a big fan of some of DeNiro's clobber in that.) Dockworkers that do a bit of boxing on the side is how I'd best describe Dexy's look there. It's definitely better than the 'tinker' look that followed. It is a cracking album though. Gawd knows why they ditched the decent horn-section for fiddles, banjos and double-bass'. That's the mercurial nature...
The monkey jacket/bomber jacket (we called them scooter jackets round our way) look very similar to the jackets the '66 England squad wore off-pitch. Maybe that's the reason said items gained popularity in late '66/early'67.
I've worn a thin, powder blue roll-neck as an undershirt under a white oxford BD on a few occasions recently. It's blummin taters out there. The light colour doesn't bleed through too much and it looks a bit cravat-y around the neck. I have picked up a few cheapo, long sleeve rollnecks off 'the 'bay'. Almost transparent in their thinness, and a kind of stretchy polycotton. I don't think they could be used for anything but an undershirt to be honest.
I'm liking the Clarks
He was indeed a nasty piece of work. Apart from Sharon, I don't think I've ever heard a good word said about the bloke. And he's been mentioned in umpteen programmes and documentaries over the years.
RIP Ian McLagan. One hell of keyboard player.
As we're on shoes, I thought I'd mention something I saw a few months ago. I was in the World's End in Camden, and saw a gent in his late mid to late 40s. He had a clipper-cut grey barnet, Alpha Ma-1 and Levi's with turn-ups and selvedge on. But on his feet, he was wearing Ghillie Brogues. Quite noticeable as he had light coloured socks on. I've never seen that before. Has anyone ever bought a pair of Ghillies and knocked up homemade tongues and put them in ? I've only...
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