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Good to see you fellas today.
I'm a bit of an old skinflint. But I still buy new USA made BDs. The thing is, they may be new and in the original packaging, but they were made 35-50 years ago. As much as I'd like to have one of IvySkin's handmade Beantown dickie-dirts, there are just too many NOS original 'union made' shirts still out there if you know where to dig. I've picked up pleated and hooped BDs in madras and Oxford fabric with a perfect collar-roll for next to f**k all. They may well smell...
I hope you have avoided all the ongoing madness monsieur Clouseau . 
Picked up a vintage 'monkey jacket' a couple of weeks ago. Navy with twin white stripes in the usual places. A heavy-duty matt nylon fabric with diamond quilted white lining. It's got snap buttons rather than a zip fastener. Made in the USA by Sportsmaster and well put together. Pretty warm for a light jacket and waterproof too. We didn't call them monkey jackets when I was younger, they were known as 'scooter jackets' round my way. Isn't there an old black and white...
Oyster Cards are £5 a pop last time I bought one. They're probably more now considering my Oyster Card has 'Hoo-ray for the London Olympics 2012' printed on it. Even with the initial lay-out for the card, travelling in London is cheaper with an Oyster than without.I once forgot my Oyster when I took my godsons out to Amersham from Harrow. Nineteen bleedin' quid it cost me for a return. If I'd used me Oyster, it've been 10 quid top-whack. If I'd travelled from Epping to...
Congrats M-o-M. I have been married for nearly 30 years myself. It has been to three different women though.
There wasn't anything particularly new, different or wrong about how the gay skinhead fella dressed. And gay skinheads are hardly a new thing. Mods with beards though. I haven't seen that before.
I like a stingy-brim hat, but that straw one shown is positively tight-arsed. Yorkshire-brim trilby maybe ?
I like the 'Head' screen-grab avatar there Bunty.
It seems you're permitted to ride a scooter in California at a lot younger age than here in the UK
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