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The guy (and his mates) from Beijing impressed me. Obviously there is going to be a lot of style and substance 'lost in translation', but out of all the folk featured, the lot that came from the furthest away (China), and had the most alien culture to our own, seemed to 'get it' more than the others. I wouldn't mess with 'em. Saying that, that girl from Chile was bloody lovely.
Jeff Randall got to wear the white suit in 1976.
That George Gently is a bunch of old toot. Shame, because that other show Martin Shaw is in on ITV4 has got a really authentic 70s feel to it. 
McDermott has a nice raincoat going on there. I would say that, I've got the same one. The bugger looks better than me though. Damn his youth ! At least I now know who outbid me on those vintage NOS yellow/pinstriped Sears BDs on ebay. Sweater vests/tank tops aside, that is one dapper chap. He gets it. Thousands don't. Good on 'im.
I picked up a near identical Sears & Roebuck 'Perma-Prest' one on ebay last summer.Nice and light summer jacket.
'Jimmy' trainers. £400 a pair from Pretty Green. (Watch this space)
Imagine Ronnie Corbett doing his 'big-chair' monologue-joke with a blonde wedge haircut. That's basically 'Smart Casual'
Just had a look at the re-issue 'deluxe' edition of the '73 Quad album. There's a few more photos and stuff in there. There's a colour one of Jimmy/Chad Kennett sitting on the Vespa with desert boots on (rather than the what I'm guessing were the worst bowling shoes ever on the original cover shot). Yeah, definitely Staff Sgt ranks on the sleeves.I can't make out a US Army 'tab' on the front in any of the photos. If I remember correctly, the m51 and m65s were issued to...
There must have been at least a couple of different parkas used in the '73 booklet photo-shoots. A couple have Jimmy wearing one with Staff Sgt ranks without fur, most with Tech Sgt ranks and fur collar.
'US Army' patch on the front. 'US Air Force' Tech Sgt rank patches on the sleeves.
New Posts  All Forums: