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Yup. Daniel Craig in a Tom Ford tuxedo. That's the look I'm after for sure.   Now who sells that look for around a thousand dollars?   Can't justify 3 grand for a suit for myself when I have a wife and baby to provide for.
So what do recommend for somebody like me>.. simple tastes, not flashy, but want something that looks "crisp" and well fitted.   Like most guys I want to look like James Bond in my tux.
I am going to a black tie wedding this fall and figure that it is time that I finally purchase a tuxedo (I'm 35 and have either opted for a dark suit or rented until now).   Now that I am done my medical training I do not mind spending ~$1,000 on a tuxedo, but I don't like wasting money and want to be sure I'm buying something "nice".   My first inclincation was Hugo Boss after sticker shock checking out Armani and D&G's prices and then I came across YSL which led me...
New Posts  All Forums: