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Any news on the sneaker pre-orders?
 You magnificent bastard. Thanks for making me laugh.
Will the oxfords still be pre-order?
Do you happen to know your barrie last size by chance?   Thanks!
Does this mean that the original BD/AD measurements are changing? Or is this in reference to something else? Either way, looking forward to seeing the new overdyes and knits.
Yay new thread. Can't wait to see the polos.
^ Pretty much this. Glad to hear things are going well and also really glad that there'll still be a thread in the future.  Looking forward to seeing the polos.
Oh god damnit. If this thread closes too I'll only be left with the TOJ thread - and that's just cruel.
They look fantastic. Thanks for the post/info.
  Appreciate the responses. I'm close to you chrispy, 7.5D Barrie, 8D 1000 mile, but the AE 5 is a bit too short/narrow for me so I wear an 8.5D (an 8E was way too big in the heel). My sneaker sizes are all over the place, and many just don't fit comfortably. How's the 8D AE for you? I may just go for it and order an 8, the WvG shoes look incredible.
New Posts  All Forums: