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I think he means the wait, friend.
   ^ That prior post was talking about the old size chart you're looking at. So it appears to be out of date,  that medium someone got was measured wrong, or that particular shirt was just an anomaly. Very interested in ordering, but the chest measurement is the most important for me usually.
Same here. Particularly interested in the p2p, sleeve length, and garment length. Mainly because someone earlier said their BD Medium's chest was 20.75 inches, and if I'm not mistaken that's what the small BD's chest is/was.
For anyone who has sent one - how quickly did Si Jin get back to you after e-mailing?
I'm 5'6'' and it's def a bit too long for me. I will probably ask for 1-2 inches off when I pre-order an oxford. I will probably also ask for about an inch off the sleeves, but obviously this all depends on your measurements. You can have much longer/shorter torso/arms than me even if we're similar heights. Either way, hope this helps!
Thanks dude, I was aware of the chart, but the main reason I asked is cause judging by Nolllan's measurements from his BD Medium the chart may be a bit off now. I knew the Small BD was/is 20.75 chest normally, and Nolllan said his P2P on the medium was 20.75.  And I wasn't sure or not if adjustments were still possible on pre-orders, knew they used to be. I'll prolly just e-mail Si-Jin to get to the bottom of these.
Would love a measurement chart for the oxfords, and are we able to ask for a few measurement adjustments if we pre-order?
Honestly, the overdyes from last season were such awesome quality, but it was just the fit that threw me off. Outside of garment length and sleeve length, the regular size I get fits amazingly in the body (which is rare) and it was just a bit disappointing when the fit wasn't the same as usual. If the upcoming oxfords have the same fit as expected, I will probably buy a ton. Also if we pre-order oxfords, is there an option to shorten the length a bit on a few of them?...
My suggestion would be to ask Charly as it really depends on your torso length. That being said, I do have a leather MA-1 on order and my suggested length for that from Charly was 22.3. I'm not sure if the wool ma-1 or leather one are supposed to differ. Hope this helps!
You could have a shorter torso...
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