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Those new Ribkin? Either way they look phenomenal, congrats dude.
For anyone in Chicago - Haberdash was selling the starks around 225$ yesterday (it was tagged at 275$ and they had some promotion where if you spend over 250 it'll be 50 bucks off).
I ordered one too, let's be friends!
For what it's worth length wise, I'm 5'6'' and Charlie set me up with 21.3 in the front. 22.5 might be fine for you, but can't say for sure!
Hi, not sure if this is already sold/only PM'd justinkapur the measurements, but mind posting them if you get the chance?   Thanks!
To the sale you mean, or the new ones?
My sweaters from the sale just came in today. Mother of god they are incredible, I'm so sad I found out about the sweaters being added so late and couldn't snatch up more. At least I know how they fit now though for future ones.
Mind posting the measurements/what's modified? Any info is appreciated, thanks!
No worries dude, congrats!
Hi. May I ask what your weight/height is? Also is that sleeve width measurement supposed to be at the elbow?   Thanks!
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