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Not 100% sure, but I believe there are some people still waiting for their flannels from a while back as well (myself included). So I'm just assuming there are delays. I haven't gotten a response in email either. Hope this helps!
Any updates on the flannels?
Anyone still waiting on their flannels?
Did you guys get shipping confirmation for the flannels?
Anyone unable to complete an order for the new newsletter that just came out?
Same here, wore mine all Chicago winter and was good pretty much. The super negative days I added one extra layer or something to make sure, but was pretty much always good.
 You magnificent bastard. Thanks for making me laugh.
Do you happen to know your barrie last size by chance?   Thanks!
^ Pretty much this. Glad to hear things are going well and also really glad that there'll still be a thread in the future.  Looking forward to seeing the polos.
Oh god damnit. If this thread closes too I'll only be left with the TOJ thread - and that's just cruel.
New Posts  All Forums: