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  Thanks for the tips guys, I'll probably check Barney's out.
Thanks for the pics, Joona. The jacket looks fantastic, enjoy!
Anyone have any luck finding shoes on the same last of the marlow wingtip in stores? I really want to try them on to find my size, but it seems to be sold out pretty often. Would appreciate any info! I live in Chicago if anyone has any specific info for my area.
You mind telling me what your sleeve/chest measurements are so I know who I'm comparing with :D   I looked at some of the RL measurements on their site, but would like to know your info as well if you're willing. Thanks!
Really interested in the Marlow Wingtips when they're back in stock near my size, but is there any way to actually find someplace to try these (or shoes with the same last) on to tell what size I am? Not sure if I'd be an 8 or 7.5.
Well crap, didn't check till 10 minutes after, but missed all of the small before dinner popovers. Oh well, maybe next time!
So are the popovers big even after washing/shrinkage or just big at first because they account for shrinkage?
I just wanted to say thanks for this thread everyone. It has been an awesome help to me as I've just gotten into shoes.   By the way, maybe I'm missing it, but I've tried searching the thread and haven't seen it. Anyone know/Can Mr. Moo tell me what model/company made those cordovan shoes in the first post? They are incredible.
Wondering about this as well. Also will there be new items today as well?
Are these purchasable early/any pictures ready soon? 
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