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How are the fit and fabric of the henleys going to be compared to last years?
I'm going to chime in real fast. Firstly, I have a black thermal, a charcoal basket weave beanie, and a charcoal gunpatch. I pretty much agree with what justtemple has said as far as the fit of these. I wore the gunpatch yesterday and am wearing the thermal today. I will start off by saying that all 3 feel amazing, and are very comfortable (the material on all of them are soft, you could wear either sweater without an undershirt if you wanted me thinks).   The gunpatch...
Happen to have measurements on the beanies? Most beanies are too big for my head unfortunately.
Late December 2013. You?
 Looks awesome dude. So stoked that I went with a calf MDR, mine will be oxblood though.
Okay, so when is the basket weave beanie going to be ready? It looks incredible. Ditto for the thermals, and I might have missed it, but using the search function I didn't see it - what will the thermal's price be?
Mind posting measurements?   Thanks!
For anyone with both a DR/Moto and a A2/CWU/MA-1, how do the front, back, and sleeve lengths differ between the two? And do the lengths for the A2/cwu/ma-1 include the elastic cuffs? Would love some info on this, thanks!
Those new Ribkin? Either way they look phenomenal, congrats dude.
For anyone in Chicago - Haberdash was selling the starks around 225$ yesterday (it was tagged at 275$ and they had some promotion where if you spend over 250 it'll be 50 bucks off).
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