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Mauro,   Is the dark green for this batch of tees darker than the last batches? Also ETA on henleys? Look incredible.
My Nicos came in today and are pretty phenomenal. I haven't worn them an entire day yet since I just got them, but the first try on was super comfortable. The construction looks top notch as always and the leather feels great. I think those who pre-ordered will not be disappointed.
In one of the e-mails for the overdye pre-order, I was asked what kind of sleeves do I want. Does that mean short or long sleeve? Or actual sleeve measurement. Was a bit confused on that.
Just put it in the notes when you check out, is what I think he means. Don't worry so much about what's available on the options on the page if it's not there. I ordered the size 39 myself and just put it in the notes upon checkout (along with what color(s)/collar type/body type I wanted).
Will we be able to order the inbetween sizes on the excel sheet that aren't listed on the site (say the 39 size)? 
Thanks for the response, and sorry - I understand what neck size is, I meant that it was confusing that we choose as neck size as our size on the pre-order page, but those collar sizes didn't match up with the size chart. Should I just look at that excel sheet's measurements for my collar size that matches to know what to expect for that particular size instead of using the size chart on the site? 
Im a bit confused about the size chart as well with the neck sizes, any insight would be appreciated.
This. Also I liked both types of long sleeves. They're both great for fall or spring, but the heavy weights are amazing for winter and the old ones are great for summer nights.
I'm always for a nice dark purple
Will overdyes be pre-orderable?
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