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 Probably not...there was another subset in W Bill Irish Donegals stated as "Handwoven" and is 72cm wide at 7/8ozs but it is no longer available in current bunch.
We have W Bill Irish Donegals book and photos have been uploaded. W Bill Irish Donegals are 450g, softer than Porter and Harding Thornproof, which is more tightly weaved and has two weights as 390g and 560g.           
Just found a Korean Tailor Sartoria Vanni's Tumblr. They have quite a lot of beautiful photos. The following is made of Porter and Harding Glenroyal bunch 44534, which has pattern similar with Harrisons Archive Flannel 90301 True Prince of Wales.
yes, WW Chan is now providing Milanese buttonhole as default, which is very neat and nicely done. The following jacket, made of W Bill Irish Donegals, is a good example.
yes indeed, He is reading posts here from time to time. 😆
MD of Harrisons has confirmed the following collections will be reissued in next few months and next year W Bill SHETLAND DONEGAL COATING HARRIS TWEED Harrisons MULTI-MILLIONAIRE FINE CLASSICS CAPE KID H.Lesser CARLO BARBERA JACKETING Smith Woollens GILT EDGE BOTANY ALL W.BILL COLLECTION WILL BE READY BY XMAS And there are two totally new collections: 1) W Bill Phoenix-280 gm scottish jacketing with euro slant on design 2) Harrisons Icarus-220 gms wool...
Some recent excellent works by Browns Tailor with Smith Finmeresco SW2904 and SW2906            
The whole collection consists of 12 patterns, which have been shown already in previous photos
We have just received onWe have just received a Steadfast bunch, which is said to be the last one . We will keep this book at our shop and you can come to take a look.
Harrisons Archive Flannel is now available. All are 100%pure new wool 16oz/470g   It is a collection of replicated  patterns inspired from archives, dating back to the early 20th Century.   Each piece is carefully warped by hand, then woven on vintage looms, which are managed by experienced operators, whose keen eyes ensure the very highest quality in production. Woven pieces are taken to specialised finishers to begin the important process of milling and cropping the...
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