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Smith Woollen bunches have arrived. At this moment, we have these three collections:   1) Travel Suitings (including the famous 9/10oz 3ply and 12-13oz 4ply Finmeresco)   2) Luxury Flannels (different weights of flannels and also the Smith signature original Solaro)   3) Super Kid Mohair (3  different weights and compositions of Mohair+merino wool blends)              
I have sent a PM to you. We can send price list to your email address.
Yes. But we don't keep stock at store. The fabrics will arrive within one week after you have placed your order. Please come to see the samples if you are interested. 
Yes, we do sell to Hong Kong customers. FYI, we are selling Harrisons, H Lesser, Porter & Harding, W Bill and Smith Woollen.
We have just received first batches of W Bill bunches, including   Fine Irish Linen Wool and Silk Collection Superfleece Dreamtouch Lamlana Classic Shetland Cotton & Moleskin   They will be soon available in our partnered tailros
with HKD 5500 budget, you can get a bette fabric than VBC 110 (e.g. Harrisons Regency, Fine Classics or even H Lesser 8~9oz, which all of them are made in England) and do CMT by Dreambespoke or Browns Tailor (both defaults are full canvassed, hand padded lapels, hand sewn buttonholes but Milanese buttonsholes incur extra charge).Why do I make this suggestion?Because I have tried all personally and many local people in Hong Kong from local forum have experienced. If you...
Hi Isolation, If you are interested in British cloth, we are HK official agent of Harrisons of Edinburgh. We are carrying Harrions, H Lesser, Porter&Harding and later W Bill and Smith too. We have a shop in Tsim Sha Tsui with plenty of sample books. If you order though us after seeing those samples, the fabric can arrive within 3 days so I think there will be enough time for you to bring the fabric to tailor and get it done afterwards. Moreover, I suggest you can take a...
yes...sorry for making confusion. Actually, I wanted to say "bilateal patch hip pockets and barchetta breast pocket" to distingusih from 3 patch pockets
I just meant pockets on both sides
 Yup, you are right. 28425 has a herringbone pattern...not so obvious if you look it from far away while 28433 has no herringbone pattern. My jacket is half lined but I expect it goes very well with unlined too
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