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The whole collection consists of 12 patterns, which have been shown already in previous photos
We have just received onWe have just received a Steadfast bunch, which is said to be the last one . We will keep this book at our shop and you can come to take a look.
Harrisons Archive Flannel is now available. All are 100%pure new wool 16oz/470g   It is a collection of replicated  patterns inspired from archives, dating back to the early 20th Century.   Each piece is carefully warped by hand, then woven on vintage looms, which are managed by experienced operators, whose keen eyes ensure the very highest quality in production. Woven pieces are taken to specialised finishers to begin the important process of milling and cropping the...
Practical Tailor is carrying Smith Travel Suitings Bunch(which includes Finmeresco, Gilt edge, Abacus and High Twist Lightweight) only at this moment. We are still waiting for new Smith Bunches and will surely distribute them once we have received them.  
we are selling LBD-Harrisons canvas.The following link is a review of LBD -Harrisons canvas by cutter and tailorhttp://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=887usually, we suggest T1275 and T1294 for body canvas. Dream Bespoke has been using both of them for months. They treat them as an option for experienced clients who specially request.The list price of them are HKD110 and 150 per yard(including delivery). In order words, you can buy them easily through us...
Hi Pink,   You mean this?   or this?
Smith Woollen bunches have arrived. At this moment, we have these three collections:   1) Travel Suitings (including the famous 9/10oz 3ply and 12-13oz 4ply Finmeresco)   2) Luxury Flannels (different weights of flannels and also the Smith signature original Solaro)   3) Super Kid Mohair (3  different weights and compositions of Mohair+merino wool blends)              
I have sent a PM to you. We can send price list to your email address.
Yes. But we don't keep stock at store. The fabrics will arrive within one week after you have placed your order. Please come to see the samples if you are interested. 
Yes, we do sell to Hong Kong customers. FYI, we are selling Harrisons, H Lesser, Porter & Harding, W Bill and Smith Woollen.
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