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Evolution is a Harrisons' collection of Mohair. It comprises of 3 sections: 1. The 60's: 3 Ply (55% Wool, 45% Mohair)2. The Bond Era: Barathea (53% Wool, 47% Summer Kid Mohair)3. The New Era: 100% Summer Kid Mohair, which is rare (but expensive)  100% Camdeboo Mohair, truly for Mohair connoisseurs  Here are photos:        
Quote: It can also be 34589(not included in the book we got but it is still available) The photo from Harrisons' website is following:   and the final product is like this (under sunlight): 
Don't worry, Smith's Botany new bunches will be released soon, probably within months... and we have seen the new patterns alreadythe sequence of coming renewed Smith Collections would be:Gilt Edge-> Botany->Mohair
No, Smith's Mohair is not discontinued. Furthermore, it will be renewed next year!
Harrisons new website has been launched! The photos are of great quality! And full ranges of Harrisons Icarus, H lesser Carli Barbera, W Bill Phoenix, etc can be viewed.
Icarus is Harrisons summer jacketings at 220g, 75%wool+15%silk+10%linenHere is the feeler
2 lengths of Carlo Barbera for H Lesser have arrived:D
This blue is also bright
You mean this? In real color, the blue is quite bright
W Bill Phoneix(285-300g, 100%pure new wool) is available now!   Here are some examples:                                       H Lesser Carlo Barbera and Harrisons Icarus are coming too...
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