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Harrisons' new website will be launched soon. All brands under Harrisons-LBD umbrella will be there.
  In Harrisons Overcoating bunches, there are 3 patterns made of Pure camelhair.      There is one tan on tan herringbone but it is all wool instead. 
    Some examples of Harrisons P&B Universal that are Flannel-like but with better performance as pants.        
For Finmeresco, photos of different shades of grey:    
For your reference: 62261, 62270 and 62271  
And there is Harrisons Archive Flannel:   
Here are photos of Harrisons Worsted and Woollen flannel in grey:        
Theoretically, Premier Cru should wear similarly with other all wool worsted cloth at 11ozs. The purpose of adding that small composition of cashmere is mainly for softer feeling, rather than making it wearing warmer.
yeah, thank you for your appreciation Actually, we have taken photos of almost all current Harrisons, H Lesser, Porter and Harding , W Bill and Smith photos. It is our pleasure to provide these photos to assist discussion here.We are not using very professional camera or light settings so somtimes may have slight color discrepency . But what we would like to bring out are more natural images and hopefully they can help people to select without seeing the real bunches.
how about these bolder colors of W Bill Donegals?
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