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This is Harrisons Mirage 28425. The Jacket is done with bilateral patch pockets.
Regency is mostly twill weave with smoother hand feeling while Frontier is plain, more open weave. It is also heavier than Lessers Tropical, which is 8-9oz. In terms of pricing, Regency is similar to Frontier, making it an ideal choice for basic suiting.   
Harrisons has launched a new suiting collection, Regency. It is 9.5 to 10 oz, all wool. we have uploaded photos of the whole bunch in our facebook page. Enjoy~
You will probably love it Actually, you can take a look at our facebook. We have uploaded photos of different collections.
Hi, tchoy, Harrisons has two collections of pure cashmere jacketing. One is Millionaire, which is 310g worsted cashmere. The other one is Saltire. As 330g woollen cashmere, Saltire has more nap and wear warmer.
yup, you are right. The tightening is due to the scarf inside. Actually, it has quite a perfect fit
Two recent projects:   1. Jacket by Gordon Yao: Harrisons Saltire 97528, 3-roll-2, bilateral patch pockets, natural shoulders Pants by Browns Tailor: Harrisons Flannel 39220, single forward pleated, 1 3/4" cuffed         2. 3-piece suit by Browns Tailor: Harrrisons Flannel 39220, slightly roped shoulders, Milanese buttonhole    
Thornproof 62026 should be the pattern you like. But for Donegal, it is usually towards autumn/winter jacket. If you are looking for Hong Kong 4 seasons jacketing,I will suggest Mirage, which is wool+silk+linen at 280/290g. This Mirage 28420,for example, should be a nice candidate for a stylish causal jacket
To be honest, our position should be neutral and independent. However, since some members have doubt about the quality of our partnered tailors, we think we better share our own experience. Let me take Dream Bespoke as an example. With 500usd budget for CMT of a 2 piece suit, you can ask for hand stitched canvas, pad stitching lapels, using Lear Browne Dunsford(LBD) canvas, LBD real horn buttons with attentive services, what else can you ask for? But bear in mind, there...
Hi Obama,You may take a look of the list of our partnered tailors. All of them are producing quality full canvassed suit. Among them, Dreambespoke and Browns Tailor should fit your CMT budget.For your fabric choice,1) Dark green jacketif you are looking for winter jacket, Porter &Harding Thornproof has nice green donegal fabric. Also,Hartwist, Glenroyal, Glorious Twelfth, Harris Tweed offer various choices of tweed.on the other hand, if you are looking for summwr jacket,...
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