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it can be or this
Just PM you
Havent been here for some time... Our official website has been updated. We have added Carlo Riva and Caccioppoli latest 2016 Summer collections. Of course, the new H Lesser Super150's and Harrisons Frontier are also included. Enjoy~
Yes, we are rebuilding a new website as the previous server was blocked in Mainland China . Sorry that it may take few more days to complete.
A teaser
Single Breasted Sports Jacket(3-roll-2, Neapolitian Shoulders) Harrisons Icarus 97664   By Practical Tailor          
 My Tailor, Y William Yu, A MAN HING CHEONG and Gordon Yao, plus Ying Tai, William Yu, Tai Pan Row and Ascot Chang are within your budget USD1300-1700 range. They all have good reputations for many years and should be able to satisfy what you listed. Whether each one is superior to others really depends on indivudal's experience. It is also quite sure that if you can have more fittings and give them more time to finish, the final products would naturally be better.     For...
Feel so good that there are so many positive comments on Harrisons Moonbeam   The long-awaited new collections of Smith Gilt Edge(8-9ozs pure wool) and Botany(12-13ozs pure wool) are available now!                            
cross post from HK tailors tread...   W Bill Phoenix has been made. It is soft and light yet still have good drape. Comfortable to wear. Good choice for Spring/Autumn jacketings                
New W Bill Phoenix Sports Jacket!   Single Breasted Sports Jacket(3 roll 2 Button, Neapolitan Shoulders): W Bill Phoenix WB14819 with LBD linings T1015 By Y William Yu              
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