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Yes. I saw it at the Chicago store a season or two ago and remember how great it looked. The post-Christmas prices were right, I was in the market for a bag, so I jumped. The zipper is a vintage Talon--thought that was a cool detail.Yes, they are. Japanese denim, all that.
Right on guys. Yes they are from seller Benihanasshlalahaba. Here are a couple pics. Great charcoal grey color and loving the black patch. Yes that is bbq sauce on the leg They run big, not sure if this is normal for rigids. These in a 32 are the same (if not a tiny bit bigger) as my one wash in 33. Do you guys hot soak your rigids? They are pretty stiff and I wouldn't want to blow out the crotch or anything. I might be able to shrink them a tiny bit if the water...
While we're on the subject of leather, my RRL Chesterfield bag had its maiden voyage this past weekend. It easily holds a folded over garment bag plus 3-5 days worth of clothing and fits nicely in the overhead compartment. The leather is very soft and smells great. I was looking for a new pair of grey jeans and grabbed these rigids from feebay. They resemble the special edition pair I've seen around recently, but have a black RRL patch and no fancy detailing or tags....
My wife loves rrl. About time with the women's collection!
Anyone own RRL suiting? I need a new audition suit and I already have a Black Label suit which is great, and a couple Blue Label Italian jackets so I'm familiar with how RL fits. Obviously RRL is a more classic aesthetic, but how slim are they in comparison to the other lines? And how's the quality?
I just tried to stack the current 10% code and it definitely did not work.
I sized down 1/2 on the Washington and honestly I could have gone down 1, as there's still some wiggle room in the toe with normal cotton socks. With thick wool socks, though, they are snug and fit perfectly. I guess it depends... If you're on the small end of 14 then I'd say go for it. They are pretty narrow as well, so keep that in mind.
Awesome thread! I superset pull-ups and dips 3 days a week. I average about 30 per workout. Go ahead and add 800 as I've been going at it for 9 weeks!
Washington Boot in black arrived today. As you can see they're actually polished to a very dark, chocolate brown. Sized down a half to 10.5, fit is spot on.
If you can get to them before the eBay resellers swoop in, between $35 and $70 depending on the style and wash.
New Posts  All Forums: