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I recently took the plunge and bought a couple online. One in the Tokyo classic and one in the new york classic fit.   Being an Australian I can't exactly head down the road to NYC or Japan to find these. I'm hoping the sizing is ok. If it is I expect to order a whole lot more of these shirts. I have heard nothing but great things so far. This forum included.
Cool, I think that's a great idea. Now I get to ask the obligatory question - any suggestions on where to have a look for something like you're suggesting?
Great, thanks for that.. I'm still waiting for an excuse to give the guys at suitshop a call. But I work in Carlton so I'll check it out. Cheers
Gents,   Where is a good place in Melbourne to get a sports coat, I've never owned a proper one before and was looking for some advice. Something like this (i know its from mad men, but focus on the coat)     I've had a quick scan through the forums but haven't found anything as yet.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Regards, Adrian
Quite partial to speysiders at the moment.. Loving Mortlach 15yo and Glenspey 12 Flora and Fauna if it can be found.   There is also a nice distillery down in Tasmania called Nant which do an excellent Sherry-matured whisky.   Obviously the big Islay malts are always a hit - Lagavulin 12yo and Ardbeg Uigedail my favourite of the widely available ones
Just received my first Luxire Order - 2 tester shirts I ordered. Excellent stuff! The fabric feels excellent, I used standard measurements this time, but next time will get out the measuring tape and provide more specific stuff. Massive like!
What do you gents use to polish your RMW? How is the stockmans polish sold from RMW? what's your usual care routine? Do you use the leather conditioner?
So I'm guessing the shipping is fairly quick then? And I'm also assuming that shoes bought online often don't fit..
thanks for the reply.. and nice Monks!
Hey guys,   Any experience with shipping to Australia? In your experience how long does it take to get out to you.   Anything else I should know before ordering from them?
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