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 Some of my Kamakura have slightly better roll than others, but I find them all to be good. All of my Kamakura have taller collars as is my preference, they definitely don't feel 'modern' to me. Collar is lined, but is not very stiff. I would call it lightly lined.
  Thank you! Trousers are Incotex and shirt is Kamakura.
 Oh, I see what you are talking about. Yea, not sure about that one.
 I believe what you are referring to is called 'collar roll' and is actually desirable by the majority of SF members afaik. http://www.styleforum.net/t/165024/the-ocbd-collar-roll-thread
 Not sure if its CM, casual or otherwise. But I like it. :)
 The jacket feels like suiting, no? 
After having braces buttons added and belt loops removed, I really feel that the drape of these pants have improved. I'll need to do some research to eliminate the creasing near the crotch, but I'm much happier with these atm. Thanks to Ac and Andy for the comments about my trousers before.   Still struggling with lighting today on the full size photo. Apologies, but I wanted to show the fit of the pants since it is what I've been working on.   
I apologize for the really harsh lighting in today's shots.    I attempted taupe trousers today. I found them kind of tough to work with. In hindsight I feel that perhaps tobacco suede shoes would maybe have been a better choice, although I was hoping the socks would liven up the bottom block a bit.    I was previously critiqued for using too many patterns with this jacket. It appears I did not heed the advice. However, one reference to that criticism was the green...
 Apologies, here is the unedited photo: 
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