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That's how I read it at first too, Cleav. I think stitches just meant that wearing a jacket is required, not necessarily that it has to be striped. Not positive, tho.
I will continue to lobby for a cotton/linen (i.e. no wool) trouser (chino?) WITH a tie challenge.   Season appropriate. A genuine challenge. I hope to learn something.
 Well then I will say I love your jacket and trousers (are they the HW american fit?). I also enjoy how your square picks up on the white in the overcheck. :)
I want to thumb it but I'm having a hard time. =/
 Quote: Thanks for the feedback. I've always liked this square with this jacket. I thought that the blue matched the overcheck almost perfectly and the yellow/tan picked up on the color of the buttons. Clearly I have been wrong. I have a gray square that I find myself using often when I am unsure. Maybe it would work well here. I will keep trying because I love this jacket. 
Thanks for the feedback! Shirt is blue "university" stripe OCBD. Only 3 colors in various shades brown, blue, green. My standard choice here is light blue OCBD, but I wanted to try for a bingo since I was almost there and a few of the patterns resolve to solid a bit.I'll grant that perhaps it's a bit busy, but I thought it resolved enough at a distance that it wasn't too bad. Certainly could be wrong.
It was overcast today so I went with a little darker and more drab palette while still trying to maintain S/S textures and fabrics. The last I tried this jacket I had TOO MUCH contrast. Hopefully this is a bit better. Also, this is my first bingo. As always feedback and criticisms welcome.  [[SPOILER]]
 I will say in his case, Clags' collars certainly look more proportional than most mega-spread wearers. That said, I would prefer a taller and less spread collar even on him. Again, my personal preference. VERY spread collars are more SF than not in my experience.
 I see the irony in me criticizing him for making assumptions when in reality I am assuming the sense in which his post was intended. That said, it felt very accusatory IMO. FWIW, I didn't say a word on the other issues and have no personal vendetta against Kira. I'm prepared to eat crow if I indeed took his post in the wrong sense.
We are most certainly splitting hairs. These are all from the composite thread, so very well respected outfits: Here is an example of what I think is too spread/short. Here is my preference: Both fabulous dressers, so splitting hairs. I just prefer the latter. Again, no hate. Clags is obviously a phenomenal gentleman who knows what he is doing. I am indebted to him and many others for any "knowledge" I may have. P.S. I'm always around, just sometimes posting a bit more...
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