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 It was me. Clag is right, I bought the shoes and he sent the boots. He was quite responsive when I wanted to exchange them for shoes, but when I decided to keep them he stopped responding. It is a shame because the stitching on the inside of the boot was uneven and dug into my heel while I walked. I probably wouldn't have been difficult to fix, but he completely stopped responding to me. I like the boots, they just aren't very comfortable due to that problem. Other than...
I think it's great except for lapels.
Where is patrickBooth when you need him? There is a guy who likes the sedate too, but knows how to offer constructive feedback to help people achieve their goals.
This might be the first time I disagree with feedback I'm receiving. I have done this jacket/tie/shirt combo before but with cream trousers and bluchers. Got a lot of feedback on that one.I'm pretty happy with how his second effort turned out. My single greatest concern was that the top block would be too dark. I feel that the loafers ground dark in the bottom as well though, and I feel it works.I will keep reading your guys' comments and looking closely. I appreciate the...
I heard this pose was a thing, so I did it. Also, in regards to patterns, I find that I rarely attempt more than 2.   [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Awww
 Although you say that some people have won without a full pic, I know that I am personally less likely to vote for someone if they did not include a full pic. The rest of the field would have to be way behind them in order to get my vote. 
 Wow, MF. It's not your week. =/
Coherence really is #1   Revolutionized my dress. :)
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