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I like 'straight bar' lacing on my m.a+ boots! it really only works on boots that have an EVEN number of eyelet pairs tho. 
ha. no kidding. I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge in my new m.a+ staple boots, that wasn't a great idea.
Any shops in Williamsburg carrying ma+ ?
anyone have any spare m.a+ heels lying around they don't want? someone posted a pair the other day and I missed them by like an hour. sad face. thanks
  my m.a+ camel staple boots are starting to look pretty awesome... 18 months old now. been around the world in them!
camel staple boots gettin dusty in the desert at Joshua Tree
these are the m.a+ boots I was talking about. Cheers.
hey gang, I'm a total noob sorry to bother you all. I got a pair of m.a+ staple boots in camel leather ( I don't think it's reverse ) about 5 months ago and I love them and want them to age nicely with a patina, etc. not looking for a mirror shine or anything (they're actually already fairly rough and super badass looking) but I do wonder if there are any steps I can take or products I can use to ensure they last as long as possible. I live in Toronto, Canada and of...
that's just the light / shitty iPhone camera. They're coal.
got my m.a+ camel staple boots 4 months ago today.. here's how they're looking.. just for fun   cheers
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