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Hello I just wanted to share a pic of my morning dress a few days ago it's the only one I have by now, thanks for all the advices, I know it's not perfect but I felt really nice on it I think I made the right choice
Does anyone know of Levi's jeans 508 are oversized? I just bought a pair from eBay in my size and they are enormous.. Since I use tapered would 511 be a good option or too skinny in thinking on shifting to 511 since they're cheaper and there's more variety than 508 and 520 which I fancy more. Appreciate comments
Hi, I'm having a job interview next week and was thinking on wearing navy trousers, black oxfords, white shirt and black skinny necktie, perhaps a black wool blazer cos it's cold. Any comments would that be an appropriate combo for the ocation
Thank you I think with this pics he'll get it
Congratilations!!! That's what class is. Btw I'm looking for pics of the back of the morning tailcoat so I can show my tailor of it has to be done. Would you mind?
PS sorry for the bad English
Hello, First of all I'd really like to thank Veremund, ImTheGroom, and everyone else who intervened whith suggestions and ideas in this journey of mine to my wedding attire which I found profoundly interesting and entertaining. The last two days I took my time (cos I've got some offs from work) to put together all the information and advices to finally came to a decision and of course I want to share to with you. First of all I had to quit the morning dress because...
[quote name="marcodalondra" Do not do that! You have a waistcoat to play with the V opening. Anything other then a 1 button morning coat will look costumy/vintage.. You will probably have it open most of the time anyway[/quote] So, would you recommend a double breasted or a simple breasted to enhance the look of the bow ties because I was thinking on a nonback waistcoat just in case I take the coat off so I can show a bit of my suspenders...
Maybe you're right
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