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Hey guys, haven't uploaded much content lately sorry! Was wondering what fabrics you guys might be looking for for summer and what you would like us to upload, thanks! 
 Hi Kenny, I'd like to say I'm very sorry about the experience you had with us and I'm surprised you never asked to speak to me directly considering I even met you once in the shop when you dropped by. When our tailor mentioned that he couldn't make changes to your suit after making it, it is true as a fused suit cannot be "altered" into a full canvas suit. That being said, we would have been more than happy to remake the suit for you for free after your function as you...
Is this a good way to present the fabrics to you guys or is there another way you guys would prefer? Always looking for feedback, thanks!      
 Yes I agree the shape of the linen suit is bad That being said, the 2nd button being fully covered is more a function of how they cut the quarters and style the quarters of the suit rather than poor fit. It's just that StyleForum as I've realized after a while, heavily favors a much more opened quarters shape. 
Hey guys, some more royal oxford cloths!           
Hey guys, time for our regular fabric uploads!       
 Yup! But at an additional price since that is an additional option. For now at around US$6 since we're new and want to encourage people to try our awesome shirts :) 
Yes we do do CMT for shirts, but would recommend you do a basic shirt with us first to make sure you like the cut and fit of our shirt before using your own fabric as we are unable to reimburse clients on fabrics that are not sold by us.  CMT for shirts is $290 HKD for shirts with fused collar and cuff and $350 for non fused collar and cuff, thanks! 
 Hi Classic Car! Yes we do indeed do non fused collar and cuffs! 
Hey guys!   Here are some more linen checks :)         
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