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Hi Betelgeuse, the coupon code will apply for the next few months as we continue to ramp up the site. Am excited to get more feedback from members. Thanks!  
Hi Alpyigit thanks for your review on us and look fwd to helping you out in future!
Hi Isolation, it seems not many members have ordered from our store or at least haven't reviewed it. I can attest that we have had many happy customers in our store and do welcome you to come in and give us a try thanks!
 Thanks neachdainn for your kind words!
Belated Happy Valentine's to all of you in the thread. We're continuing to get good traction on our shirts, etc and I know I've said it a few times now (embarrassingly enough!) but we should have our site within the next few weeks. We are going through final beta testing and have redesigned everything. Here's a sneak peek:  
Look fwd to having you visit zinc2162 and happy Chinese new year!
Hi S14roller just fyi most people will be on holiday for Chinese new year, if you're planning on coming in the next 1-2 weeks.
 Hi Isolation, I just read your review. Thanks again for the kind words. I just wanted to mention that we do have basic shirts that start at HK$350 which is the same ones that Jantzen sells. Our $400 ones just include more customization options and better fabric. Thanks again for the favorable review and I look forward to having other members come visit us as well! Thanks
Hi Originaljy881, could you post pics of your product for us to see? 
 Thanks kayhill for your in depth review. Look forward to working with you in the future as well. 
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