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 If y'all end up going with a darker color, you can count me in.
  WWOP!!! ;)
Wish I could've jumped on organizing a Long Branch GMTO sooner so we could've gotten the $270 price on a darker model.   Oh well. No wingtip boots for me.
 Heh, no, I don't - just love the car. Wish I did! Yeah, I realize that, but I'm already worried that I marched in here and threw some shade on @mry8s 's build, and it seems like he's looking for that "wingtip original Eagle River" look. I'd rather not poach his list, but if he's open to a darker shade I'm all ears.
 Alright, so far I've got myself@FatTuesday@meowmix1891 (?) interested. Right now I'm contemplating a boot version of the Ridgeway in cognac Dublin, but I'm flexible - personally I'm mostly just interested in a wingtip boot in a darker/more versatile shade with a hidden mini lug sole. Long BranchDark Brown Cognac Dublinbrass? eyeletsSplit reverse weltlight brown edge dressingmini lug sole OR perhaps something inspired by the Strandmok's 4027 brown leather and lighter...
 Were you responding to me re: Long Branch? hmm, I'd personally probably rather do brown between those two (have chili ECs), though while I adore grain I wonder if it's too busy with a brogue? I'd definitely prefer exposed eyelets as well. I was thinking mini lug sole and a lighter edge/welt for some contrast with the upper. Anyone else interested in basically getting a modified Dalton with a lug sole potentially at the LB sale price? I have a big horse in this race...
is anyone interested in a darker (chocolate? oxblood?) Long Branch makeup?
I bought a pair of Promontory Points secondhand; the seller had thrown away the original orthotics that come with the boots, does anyone know how I'd go about getting replacements? They're not the brown ones that AE sells.
 Thanks for posting that. Man, those dark chocolate Daltons look absolutely stunning. Does anyone know how much it would cost me to get them MTOd in a width they don't normally make?
Guys, this is a dumb question, but if I wanted Daltons in a C width, I'd have to get them MTOd, right? Is that even possible anymore?   Chocolate Daltons in 13C are my grail, but I think I'm SOL.
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