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MTO Eagle County has come in, and it's absolutely everything I dreamed of.   2002 CHILI CALF BROWN UPPER STITCH SEEN ON 1628 BRASS EYELETS BLACK FLAT WELT TOASTED EDGE DRESSING INDEPENDENCE LINING LEATHER DAINITE OUTSOLE LEATHER MIDSOLE   Needed a versatile boot that I could wear with literally anything from jeans to a suit. I think I hit the nail on the head with these.             Color looks deeper and more brown in person, as is common with...
Problems with this blazer: -too wide in the waist -armhole is too low -arms too short -needs about an inch more length   Correct, or am I off?
   Interesting. I don't really have any issues tightening my shoes with 'normal' straight bar lacing.
 Hah, no - but close to it. I've lost around 35lbs in the past few months. My dress wardrobe was horrendous to begin with (think poly 'dress' pants in relaxed cuts), and now the waist is a good 2-3" big on me as well, so I'm basically wearing trash bags every day to work. No alternative, though - I'm still losing weight (another 15-20lbs and then I'm done), and I can't really afford to buy pants just to wear them in the meantime. FWIW those pants aren't $75, there's a...
Pretty much just a pair of dress pants I could wear with a shirt + tie + cardigan/blazer/something else. I need to build a new dress pant wardrobe for work.
Are these plaid grey pants a good look?   http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=554818
 Awesome. This is my first MTO; really excited about it.
 Sweet; that's what I did for my EC MTO. I was worried that a double sole [with one being Dainite, which is thicker than leather] would end up being too thick, but it looks just fine.
 Those look pretty cool, and they've actually sort of reaffirmed my desire to get navy Neumoks, which I'm convinced can be worn to work in the proper setting. Question: do you have a midsole between the dainite and the welt on that shoe?
 I believe 2003 is a code number for the leather color. How long did it take for her to e-mail you a confirmation after you put in your order?   
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