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Me too. Never doesn't help.
Are there any other fans here of the illustrious Charles Shaw? ;)
For those of us who aren't local, do you know if there's an internet portion of the sale?
Wonder how much it would be for the giant shoe!
Thanks for posting these. I almost never go into thrift stores and you've got me excited now! Going to hit a Goodwill after work today.
I agree. The darker the better, unless a white or beige suit is called for.
I have the same thing! And it "migrates" around about an inch area too. I just go with it and make a joke out of it if anyone notices. I think things like that are much better if they're not made into a big deal.
I'm not a fan, personally.
If you can't find them in your specific length I'd say buy medium and get them altered. The alterations aren't hard either, if you want to invest in a sewing machine you can do it in about a minute to every shirt you own.
This is seriously confusing.
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