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I don't know what seal brown is, but those look pretty badass
 The 975 is an Alden classic.  If you like the split toe then the 2210 is also a great alternative.
@justinkapur Mr Porter has free returns
They make bedford in XXL?
@Epaulet Any opportunity to get the somelo in extended sizes?  I'm too big for your OTR shirts.
If Epaulet has those in your size you should buy them.
Just ordered the tobacco cords and the Pacific Blue & Navy sweater. Should I switch that to steel grey? Damn.
Currently own: BB wintip bal #8 BB tassels #8 Leffot dovers #8 JCrew PCT boot #8 TSM longwing whiskey fullstrap black cordovan DC black calf plain toe bal Epaulet Innsbruck indy Winn Perry Little Tanks reverse chamois boots Winn Perry Brown CXL PTB Unlined chukka tan Frans Boone chamois & suede saddle   I have interest in acquiring in size 9.5/10 (depending on last): unlined snuff dover snuff captoe boot black cordovan boot black cordovan...
Do you have measurements for the geneve? Any idea on when the FW preorder will be in?  I'm super tempted by this but am uncertain about sizing and I can't risk having two jackets on preorder with incorrect sizing.
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