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[[SPOILER]]  I received mine in Pac blue/nave yesterday and its gorgeous.  Now I want tobacco
Veldt Dundees today. Maiden voyage (and first pair of EG).
I just ordered  borough + plains suit in navy drill.  Really excited and will post pics when they arrive
 Navy drill suit that will also be worn as separates.   I was inspired by that thread (along with yours & @Superb0bo pics) so with exchange rates this favorable I had to give them a try.  I was pleased to find they come in larger sizes b/c I find it hard to fit into most workwear inspired brands outside RRL. No Nigel, EG, etc will fit 6'3" 245 lbs dudes
 They look awesome.  I just placed an order from them last week for borough jacket & plains trousers.  Can't wait.
@momone I'll confirm for snowden if there is still room
@momone If there is any room I'd love to get in on the Zug Snowden and my strong preferecen is for commando sole.  What do I need to do to get on the list?
@Bethany Heck the jacket REALLY looks great
Thanks @Cotton Dockers  Sounds like I need to try 43
Can I get some sizing help for the Paraboot Michael?  I have a slightly narrow foot and wear 9.5/10C Barrie last, 9.5 Viberg 1035 & 2030.   42.5? 43?   @Cotton Dockers @Gerry Nelson If I remember correctly you own this model and would appreciate any insight.    LS
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