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 Seriously sweet makeup.  I'm sure they will get tons of wear this SS
How about these?   http://us.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-austerity-brogue
Idea for next GMTO   Engineer Boot Natural Wax Flesh 10" height Partially structured toe Cats paw heel, Vibram 700 half sole     Also it looks like my 14oz chukkas cleared customs this morning, but still no delivery date.
14oz crew -   @Aviv @Raneleigh   Have you seen any movement on the shipment?  Mine shows on USPS and DHL as processed on 3/29 but no movement since then. 
My order shows as still being processed in Germany. But I received a tracking number from DHL for transfer to USPS for delivery.  I've never ordered from 14oz before, so I don't know if that is standard for deliveries to the US.
Thursday night EST.  Hope you get your notice soon.
I got my shipping notification from 14oz this morning.  So pumped up
Anyone get a shipping notice from 14oz today? I got a pair of mocha chukkas that should be perfect for spring.       The Hoppers look great!  Any interest in a taller shaft for next round? 10"?
In for SB Mixed Navy
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