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Tassels and full straps can be easily worn up in any business situation up to a suit IMO.  I wear my BB #8 tassels and black full straps often with a jacket and odd trousers.
I wasn't crazy about those from the pics at lost & found, but they look good on the foot.  Nice pickup.
I have these scout boots from Bureau Belfast.  The gloxi-cut soles are so comfortable.     I also like the nigel cabourn chukka.  
My winn perry little tanks are some of my most worn boots.  The crepe is very comfortable to walk in and good in wet weather.  I do think it looks best when there is little contrast between the upper material and soles like with with chamois or dark suede.
 Me too.  I'm going to really regret it when we see the pics.  I just couldn't pull the trigger.
Those were mine. They were just a little too big for my narrow foot and for $895 I need a perfect fit.
 I have a pair and love them.  They're my go to casual shoe Spring-Summer.
Those are great, but now I want a new pair of boots.
I have to agree.  They're solid as shit work boots.
Thanks for everything you do Fok.  In the end I sat this round out because I just couldn't pull the trigger on the hopper boot (a decision I'm sure to regret). I can't wait to get delivery of the half japanese and see what interesting we can come up with for the next round.
New Posts  All Forums: