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In for SB Mixed Navy
 I have removed the buckleback from two pair of clydes.  Very easy to do with a seam ripper.  
FWIW I have had one rigid chino and two rigid clydes taken in at the seat and they came out looking great.
Superb @Watchman1 
Does anyone know what Viberg charges for a sole replacement (daintite)?
  1035 last derby brogue captoe with pinking brass eyelets stitchdown construction daintite sole   Lets wait to see if we have any special leather options.
I just kopped the Stony Beach & Navy Italian Donegal     @EP Sam  Do you have any plans to get the 8403 hopsack (blue) back in stock for the MTO program?
  Like this, but with all mocha roughout (or brown waxed flesh) and canvas quarters?
I would buy the mocha chukkas in 9.5 immediately if I could find them.  They look great wms68
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