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Snuff Amok
-.5 and the same width worked perfectly for me.
AE for Polo Singleton
I just got in on the natty clx indy pre-order.  This is my first pre-order and will be my fourth pair of of Alden's.  So excited!
 Dalton.  The brouging is very different, but I think it could be an interesting make up.
I'm thinking more of a poor mans Islay, but with a mini lug sole.  Something  that's still dressy enough to wear with flannels and a a tweed sport coat.
 Thanks for the heads up here.  I picked up a pair of amok's in snuff for $147.
Price quote please for daltons 10.5D in shell cordovan
Quick shots at the end of the day. HF Thyrwitt Henry Carter Grenadine Tie Bar hank BB navy pants Pantherella AE
New Posts  All Forums: