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 I love those.  Maybe we can propose them for the next GMTO?
 Those Allan are the best Tricker's boots I've yet seen
@zissou  I love my olive clydes. I actually took a seam ripper to remove the buckleback and they look almost identical to my officer chinos except they lack the decorative sticking on the front pockets.   I have a pair in cassidy brown clydes on the way right now (I intend to leave the buckle back on these).  Does anyone have any pics of that color with a little wear on them?
   I have the Little Tanks and they are among my most comfortable boots.
Maiden voyage. With the arrival of my Baxter Mocs I think I'm set for spring & summer footwear. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
@wms68 I agree with @Burzan, the soles on your Boondockers look great.  Can you show us some more pics of the work?  I would consider doing the same to my pair.
Unlined chukkas from Wednesday. I'm loving the Spring weather in the South. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Maiden voyage for my BB's Venetians. What a great biz casual shoe! I've got a pair of Baxter Ranger Mocs en route so that should have me set for summer casual wear. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Just kopped the gray donegal & the khaki flannel.  Trouser game should be tight next Fall.
@onix   Have a look at Dapper Classics.  I've been happy with my several pair and they're made in the USA.
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