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love those @zippyh 
Are sizes larger than 54 available for EIdos sportcoats?
@momone Sorry guys but I'm going to have to sit the Zug grain MTO out.
 90% of the time without the hood but I think it looks good both ways.
I think I'm sold on the green herringbone bumfreezer. For those that have one what is the comfortable temperature range for the jacket? I understand that warmth is quite subjective, but is it too warm for day time temps in the 50-55F range?  My only hang up is how much wear I can realistically get from it living in the south.     Btw I love my single breasted in mixed navy.  Its getting tons of wear this winter.
Valstar preorder ends today?  That sucks bc payday isn't until Friday. 
@gdl203 Does the +$100 upcharge for size 58 & 60 on the valstarino apply once on preorder?
Lets get this Snowden mto closed out!
I'm not seeing anything on sale outside of the previous designer items.  Am I doing something wrong?
^ I would ask for a refund
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