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So many wants on the TSM list today. If anyone here is willing to proxy (for a fee) for a Torontonian, please PM me.
 I am jealous because I haven't worn my Marlows in months.  Here in Toronto, we've had the coldest February in many many years (not a day above freezing point).  On the plus side, my Conistons and Islays have gotten a lot of love! And since this is SF, here is an archive pic from January: 
 Hi, if you're interested in the boot, buy it.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed!  Yes, it looks killer with a SC.
 That is a damn fine looking boot.  Does anyone know which last it's on?  It looks pretty narrow. Fred - was the brown suede dark or snuff?
   You are killing the game, as always.
PSA:  There's a 10.5E tan suede LHS on BB site for 50% off:   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Handsewn-Suede-Penny-Loafers/MH00339,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00339_Color=LTBR&contentpos=65&cgid=0494
 Went to the site this morning and the 7.5 D's were already gone.
 Those Alt Wien's are seriously dope.
 Thank you lagsun.  My Consiston's feel tighter in the toe box.  I wish I could take a 1/4 size bigger in the 325 last.
Happy Friday Gents! Just wanted to share my latest acquisition. The 365 last is the best fitting one for me so far.
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