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C&J, for sure.  Their cordovan shoes are top notch.  The brown shell Strands are very nice, but C&J is such a solid shoe.
 This makes sense.  Thanks, I will do that!
^^ thanks for the clarification!
Thank you @smfdoc. The date code is AB. Does that not mean January '82?
Cross post from the Vintage Shoe Appreciation thread.   Florsheim Imperial Kenmoor's, made in 1982.    [[SPOILER]]
 9C.  Procured from ebay.  I paid shipping (twice) and taxes but they were still a steal (OK, not so much a steal, but damn worth it!).          
+1. Can't wait to bust mine out in the fall.
 Hello Gentlemen! The bride-to-be thinks a magenta bow tie might be too casual.  I have started to re-think the colour.  My question is, can a bow tie in a colour/pattern like the ones below be worn with the suit above?  If so, what type of shirt would be appropriate?  The shoes are now leaning to be a #8 wingtip shoe with black edge trim. Thanks in advance for your input! 
I just took delivery of a NOS pair of 93605's (Florsheim #8 LWB).  They are absolutely gorgeous and my first pair of vintage Florsheim's.  I haven't had a chance to photograph them yet, but I will surely post some pics here when I do! 
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