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Haha thanks.  It's a bit silly and the first thing that came to mind. 
Thanks for your input Burzan.  I appreciate knowing that!  I really do love the shape and chose it over Alden's chukka.
Hi fellow SF AE addicts.    I recently picked up a pair of shell Dundee's from Club Monaco's 30% off sale.  After about four wears the leather is still digging into the outside of my left leg just above the ankle.  It's quite painful to walk, especially when I'm "turning left".  Has anyone experienced something like this?  I'm hoping the leather will soften a bit over time.  The right shoe is perfectly fine.
The endless number of handsome Alden makeups never ceases to amaze me.
Filson Orginal Briefcase 256 for sale.  All colors available.   Photos are from Filson's website but the bags I have for sale are brand new with tags.    Please add $20 shipping to US.   Ships from Toronto, Canada.
Potential PSA:  I entered the HOLIDAYTREAT code at J. Crew, for a pair of Alden Wingtip Boots and while it didn't take off a full 30%, the total Paypal charge amount came to the exact amount before taxes and shipping.  Try it.   Edit:  It doesn't seem to be working anymore
Thanks, I'll check it out.  Do you recall seeing any Filson bags on sale?
Eddie's "no-frills" service is part of his charm.  In my experience, he is quick to respond when it matters.
Eddie got me into the Marlow game.  Still waiting on some PTB's though!   I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him.  Solid dude.
I asked two friends at CM (one SA, one manager) about this and neither could tell me.  I'm just glad they don't have topies and poron soles.  I don't think BB's version was an improved one.
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