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Hi, I recall reading on this thread that Alden will send you a replacement toplift if you call and ask.  I think it was about $5 per.  I'm not sure if they still offer this.  Otherwise, any reputable cobbler will have a decent replacement on hand. Hope this answers your question.
I didn't ask. I was only interested in the Marlows.
   Thanks TomOwen.  I just spoke with my SA, Erik Walker at Ralph Lauren Madison Ave and he said that Marlows are not included in the sale.
Thanks for the heads up.  Does anyone know the name of the gentleman in the shoe dept at the NYC flagship?  His name escapes me and his business card is sitting at home right now.
Has anyone used services like myus.com with success?  I'm also in Canada (Toronto).
   I received the BB calf PTBs this week and here are my findings.  I ordered in my Barrie size 7.5D and they are a bit snug, but not tight.  I wear with medium thickness socks.  My shell LWBs are noticeably bigger but that is to be expected. My unlined CXL dovers are a touch bigger to the eye, but the fit is not that dissimilar.    Apparently the BBs (both calf and shell) are on the M58 last so this is what I attribute the difference in is fit is. I really love the shape...
I'm glad you are enjoying the boots. I ordered a pair in the spring and wasn't happy with them. I really wanted a pebble boot, and eventually found a pair of C&J Conistons at the factory shop in Northampton. I'm glad I waited.
Glad I could help!  I don't know why I'm on the email list.  TSM doesn't even ship Alden to Canada.  I need to get in on a proxy...  These lists are too tempting.
Listed below are the Alden Factory Irregular shoes available in your size.Shoe Size: 7.5Shoe Width: D FD-13292 FD-1339 FD-13933 FD-22341C FD-29331F Reg $ 550.00 Reg $ 661.00 Reg $ 575.00 Reg $ 549.00 Reg $ 550.00 Sale $ 325.00 Sale $ 425.00 Sale $ 325.00 Sale $ 350.00 Sale $ 325.00 Snuff Color 8 Burgundy Tobacco Chamois Navy Suede Barrie Last Barrie Last Barrie Last Aberdeen Last Leydon...
Please delete this if not allowed:   Listed below are the Alden Factory Irregular shoes available in your size. Shoe Size: 8 Shoe Width: D FD-09188 FD-1272S FD-13292 FD-1340 FD-1494 Reg $ 525.00 Reg $ 458.00 Reg $ 550.00 Reg $ 695.00 Reg $ 510.00 Sale $ 325.00 Sale $ 325.00 Sale $ 325.00 Sale $ 425.00 Sale $ 325.00 Navy Suede Brown Snuff Black Shell Tan...
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