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I was at the Bay St. location in Toronto yesterday and they still have the Peal Cordovan Boot in a few sizes.  They are on sale (30%) right now from $1100 (CAD).
I would also be curious to know about the sale.  I plan on visiting London in two weeks.
PSA: RL C&J's shipment ad in Marketplace.  (Not my ad).  
Just an update on the Peal Pebble Wingtip Boot.  They came in today and I thought they were unsatisfactory.  Mainly, the color had sort of an unhealthy glow, if that makes any sense.  It was definitely different from the website photos.  The fit was very uncomfortable at the top of the boot.  While I really liked the overall shape of the boot, I didn't want to wait and see if the leather would break in.  Hope this helps.
Thank you for your reply Fred.  I ordered the boots and will report back.
Fred, I was wondering if you had a chance to take a look at the wingtip boots and confirm the maker.  I am interested in buying them at 30% off.  Thanks in advance.
Please contact me if you have them for sale.  Looking for a pair in new or slightly used condition.   I am in Toronto.   Thanks!
Thanks for your reply rydenfan.    I've read here that the lined LHS fits tighter in the vamp than the unlined version.  I've also read that cordovan doesn't stretch, so I want to be sure I have the right fit.
Hey SFers, I'd appreciate some help.    I'm interested in picking up a pair of cordovan LHS.  I tried on a pair of suede unlined LHS (7.5D) and the vamp was a bit tight due to my high instep.  Would a 7.5E in #8 LHS 986 fit better or would it be too big all around?  Unfortunately the only shop here only carries D widths.   For reference, the 7.5D Barrie fits me like a glove.   Thanks in advance.
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