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 I'm 7.5D on the barrie last.
^^ Thanks JR!  I too love the colour on these.  I was thinking about the burnishing and was wondering if maybe that has something to do with the dryness that many experience with this line.  I don't know much about burnishing (at one point I thought for some reason it was putting a flame to the leather), if someone here has more knowledge I would love to learn more about the process.
 Thanks Cleav!  Somehow, I knew you would chime in. :)
 Finally took some good photos of my Marlow's.  Unfortunately, due to sizing I have to let these go.  Link is in my sig if you need a pair!  [[SPOILER]]
I'm planning a trip to London at the beginning of July and will make a day trip to Northampton to visit the C&J factory shop.  I went last summer and scored a pair of tan Conistons and some navy grain penny loafers.   Is the shop still open on Fridays?  How has the selection and prices been lately?  I think they usually shut down for the summer holidays at the end of July.  Is this still true?   Thanks!
I purchased these from a SF seller.  They are too small for me.     I will consider trades for (in new or similar condition):   8D Marlow wingtip 8D Marlow Plain Toe Blucher 8D BB Peal Corodvan Boot 7.5E Whiskey Harvard Alden Shell Cordovan   Thanks for looking!
 I tried to use it in the Toronto RBC Plaza location but the SA said it's online only.  I then called Madison Ave. and they gladly took my business.  I'll be there in a few weeks anyway, so I also avoided shipping and duties on a trench coat for my girlfriend.  Edit:  It was a regular price item.
 Thanks for sharing Mike!  I didn't realize how much hydration is needed...
I've always loved Alden's burnished tan calf and hope to own a makeup in that colour some day. I meant to post this a few weeks ago. Some 975 TLC. Fresh sole edge dressing followed by some Saphir high gloss wax. I used the wax because the Fiebing's sole edge dressing alone left a very matte finish. Does anyone know what Alden uses in the factory? Thanks.
Now I want a pair of Dark Chili Strands haha.  Congrats on your acquisition!
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