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Sadly, bb hasn't inspired me to buy anything from them in the last year or so.  The last time I went into the RBC Plaza while suit shopping for my wedding, I waited for about 30 minutes for SA before just grabbing a few suits off the rack and showing myself into a dressing room.  Their Flatiron shop has just closed too.  I just got an email to renew my corporate membership - I don't know if I can be bothered.   Edit:  I just realized I'm wearing a bb ocbd and chinos as I...
Hi, are these still available?  PM sent.  Thanks!
Great price!  If these were 8D I wouldn't even think twice.
[[SPOILER]] Nice score!  There's something about this model (either the pattern or the owner's that wore them) but they can be found in great condition.  The uppers tend to look pretty much brand new, even when the soles could be mangled (not to say that yours are).  Bonus that this last fits you so well.  My pair doesn't fit great, but I still wear them because they are the quintessential tassel, IMO.
[[SPOILER]] Very nice!  There's no denying how solid these vintage shoes are.  When found in NOS condition, there's no reason not to pull the trigger immediately.   Hopefully the other shoe enthusiasts don't catch on to the value of NOS vintage Made in USA shoes! 
Congrats @JayDotz.  Glad they went to a fellow SF'er.
I've been hit for duties/taxes on the last 5 or 6 items with Canada Post.  I consider it pretty much a guarantee now.  I even got hit for duties on a pair of Made In USA Rancourts.  They were shipped from a EU retailer though, so I'm not sure if NAFTA applies.
They haven't for a few years.
Thanks for the kind words.  I honestly did not even touch them after taking them out of the closet for the first time since spring.  I will try to post better pictures next time!
Marlow Monday! These are probably my favourite shoes.
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