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I believe the medallion is different as well.  The differences were pointed out earlier in the thread.
From the lasts I've tried, the 202 or 606 might work for you in a derby.  Most loafer lasts like the 184 are known to be quite narrow in width.  Sorry, I don't have as much experience with EG as others here.
That sounds like my feet.  Look into the 64 last.  They are the best fitting boots I own.
If these were 8.5d I'd take them in a second.
Borghini Classic has a few models at 20% off including black Dovers and tobacco Ventnors.
I picked this up yesterday. Love it. You guys were right. There is something timeless about a good stainless steel watch. Thanks again. 
^^ yes, definitely.
I have wooden floors so I tried this the last time a new pair came in: Cover the shoes with shoe bags and then walk around your apartment. You have the added advantage of not letting the beauty of the shoes sway your judgment - a mistake I've made a few times in the past.
Thanks for your comments.  I'm going to consider a SS watch now.
 I don't like the way stainless steel looks on me as much as gold does.  Here is an example of each.  I actually became interested in a new watch since I'm getting married in May and think a gold watch would look great with my wedding ring. I appreciate your advice that my taste may change.  I'm sure it will to some extent.  To your point about having a collection, I hoping it doesn't get out of hand like my love for GYW shoes!  I've been quite happy with my quartz Braun...
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