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Mine expired yesterday.
Nice Indy's, Gents.  The hand stitched apron looks very nice.  I would be hesitant to actually wear these.
I am a 9C but would also consider 8.5D.
 I would love to obtain a pair of these.  Are they on the same last as the 93605?
 If anyone wants to get in on an order for belts and split the cost of shipping, let me know.  They just got a new shipment, so there are lots of sizes available.  To see if a belt is eligible for the discount, use code October-Shirts-And-Belts. http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/accessories/Belts
 How is the quality of Epaulet belts?  They seem like good value.  Right now, they have a 15% off code for their new arrival belts.  Unfortunately, shipping ($20) plus customs fees kinda kills the deal. 
 Although you can't go wrong with a suede LHS, I would highly recommend a color 8 loafer (LHS or Tassel).
 I have the Islays and I'm very happy with them.
A new cordovan shoe from C&J! 371 last. Whiskey and dark brown Horween shell.
Is ordering by phone from the Jermyn St. shop vs their website the preferred method?
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