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 Half price Marlows.. even better when the retail is $50!
 Interesting article.  Makes more sense to me now.
  The growth spurt happened over the last year.  I have a feeling a few trips to NY where I was on my feet a lot more than usual contributed to it.  I haven't had any drastic changes in weight.  I was sizing my shoes on the tight end as I have narrow heels.  I just hope my feet don't shrink back after I change my sizing!  Considering going to see a podiatrist about this...
 It pains me to say this but I am letting these go.  My feet grew since I sized these at RL Madison and they are too small for me.  Size 8D.  I wanted to offer them here before posting them for sale.  PM me if interested. Looks like I'll be trading in alot of 8Ds for 8.5Ds in the near future.  Now if only I can find someone who has the reverse problem!!  :)
With the low CAD, Lost & Found might be a cheaper option if they have what you need. They can order stock models but at that point it may be cost-prohibitive.
Ah, thanks.  I may have been interested in some tan suede Stanley's at $69 a pop.
Thanks for the PSA and welcome to the forum!  Do you know what sizes were available?  Black or tan?
Im pretty sure they're still there for a reason. Be sure to ask the rep to describe the imperfection before buying!I've been in loafers for the last few months but yesterday, decided to give the Player's some love.
 I think we do!  I was waiting for you to post your Whiskey LHS in the buy & sell, but now that I know they're 7.5D I'm going to have to look elsewhere, haha.   In my experience, going up a half size in the LHS doesn't impact the tightness of the strap much.  The heel is where I feel the difference the most.
 My Barrie shell LWBs fit snug.  CXL Dovers are perfect in the same size (I think they stretched a bit).  I take a half size up for my Van shell LHS.  I may add tongue pads for superior fit, but I think I sized correctly for my feet.  On a related note, I've found tongue pads work for loafers but not lace ups in regards to heel slip.  Anyone else have the same observations?
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