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If I could do it all over again, I would have bought my Galways years ago and not messed around with other brands.
Thanks very much fellas. You just answered my question!
After seeing pics of coldinboston's Kentmere's sans straps, I've been itching to grab a pair.  But I'm a bit uncertain on sizing of the 72 last.  How does the length compare to other EG lasts (64, 202, 82, 606)?  I know it's a roomier last, but I haven't read any comments on the length, specifically.
 Thanks, but I'm looking for pretty much exactly what I linked to.  It needs to be self-tie as well.  Good price, though! Interesting.  I need a pair of cuff links too.  Will check!
Edward Green Mocha Suede Shanklin 7.5UK (SOLD)
Unfortunately, I sized wrong on these.  I would prefer a trade for a similar quality shoe in a half size bigger. Please feel free to send me an offer.   This is a classic Edward Green model.  Shaped over the 202 last, it's an elegant looking chukka and a super comfortable fit.  Due to the unlined nature they are perfect for spring and summer.   Brand:  Edward Green Model:  Unlined Shanklin Color: Mocha suede Size: 7.5UK, 8US Last: E202 Sole:  R1 Rubber sole Retail: ...
Good afternoon Gents,   Does anyone know where i can buy a navy glen check or prince of wales silk bow tie in Toronto?  Ideally, I'd like to buy this one, but with shipping, duties/taxes, exchange rate etc. it will be cost prohibitive.   If anyone was looking to order from the site, and wants to take advantage of the bulk deals and combined shippping, please let me know.   Thanks!
 You are correct on that, my friend.  Ideally, I can find someone looking to trade.  BTW, these are worn twice, so I'm not looking for a brand new pair in trade (and I will consider any make ups!).
 Chunky boots require chunky socks.  Dress boots: Dress socks.  This is ideal, but sometimes I have to tailor the sock to fit the boot.  It helps to wear the sock intended for wear during fitting.
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