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pm sent on the swedish one.
Quote: Originally Posted by ang_kangkong What are turkish sit-ups? I've heard of Roman sit-ups... I think they're also referred to as Turkish get-ups. Lay on the ground, holding a dumbell (kettlebell, barbell, sandbag, whatever) in one hand, extend in front of you and lock your elbow. Now just proceed to stand up while keeping your arm extended and pointing towards the ceiling the whole time. The variations depend on how exactly you get up,...
^ Norcal posted one here:
Quote: Originally Posted by amirrorcrackd I asked the seller and he said something along the lines of "it's like a straight leg cut." Seems to me like it tapers slightly, perhaps being the middle ground between the 'Classic Cut' and the 'Boot Cut'. Dan I've had a couple of pairs, and this is exactly how I would describe them. I lost the measurements in the crash, but the only discernable difference was a slightly wider leg (less than 0.5"...
BTTT, Truzzi now $45 shipped CONUS!
Truzzi still available. I'm accepting reasonable offers!
BTTT, with a price reduction. Fray now $65, Truzzi now $60, both prices include shipping CONUS.
First up is a Fray, new with tags. Nice MOP buttons attached with crowsfoot stitching. Louis Boston retail price reads $335, I'm asking $75 (now SOLD) shipped CONUS. Measurements (tagged 15.75/40) Neck: 15.75" Arm: 35.5" Shoulder: 18" Chest: 22.5" (armpit to armpit) Length: 31.5" (bottom of collar to hem) Second up is a Truzzi, new, without tags. Slate blue with dark blue contrast stitching. Buttondown collar with left chest pocket. Lots of handwork:...
could you measure the shoulder width of each hanger?
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