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You mean a 4-pack?I probably drink more 90-minute at home than anything else. Fantastic beer.
I had the blue Attolini and the charcoal SP DB shortened. This one I had to have to waist nipped a little (it is a drop 4 and I was swimming in it) and it had the worst case of shoulder divots I have ever experienced. They were like shelves. I had my tailor slip a very thin pad into the sleevehead to push them out. You can see the outline of it on the right shoulder. In normal light, it is barely visible. It was unwearable before, so I am just going to deal with it. The...
Let me correct myself, had the shoulders been brought in slightly, and had the cut been a little shorter from collar to hem, the jacket would have most definitely been more form fitting while open (it wouldn't have to wrap around my ass which has a considerably bigger circumference than my upper waste). The A-2 was made for aviators, and these are dudes that weren't very scrawny necessarily. Though the A-2 is considered boxy by modern standards, and it doesnt look as sleek...
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