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WTB: Collared moto in 46/48, dark brown lamb please. 
Looking for a collared moto in 46/48 in dark lamb, preferably.   Let me know what you got!
Hey guys -    Looking to pick up a collared moto in 46/48. I prefer something in dark brown, but please send me what you have. thanks!
Anyone have info on these? english shell cordovan?   https://twitter.com/b_viberg/status/438156612134395904
is that a hole on the right hand side sleeve, on the 2nd pic?
So....any teasers on what BOM008 is going to be? :)
Interested in the blue speckled + melange sweater. Do you have measurements? I've found my sizing in APC sweaters to be S/M, so would be good to verify.
Does anyone know why the toe box on the navy shells look puffier compared to other models with a similar makeup?   navy shell: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0211/7310/products/SB_Navy_Cordovan1_1024x1024.jpg?v=1389320573 color8: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0211/7310/products/SB_Colour81_1024x1024.jpg?v=1386026776   Thanks!
 Yea - i might have to do that. My general go-to jean is the N&F WG cut in a size 31 (my TTS waist is closer to a 29~), and i have always gotten them tapered from the knee down. The proportions are okay but i always have a lot of extra material around the waist. Jay mentioned that he will be going back to Japan in a month or so, and will ask them again. Will update you guys on how that plays out.
I just picked up a pair of BOM006-T's from Jay @ Blueowl.    However, i'd like to get them tapered from the knee down (weightlifter legs - had to size up 1 in the waist to get them to fit around my thighs). I spoke to Jay about getting the pink momotaro thread so i could match the pink inseam, but he said that Momotaro has been pretty tight lipped about it.   Does anyone else have any alternatives? I'd like to preserve the original integrity of the jeans and get the...
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