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Hey Kiya -    Any chance that you guys will get a re-stock of the Strike Gold 3109s? Beautiful pair of jeans!
Looking for a Stark Navy mix in L (new fit), or something similar in a Medium (old fit).
WTB: Collared moto in 46/48, dark brown lamb please. 
Looking for a collared moto in 46/48 in dark lamb, preferably.   Let me know what you got!
Hey guys -    Looking to pick up a collared moto in 46/48. I prefer something in dark brown, but please send me what you have. thanks!
Anyone have info on these? english shell cordovan?   https://twitter.com/b_viberg/status/438156612134395904
is that a hole on the right hand side sleeve, on the 2nd pic?
So....any teasers on what BOM008 is going to be? :)
Interested in the blue speckled + melange sweater. Do you have measurements? I've found my sizing in APC sweaters to be S/M, so would be good to verify.
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