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 Bkotsko - how much extra room do you have? I went with my Barrie size as well and it's a a little roomier than I'd like as well. However, tightening the laces and wearing thicker socks seems to have taken care of most of the problem. 
I've edited my original post to remove the part about the worn down nub. seems to have spawned a type of discussion tht I had no intent on doing. 
FWIW - i am not too bummed about the stud. It's definitely something that would have happened in time anyways. I mentioned it only to show that another one of the recent ItsHide soles has had (minor) issues.
   Thanks guys - is this the same as Saphir Renovateur? can one be subbed for the other? What about the venetian boot creme that Viberg includes w/ each purchase? Sorry for all the noob questions!
I've noticed that some parts of the boot are fairly rough to the touch - is this pretty normal for cordovan? Quick search suggests that it is, but i'd like to make sure. Some other photos also attached.     *edited to remove comment about worn down nub*
Mine have arrived. Just tried them on. The blue is gorgeous - really dark except under direct light. Boots were way heavier than I expected as well, definitely a really solid shoe. I'll try to post some photos tomorrow.
Would you mind providing sleeve length, shoulder, and body length measurements? 
great price! if only these were in my size.
 I think guy/brett are traveling right now, hence the slow response. they will get back to you eventually!
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