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 I would recommend you go with a 10 and get a small insole. That will be infinitely easier to deal with than having to stretch them out.
 My first return was processed within 2 days of them receiving it, but my latest one is still pending. I think it was received in the first week of Dec as well. I'm just chalking it up to holiday craziness - seems like both Cody and Brandi are OOO until Jan as well. I'm sure they will handle it when they get back.
Does anyone have more details on the upcoming Wings & Horns makeup? The teaser photo was pretty sexy!
 whatever is within reason. maybe 5-6 depending on what i'm doing
Question about the silk tees -    If i gentle wash in the machine and line dry, how much shrinkage should i expect? i wear a M in most JE shirts and am wondering what size to get in the silk blends. Dry cleaning every time seems a bit impractical.    appreciate any responses/experiences!
Sorry if this has already been asked, but are we going to see any restocks of the Moon Mercer or Charcoal hooded villain? Thanks!   edit: guessing not as it was an exclusive :(
Hey Mike - I think the general consensus is to take your Barrie size if you have wide feet. If you have normal/slimmer feet, it's best to size down 1/2 from your Barrie.    I have a pair of 2030s in 8.5 and i had to buy a large insole to make up the difference. My other pair of 2030s are a size 8 and they fit much better. I generally wear mid-thickness athletic socks with my boots. I've worn the with thinner socks without an issue as well.   I like my Indy's but they...
Viberg 2030 Service Boot - Bitter Chocolate - 4014 Christy Sole - Hand cut pattern - $SOLD. Just looking to get back what I paid, will eat shipping cost.   Bought these from someone who picked them up from the 1st sample sale. Total impulse purchase on my part. Would keep them but I already have too many boots that I don't wear.   Brand new, unworn, only tried on. As they were a sample, the leather is not perfect and it does not come with a Viberg insole. A thin...
@Skell6009 ohhh my bad - i saw the IG post and assumed those were it. thanks for the correction!
2 new makeups found here: edit: not new, though PTC will be releasing 2 new makeups soon.   http://www.palmertrading.com/store/viberg-x-ptc-black-and-blue-service-boot/dp/4216 http://www.palmertrading.com/store/viberg-x-ptc-black-and-whiskey-service-boot/dp/4227   It seems like all of the new recent collabs have jumped in price by ~$100 or so. Wonder if this mark up is going to be permanent going forwards.
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