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   Thanks guys - is this the same as Saphir Renovateur? can one be subbed for the other? What about the venetian boot creme that Viberg includes w/ each purchase? Sorry for all the noob questions!
I've noticed that some parts of the boot are fairly rough to the touch - is this pretty normal for cordovan? Quick search suggests that it is, but i'd like to make sure. Some other photos also attached.     *edited to remove comment about worn down nub*
Mine have arrived. Just tried them on. The blue is gorgeous - really dark except under direct light. Boots were way heavier than I expected as well, definitely a really solid shoe. I'll try to post some photos tomorrow.
Would you mind providing sleeve length, shoulder, and body length measurements? 
great price! if only these were in my size.
 I think guy/brett are traveling right now, hence the slow response. they will get back to you eventually!
Hey Kiya -    Any chance that you guys will get a re-stock of the Strike Gold 3109s? Beautiful pair of jeans!
Looking for a Stark Navy mix in L (new fit), or something similar in a Medium (old fit).
WTB: Collared moto in 46/48, dark brown lamb please. 
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