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 whatever is within reason. maybe 5-6 depending on what i'm doing
Question about the silk tees -    If i gentle wash in the machine and line dry, how much shrinkage should i expect? i wear a M in most JE shirts and am wondering what size to get in the silk blends. Dry cleaning every time seems a bit impractical.    appreciate any responses/experiences!
Sorry if this has already been asked, but are we going to see any restocks of the Moon Mercer or Charcoal hooded villain? Thanks!   edit: guessing not as it was an exclusive :(
Hey Mike - I think the general consensus is to take your Barrie size if you have wide feet. If you have normal/slimmer feet, it's best to size down 1/2 from your Barrie.    I have a pair of 2030s in 8.5 and i had to buy a large insole to make up the difference. My other pair of 2030s are a size 8 and they fit much better. I generally wear mid-thickness athletic socks with my boots. I've worn the with thinner socks without an issue as well.   I like my Indy's but they...
Viberg 2030 Service Boot - Bitter Chocolate - 4014 Christy Sole - Hand cut pattern - $SOLD. Just looking to get back what I paid, will eat shipping cost.   Bought these from someone who picked them up from the 1st sample sale. Total impulse purchase on my part. Would keep them but I already have too many boots that I don't wear.   Brand new, unworn, only tried on. As they were a sample, the leather is not perfect and it does not come with a Viberg insole. A thin...
@Skell6009 ohhh my bad - i saw the IG post and assumed those were it. thanks for the correction!
2 new makeups found here: edit: not new, though PTC will be releasing 2 new makeups soon.   http://www.palmertrading.com/store/viberg-x-ptc-black-and-blue-service-boot/dp/4216 http://www.palmertrading.com/store/viberg-x-ptc-black-and-whiskey-service-boot/dp/4227   It seems like all of the new recent collabs have jumped in price by ~$100 or so. Wonder if this mark up is going to be permanent going forwards.
Do you happen to have measurements?   edit: i'm retarded and cannot read
Are we getting a July style code? :)
Not much in an 8 this time around. When will we see parts 2 and 3? :)
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