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Scammed me as well. Buyers beware. Original posting is edited and photos taken down.
Not sure if anyone is interested, but I put my brand new Notre waxed flesh boots on g-railed (viberg size 8). If no one bites i'm just going to return them.
Looking for a RO Turbo Bomber from Anthem SS11, in a size M or L. Let me know the condition / measurements / price! Thanks!
How much stretch can one expect in RO leathers? particularly the bauhaus cut. I know general consensus is to size up 1, but the IT52 found here (http://doshaburi.com/rick-owens-bauhaus-leather-jacket-black-2014fw) looks like it fits a regular 48. Any advice appreciated, thanks!
 What have you heard about the ice lamb (LGI)? Honestly just curious, would be good to hear your opinion on it. thanks! edit: nvm - search this thread and saw that it was thinner than other variants.
Received my clash crew in grey mix today. Might actually be my fav. JE piece. The weave is amazing and the fit is great. Tiny bit tight right now but I'm sure it will stretch out. Got a medium. 5'8 168ish~
 I would recommend you go with a 10 and get a small insole. That will be infinitely easier to deal with than having to stretch them out.
 My first return was processed within 2 days of them receiving it, but my latest one is still pending. I think it was received in the first week of Dec as well. I'm just chalking it up to holiday craziness - seems like both Cody and Brandi are OOO until Jan as well. I'm sure they will handle it when they get back.
Does anyone have more details on the upcoming Wings & Horns makeup? The teaser photo was pretty sexy!
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