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Do the measurements look really off to anyone else? it seems like the thigh/waist are switched, and the knee just makes no sense at all (unless it's doubled).
 How do you want it to fit? I sized M on all my JE hoodies (Kake included). The villains fit very slim, and the Kake a bit more oversized. For reference, I'm 5'8 163lbs (athletic build).  I would guess that a Kake in M would be very big on you, but it depends on how your weight is distributed.
 Sure - i can edit (or delete my original post). wasn't sure what etiquette was given the rarity of the shoes. sorry about that!
edit for etiquette
getting some minor regret from not purchasing the Cast jeans in Nero. Does anyone know if these will be restocking? It seems to be too normal of a colorway to not make an appearance later.   thanks!
Doing some closet cleaning - have a Burgundy crew Villain (M), Charcoal clash crew (M, cheap, has a stain). PM me if interested. 
Now that the new denim has been out for a while, can any of the cast 2 owners chime in about how much stretch we can expect in the waist? Probably 1" like regular denim?
Guess no reason not to get both huh Another dumb question - how much stretch can we expect to get in the waist? Roughly 1" like other denim?Thanks!
Are the distressed denim coming out this season? Sorry if this has been answered before.
 Hm - would you recommend going TTS on the sweater then instead of sizing down? Thanks!
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