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Doing some closet cleaning - have a Burgundy crew Villain (M), Charcoal clash crew (M, cheap, has a stain). PM me if interested. 
Now that the new denim has been out for a while, can any of the cast 2 owners chime in about how much stretch we can expect in the waist? Probably 1" like regular denim?
Guess no reason not to get both huh Another dumb question - how much stretch can we expect to get in the waist? Roughly 1" like other denim?Thanks!
Are the distressed denim coming out this season? Sorry if this has been answered before.
 Hm - would you recommend going TTS on the sweater then instead of sizing down? Thanks!
 Price increase prob due to linen vs merino? dunno
Some pics - sorry for not being able to figure out how to use the spoiler tag.   Medium classic crew for reference. 5'8 160lbs, broad shoulders, athletic build. The sweater just bunches too much underneath the armpits and fits a bit too slim to be comfortable. I think I need to size up at least 1 for it to fit like the model photos. Might be able to get away with layering a tank if you go TTS, but i think you would have issues with other tees.          
I'll take I'll take some pics later tonight. Also - the fabric is very sheer, definitely need to wear something underneath it.
Received my LS drop shoulder crew today - got my normal size (M) but I feel like it fits like an XS/S. Definitely recommend sizing up at least one from your normal size. Anyone want to pick up a black one before I send it back to JE?
If anyone is selling their scar tanks in a M, i would like to buy them!
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