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Gents, This is my first picture post, so don't be too hateful if my post is in bad form. I've not really learned how to use the "spoiler" function, and I don't really know when it is proper to use that function. I found these sitting next to a pair of Ballys loafers, and a pair of Florsheim Imperial tassle loafers. I copped the Prada, and the Imperials. I think they're real. I could be wrong. Comments from sharper eyes than mine would be most welcome.
Dolfan954, Uh oh, I hope I didn't venture into ban territory with my avatar. I was just going through my pics, and decided on that one. Oh well, it's the only accessory that I always tote no matter what I'm wearing.
Highvoltorb, Thank you, the username comes from Lysander Spooner. One of my favorite American thinkers. I had quite a haul this weekend myself. I found a suit that's only labeled " Tailor S.Polidoro Napoli" It's a beautiful suit that happens to fit me perfectly; like it was tailored for me. Tons of hand work, and fully canvassed. Other than that find the sainted bride, and I had a decent weekend. Brought home a couple of bags full. Once I figure out how to post pics...
That BB Paisley tie is beautiful!
My guess is that the pocket is canted a bit for ease of use. It's much easier to slide your hand into a breast pocket that is slightly turned. Try it yourself; put the jacket on and see how much easier the canted pocket is to use over the other pocket.Perhaps the jacket didn't come that way, and the gent who owned it had it custom tailored to fit his needs. Maybe that's the pocket he put his shotgun shells in, or his compass, or something like that. Something that he...
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