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Copped the rebel a couple days ago. Super dope.
Is Atrium getting the dual fullzip?
 OR, you could just reply with a "no". Carry on if you'd like, though.
Joined almost 6 months ago though?
Any discount codes ever surface?
 LOL, I missed it? Gahhhhh. Shoulda been paying this site more love.
Wow... when's that new black hoodie drop? or is that the same one that's already available?
 I emailed them the same night and pretty much just asked for a 20% coupon and boom... they gave it to me. Haha.
Missed the damn 20% off at Atrium... Any other codes floating around that anyone knows of...
I bought that villain crew for $225 a couple months ago, god dammit.   Gonna buy a burgundy villain now.
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