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Hey, I'm not sure if this is against thread rules, but I am selling my Size 34 Classic Bedale in Olive, with the matching hood.  Here is a link to the Styleforum listing If anyone is interested in just the hood, PM me. 
Link to Grailed listing   I am looking to sell my Size 34, Barbour Classic Bedale in Olive. This is a heritage version of the Classic Bedale, meaning that it was made in England. I have owned it for almost a year now and love the jacket, but am trying to save up money before I enter grad school.   Condition: The jacket is in good, used condition, but it does show several signs of wear. I will upload more pictures later tonight. There are some small holes developing...
Thanks for the advice! By sized I mean that I tried them on and they fit fairly well. Their machine actually suggested a size 11 at first lol.I should have a pair waiting at home for me, so hopefully they fit alright. If not I'll have some for sale in the marketplace shortly :P
I just got sized for an 8.5 EE in Red Wing Iron Rangers, however, I am looking to purchase them on sale from a retailer that only carries D width. Do you think sizing up to a 9 D would work?   Thanks!
I just went to the Red Wing store and was sized for an 8.5 EE, however, I am looking to buy them on sale from a retailer that only carries D width. Would sizing up to a 9 D be sufficient?
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