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Well, I suppose for 1$ it's a good lesson in what a fake looks like. Thank you both!
Two Talbotts, Makers, Zegna, and an unbranded paisley. Hadn't heard of the brand, but the fabric feels really nice and the colors are great. No labels other than the maker, but it measures like a long-ish 40 and feels like some sort of linen/cotton/silk blend. Wasn't sure if it was worth anything, but it's just so tasteful in person and it's on season, so what the hell. All available but the paisley.
How long does it usually take for Luxire to respond via email about full custom orders - like sportcoats? I sent in all the details, measurements, and a few questions on Friday night, and I'm just hoping they got it.
Thanks! The picture quality didn't help in that regard, but it's a navy linen sportcoat and the pants are cords.
No, gods, never. Anything other than a collared shirt is shocking in class. It was appropriate for attending a play, though.
PRL, Cable Car, self-made Liberty square, thrifted, uniqlo Shitty laptop pictures, dorm life.
120$ shipped individually or 200$ shipped for both. 80$ each or 140$ for both, shipped! First one is an extremely soft wool (maybe lambswool?); no content tags. Gorgeous spring pattern and fully lined; pictures are true to colour. No damage except small stains on the cuff lining. 3R2 Half Chest: 24.5" Waist (at the second button): 23" BOC: 30" Sleeve: 23 (+1)" Shoulder: 19 Rougher tweed 3R2, half lined. The measurements are slightly larger, but it is more softly...
I'd definitely love anything super old or tasteful wool challis, shetlands, etc in good condition... I have tons at this point because I find them so often, but If anyone finds anything cool, I'd love to proxy/tip for them.
I just love their patterns most of the time and I find tons in good shape. My mother worked for them doing textiles and dresses, so I have a bit of obsession with the company and its history anyways.
Super tasteful liberty shetland found by Ian and a Wilkes Bashford made in England I Magin made in Italy silk ascot - coolest crimson floral pattern on a black background witha solid back.
New Posts  All Forums: