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I'm in the market for a navy or grey suit in 38/40L—preferably something fairly simple and the more trad the better. Let me know if you find / have anything. Up for trades, too.
Cleaning out the closet: AE strand in walnut, 11.5D with trees (correct size but mismatched brand) and original bags. 120$ obo. Very good condition with minor stretching on the brogueing of the back heel as shown. [[SPOILER]]
Old Paul Stuart
This is an 8cm / 60" cashmere Drake's from a few years ago. It's been worn probably half a dozen times and is in basically new condition. 80$/shipped in US OBO.
I'm in! I'm sure I'll have Ian and the other Henry with me, too.
Of all the days to be busy... I swear I'll make one this year—my perfect attendance has really fallen off. Had really hoped to try on a Doyle in person, too. Any plans to expand to the bay area, perhaps?
Damn, the one week I'm out of town! Will Welcome Stranger be carrying a wider range of Apolis stuff or any special items following the event? Haven't made it in yet, but I didn't see many of the signature items available on their website.
Hah, passed on those aldens yesterday! Glad you found them—got a sick triple patch navy fresco blazer there for myself, though, so I'm happy.
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