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Thanks for the awesome cashmere Sulka, tben! Changed out the buttons to horn and will save the cool S set for something else.
Awesome Pendleton shirt jacket. Size small but a bit big/short on me so I hope it finds a good home. Loved the orange windowpane on this Southwick and I might keep it even though it's short on me (unless a true 40R really loves it).
Awesome, thank you! I'll see how this one shapes up after a wash and then order the 39.
True. I just get quite excited when something manages to fit my neck and be long enough in the arm plus a lovely collar—that alone is a rarely met list of criteria. I suppose tailoring will work.
Do they ever offer the tokyo slim cut in longer sizes? I just got my first NY slim (40-90) in the mail today and everything about it was perfect except for the chest, waist, and hips being about 1.5-2" too wide.
Between Nataku (thanks, mate), goodwill, and ebay, I've gotten three pairs of park avenues rather unexpectedly in the last week. All different sizes, all fit the same—10.5D, 11D, 11.5D. A bit odd but I'm not complaining. Goodwill between lectures today.
Another first. Found 2 blocks from my first Kiton...in the worst thrift stores in town. 42R w/ 34 trousers. Wool/silk zegna tie. Weirdest blade loop ever—really thick and awkward. Fake? The tags seem real as does the material. Camelhair black herringbone loro piana for saks. Very soft but also really weird fabric... feels sort of like they ripped the thing off the camel skin and all. Looks unused so I doubt it feels odd because of wear.
Really sexy navy linen Paul Stuart made in italy suit. Awesome shape. And the overpriced vintage store had the coolest rive gauche double breasted with 3 different coloured stripes: red, bright orange, and light blue on navy. Marked up to 170, so I left it, damn them.
Source on the jacket fabric? Gorgeous.
I'm sending in a second order tonight and was hoping to get feedback on which measurements to change. It's obviously too big through the chest and waist, but I was mainly curious how to get rid of those big folds of fabric around the lower back shoulders while maintaining freedom of movement. Any input welcome! Collar is just the basic J Press BD.
New Posts  All Forums: