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The pants look amazing. What's the current offer on ventile rain coats? Also, when sending in pants of a very fine material to be replicated in a heavier material, should I suggest any alterations to the measurements to account for the difference in weight?
Does anyone have any favorite casual fabrics that can stand up to a slimmer cut without stacking or stretching at the knee? Sick and tired of my cords and chinos having knee bags and eager to try my first Luxire trousers...
Haven't been on in forever, but the present is awesome—Thanks, Spoo! Will post pics when I get home, but the golfers look awesome... Already getting trade offers from Ian.
I'm looking for some brown oxfords more on the casual end—no wacky shoelace colours or anything like that, just a suede or leather option that might fit comfortably with jeans and a buttoned collar. What sort of differences in construction and cut do you look for to keep the shoe casual but still fairly sleek?
Does anyone have any favourite blogs on interior design or furniture? Preferably a nice balance of what's going on at the more tasteful end of the field mixed in with historical topics. I've struggled to find anything worth reading.
One of my favorite meetups so far - the ties definitely did add to the experience. Loving the yellow neat. Quick question for Ring Jacket - There was one double breasted jacket on the rack nearest the door in a navy nailhead or something similar. It was marked a 50R with no price but I heard it wasn't for sale and might be a future model or something like that - Any more info on which model that might be or if the same fit is currently available on another model?
I'll be there, too! Finally time to try on some Ring Jacket...
Oooh, measurements on the 48?
Please tell me it's one of those recent Drake's jackets, I was all over those. Really hoping this doesn't go live while I'm out.
Those 38R polos went high! I jumped out at 200 on the navy, but congrats to the winner, likely someone else with the matching pants already...
New Posts  All Forums: