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One of my favorite meetups so far - the ties definitely did add to the experience. Loving the yellow neat. Quick question for Ring Jacket - There was one double breasted jacket on the rack nearest the door in a navy nailhead or something similar. It was marked a 50R with no price but I heard it wasn't for sale and might be a future model or something like that - Any more info on which model that might be or if the same fit is currently available on another model?
I'll be there, too! Finally time to try on some Ring Jacket...
Oooh, measurements on the 48?
Please tell me it's one of those recent Drake's jackets, I was all over those. Really hoping this doesn't go live while I'm out.
Those 38R polos went high! I jumped out at 200 on the navy, but congrats to the winner, likely someone else with the matching pants already...
Edit: Whoops, already listed.
The "deadbolt" I was feeling turned out to be another latch that opens when the lock is twisted to the correct position - it's a cool mechanism.
Slightly disappointing update: No Dior dresses in the trunk, but it's gorgeous inside. Hopefully the dresses are getting worn and appreciated somewhere.
I am a lowly intern who just happened to know a bit more about Hermes than the rest of the crew, so the real appraisal will be going to a specialist, I'm sure.
General update because I'm a bit overwhelmed by PMs, offers, and such and I should have been clearer in my post: The trunk was not thrifted. I'm working for an estate that owns it and I found it today buried in a garage. I posted it because I knew you'd all enjoy seeing it, especially if the contents end up being clothing, too, and I'll post updates (if the estate's okay with that) for the sake of it being cool as hell.
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