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Best feeling thing I've ever put on. Would keep it if it weren't a 42.
Looking for a winter hat with ear flaps to fit a larger head—weird christmas/nordic/birdseye patterns preferable.
If anyone finds a cool winter hat with ear flaps that would fit a larger head, I'd be interested. Weird christmas/nordic/birdseye patterns preferable.
I'm in the market for a navy or grey suit in 38/40L—preferably something fairly simple and the more trad the better. Let me know if you find / have anything. Up for trades, too.
Cleaning out the closet: AE strand in walnut, 11.5D with trees (correct size but mismatched brand) and original bags. 120$ obo. Very good condition with minor stretching on the brogueing of the back heel as shown. [[SPOILER]]
Old Paul Stuart
This is an 8cm / 60" cashmere Drake's from a few years ago. It's been worn probably half a dozen times and is in basically new condition. 80$/shipped in US OBO.
I'm in! I'm sure I'll have Ian and the other Henry with me, too.
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