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I'm a sucker for florals, and this strikes me as both tasteful and fun to wear. The one item I was the most surprised didn't sell out. I've been lusting after these for months - gorgeous take on a familiar shape. Grey stripes are generally underrated. Easily one of the prettiest fabrics I've seen.
My linen coat arrived, and while I will post something a bit more substantial with better pictures after alterations, I thought I would share some quick pictures. The construction, fabric, and buttons are all amazing. Only issue is that the top button of the 3-roll-2 was somehow missing (buttonhole in place,) but that's easily fixed and I imagine it's a communication issue about what I wanted with the lapel. They hit all my weird pocket requests on the inside. In terms...
http://www.ebay.com/cln/hweikel888/Yellow/106858069011 For anyone interested in starting their entirely yellow wardrobe.
This is mine! I hadn't used Luxire before and wanted to use my first order as a bit of a fun experiment - I grabbed the first page I flipped to from my sketch book for clothing and sent it to them in an email with measurements. I wanted a linen trench with a bit of an exaggerated shape to it, almost like a morning coat but very casual. The pictures look very true to my sketch, and I'm mostly just excited to see the quality and enjoy having a garment made to such odd...
Has anyone found PRL Corneliani linen trousers in black? I'm mostly curious if they even exist, but if anyone has them in a 32 waist with room in the inseam to get to a 34, I'm a buyer.
I'm looking for the sorts of books a butler would read in Victorian or Edwardian England that would list proper procedures for serving, forms of address, rules of dress and tailoring for every time, place, and event, household duties, roles of the rest of the staff, inheritance rules, lists of peers and their families, etc - everything needed to run and maintain the Edwardian house and property. I'm sure much of this was passed on through training between butlers, but...
Those Polo chelseas and that weird Barbera thing are everything I need in life.
http://custom.luxire.com/collections/linen-shirts/products/linen_pink_bengal_stripes_on_white I searched the thread, but couldn't find any extant pics - I would greatly appreciate if anyone had some shots of this as a shirt. I adore the colours and texture, but I need to see how it looks on a body-sized surface first.
I wish I could make it, but I'm back home for the summer. Have fun, everyone!
Does anyone know where I could find a black linen knit? Preferably a crew neck with a decently slim cut and a bit of a wider gauge knit to add some texture to it.
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