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I have to say Lybro has taken a big leap forward with this new collection. I've not been convinced till now, either in store or via photography, but the majority of the new stuff is looking pretty good. I especially like the chambray work shirt and the railway inspired items. I won't be walking around in dungarees personally, but I do like the design.   I'll pass on the new converse collab shoes though. No doubt there'll be a big demand, but they look weird.
 If you're in the UK I can recommend Otters reproofing. They're not frightened of things that aren't Barbour, like a lot of waxing services - Otters re-waxed a Spring/Summer Canadian Jacket of mine and did a very good job indeed. It came back arguably better than new. http://www.otters-reproofingservices.co.uk/
Anyone know of anywhere stocking a 46 in the indigo Big Shirt?   Also - Cabourn is having a dead stock sale in Jesmond, Newcastle, UK on 26/27 May.
 Some of those price reductions are pretty drastic - e.g. £700 down to £210. Much of the collection could be from any old designer. I don't think this collaboration has really worked. 
 I find the very light toned jackets wear in well and look good, but can be unforgiving when it comes to little marks and spots etc. Once done, they stay put basically, and trying to do something about them can make it worse. This is of course just normal wear over a period of time but some people can be upset about things like that on an expensive jacket. 
 When the new shop opened, I was looking forward to seeing a large range of Cabourn on display. As you say, they've elected not to put any out. Slightly baffling. Maybe they don't want it being handled. But even in the now defunct small shop they occasionally had three or four Cabourn items on the racks.  I think End should look into making design changes to the store. Not architectural ones, necessarily, but it needs something to 'warm it up'. I agree with the observation...
SS12 - thanks. It was unmistakably a Cabourn jacket. I'd have spotted a rip off, no bother.
 All in the eye of the beholder... I saw a guy wearing that yellow-topped Cameraman a couple of years back in Newcastle and it looked excellent on him. I'd like to know the season it's from - looked old. His friend had a navy Mallory on. Not often you see two Cabourn items in the street side by side... Agree that the blue "camo"-style example is a bit, er, 'individual' though... I've noticed a lot of Camerman rip-offs this year, plus a few Mallory lookalikes. These are two...
Went to Army Gym last weekend. Liked the Authentic stuff very much but wasn't too impressed with the Lybro. Material a bit clunky. The grey Cameraman was very nice up close compared to the pictures, and there are some great Mallorys in there. Sweaters were excellent. The member of staff, who I've not seen in there before, wasn't good. Private conversation with a friend the whole time. They've been excellent on previous occasions though - he could have been a...
The issues with waiting for the sales are a) you might not be able to get the style and size you want; b) you're letting the whole season go buy without wearing the item; c) the psychology of the sale scenario can pressure you into buying an item you don't really want. I think if the general culture with Cabourn followers is to now wait for the sales, that says there's something wrong with the pricing. You shouldn't have to feel a bit of a mug for buying an item you love...
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