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On a similar topic, regarding Mallory and the 1924 expedition, the BFI last year released a modernised version of Epic of Everest, shot in situ by Captain John Noel, which documents the three summit attempts. I reviewed it here: http://www.zyworld.com/albionmagazineonline/2014_cinema_the_big_melt_and_epic_of_everest.htm
Yes that's exactly it.
No, I was able to see the funny side at the time. Kind of. It was just so completely random - and of course I had to be wearing a very light coloured, very thin Cabourn jacket! But by this time the jacket already had two or three quite bad marks on it. I'm expecting/demanding good luck with it from now on. Washed army is not a forgiving colour.
Thanks Nick that's good info and it does look a quality service. Missed them when I was searching. That said I'm quite pleased I can simply drop-in / pick-up with Johnson's. No postal side to it. If they do a good job, all is well.
£59 up front. It's in now - two to three week turnaround time. I'll feed back on here when it returns but it was a case of getting it done or losing interest in the jacket, as it's just not right without the wax. The staff examined it thoroughly before submitting it, which I took as a good sign. I'm optimistic that it'll come back sorted.
A bird dropping would have been better. This thing was effectively a miniature bomb filled with permanent red dye.
I'm liking the look of the items in that SS15 video - there's an interesting looking shirt with large buttons on a button down collar (if I saw correctly).   Incidentally - just in case this benefits anyone: my SS14 Canadian Jacket had to be thoroughly washed because of a bad spillage. Washing machine job - either that or never wear it again. Of course, all the wax came off. Since then I've been searching for a re-waxing service (didn't want to undertake the job myself)....
It's random. They could mess up or you could get away with it. Probably depends on the washer, the heat, any tumble drying etc. Years ago my APC PS ended up in the washing machine after 4 months wear and it kind of "fluffed up" the denim. They felt crap. I ended up throwing them out. More recently I had a pair of NS that - unlike the first pair - had been cold-steeped twice. I decided to try to shrink them via washing machine. Same wash cycle. It worked. Not only that but...
Let's get out the dead stock, re-brand it as "archive", and actually raise the prices. Play the "rare" card, see how that works. I don't really want to go into the Cabourn price issue (if you don't like the price, fair enough, move on, is my view) - but this seems a wee bit cynical - and only adds to what seems to be a year-on-year rising suspicion among NC admirers. Rightly or wrongly I think the fact is, some good will is being lost.
Did anyone notice David Morrissey's character in the recent BBC drama "The Driver" was wearing a Cabourn aircraft jacket a lot of the time? 
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