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That £150 t shirt is a total joke. And I'm a big Cabourn fan. But deary me, the random price generator needs recalibrating.
That's a real shame. My view on the Camerman is that when you lose the tweed section it can look rather ordinary.
Spotted this collaboration piece for SS14.   http://www.bucketsandspadesblog.com/2014/02/nigel-cabourn-for-armor-lux-menswear-henley-ss-2014.html
My PS used to roll up twice on the turn-up. After I cold washed them, they only roll up once. That's about an inch shrinkage. 
APC recommend adding a dash of Woolite Black into a cold soak if you're washing them and are bothered about colour loss. Some people want the colour to fade, some don't. I'm a half-and-half. I don't want them completely faded but I want some character. I cold soaked and they still look like raw denim.
Japan: The Rugged Museum sell Cabourn. (And The Army Gym, of course.)
There might be an element of you staring at them in the first place (because you're trying to gauge how they perceive you), which in turn makes them stare back. Just a suggestion. I once knew someone who was convinced people were always staring at her. I eventually noticed she had a habit of staring at other people, some of whom would notice, and end up kind of staring back. Just dress for yourself, the way you want, and enjoy it. If you want honest feedback, post on...
Over-analyzing things? People aren't monitoring you as closely as you think they are. Half of them are probably staring vacantly while trying to remember how many tins of soup they need to buy.
I must say his photography is brilliant. I notice his main contact number is a Newcastle number, so convenient for NC. The ten sample images might be AW13 but it all looks very good. 
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