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Let's get out the dead stock, re-brand it as "archive", and actually raise the prices. Play the "rare" card, see how that works. I don't really want to go into the Cabourn price issue (if you don't like the price, fair enough, move on, is my view) - but this seems a wee bit cynical - and only adds to what seems to be a year-on-year rising suspicion among NC admirers. Rightly or wrongly I think the fact is, some good will is being lost.
Did anyone notice David Morrissey's character in the recent BBC drama "The Driver" was wearing a Cabourn aircraft jacket a lot of the time? 
Rare 1966 replica Lee 101z Riders. Not frequently worn - in storage for past two years - very good condition. Waist 30 (generous fit). Leg turned up to about 31.5 inch. Turn-ups are large - roughly 3 inch scope for re-sizing on the leg length. Exact measurements in cm or inches can be provided on request. Sadly I no longer have the original presentation box. Very good quality denim and design. PM me to progress. 
Hi - anyone here know where I can still get a pair of the Cabourn denim work jeans (indigo)? They bear a similarity to the Rising Sun "Blacksmith" jean - anyone know if this was an inspiration for the Cabourn item? I notice Nigel himself is often pictured wearing the work jean - check out the instagram of him at Wimbledon. Last question: do any insider-knowledge people know if the workwear jean is going to feature in AW14?   I've got to say, the style in which NC wears...
Came very close to buying the army denim Mallory on a number of occasions, even back at full price, but it bothered me that the Ventile looked too bright. A shade darker and I'd have bought one ages ago. Looks great on NC's website, but of course it would, because he uses a great photographer. Not hugely into the pictures of the forthcoming grey AW14 Mallory - looking forward to seeing what other colours this item appears in for AW. Anybody know?
Hopefully the shop will have the knock-on effect of an overhaul of his rather clunky website.
It does resemble the sort of thing you see in a sample sale. I've recently been to a Margaret Howell sample sale and a lot of the items had unusual labelling and unfinished or basic detailing. Naturally these pieces should only be sold as samples, not as the real thing.
That £150 t shirt is a total joke. And I'm a big Cabourn fan. But deary me, the random price generator needs recalibrating.
That's a real shame. My view on the Camerman is that when you lose the tweed section it can look rather ordinary.
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