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Back when the 'new' website was announced I thought, oh good, finally they're getting something that'll be fit for purpose...
If you love the item and wear it loads then I guess it's worth the retail. One thing about Cabourn stuff is that you're getting a timeless piece that could conceivably last a lifetime, and is immune to the vagaries of fashion.   It's true that over the last six or so years the prices have risen quite alarmingly, though. Comparable brands such as Real McCoys seem to have stayed fairly constant.NC Authentic has moved very high-end now, with Lybro and Army Gym providing an...
Anything particularly outstanding?
 Sizes were mainly 48, 50 and 52 for jackets, shirts and tops. The prices for the rest of it were: SS linen Mallory, light sand colour with light ventile - £110 (small light-greenish mark on sleeve)AW grey harringbone Mallory, black ventile - £175 (no visible defects - I've looked for them at length)(They gave me a discount of about 20% on the two Mallorys, as I was dithering a bit over the SS one, so it was actually less money than stated above.)2010 Tenzing jacket - £60...
 I went to the sample/seconds/deadstock sale earlier this year, which was held in the back room space of a cafe in Jesmond, a suburb of Newcastle not far from Gosforth where Nigel Cabourn lives (as do I). It was held over two days, with new stock appearing on the second day. Different items were brought out mid-sale during both days. I went with pretty low expectations - perhaps there would be a couple of nice bargains, that'd probably get snapped up immediately by Cabourn...
My issue is mainly with the green pair of the converse collab. Really can't see them going with much - and personally don't like the tweed. I liked the dark navy though and have actually bought a pair, although I did have slight reservations. Now I have them, they look a lot better on than just sitting there in pictures. Happy with them. (Thankfully I don't have envy about the matching jacket, as all the cameramen I've ever tried in my size just seem to swamp me.)   
I have to say Lybro has taken a big leap forward with this new collection. I've not been convinced till now, either in store or via photography, but the majority of the new stuff is looking pretty good. I especially like the chambray work shirt and the railway inspired items. I won't be walking around in dungarees personally, but I do like the design.   I'll pass on the new converse collab shoes though. No doubt there'll be a big demand, but they look weird.
 If you're in the UK I can recommend Otters reproofing. They're not frightened of things that aren't Barbour, like a lot of waxing services - Otters re-waxed a Spring/Summer Canadian Jacket of mine and did a very good job indeed. It came back arguably better than new. http://www.otters-reproofingservices.co.uk/
Anyone know of anywhere stocking a 46 in the indigo Big Shirt?   Also - Cabourn is having a dead stock sale in Jesmond, Newcastle, UK on 26/27 May.
 Some of those price reductions are pretty drastic - e.g. £700 down to £210. Much of the collection could be from any old designer. I don't think this collaboration has really worked. 
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