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 If you just want the beeswax cotton re-waxed, you could send it to Otters re-waxing service (just google them). I recently did this with a SS14 Canadian Jacket, which is beeswax cotton, and they did a really good job using their own special product. This is a new generation version of beeswax which performs just as well but doesn't contain certain additives. If you wanted to do it yourself I'm sure they can sell you the wax - probably a lot better than using Barbour. I...
Update: Otters have done a superb job on this. The jacket (Canadian SS14 washed army) looks better than it did new, frankly. Loads of character in the new wax.
I've had many pairs of APC - I'd advise that you cold soak them in the bath as a first 'wash'. Agitate any areas that need attention but otherwise leave them to soak. There will still be shrinkage, but it won't be a severe as a machine wash, and the waist will stretch back fully. Other areas like thighs will stretch back but not so much. A machine wash almost turns NS into PS and the size will not come back. A lot is said about stretching with APC jeans. In my experience...
 Thank you Nick. Already done it and already had a great, detailed reply outlining not only the fact that this is perfectly do-able, but also the exact treatment the jacket will receive. For less money than Johnson's charged - including postage. (Gary from Otters was all too familiar with Johnson's related horror stories.) Johnson's should not be offering a service that they know next to nothing about. And by that I mean their front of house staff as well as those behind...
Well I said I'd let you know how Johnson's cleaners got on with re-waxing my SS14 washed army Canadian Jacket. The answer is it was a totally pathetic experience, with them taking three weeks to inform me that the re-waxing service have refused to do the job on the grounds that the jacket has "no lining". Whether it has a lining or not is completely immaterial to me. The jacket is a waxed jacket. It is supposed to be waxed. I thought I'd made it plain in the shop that I...
 Confusing pricing on the sweat, considering the button down collar shirt in the collection is £160. The shirt seems under priced (by Cabourn standards, this is) whereas the sweat seems over. Another triumph for the random price generator!
On a similar topic, regarding Mallory and the 1924 expedition, the BFI last year released a modernised version of Epic of Everest, shot in situ by Captain John Noel, which documents the three summit attempts. I reviewed it here: http://www.zyworld.com/albionmagazineonline/2014_cinema_the_big_melt_and_epic_of_everest.htm
Yes that's exactly it.
No, I was able to see the funny side at the time. Kind of. It was just so completely random - and of course I had to be wearing a very light coloured, very thin Cabourn jacket! But by this time the jacket already had two or three quite bad marks on it. I'm expecting/demanding good luck with it from now on. Washed army is not a forgiving colour.
Thanks Nick that's good info and it does look a quality service. Missed them when I was searching. That said I'm quite pleased I can simply drop-in / pick-up with Johnson's. No postal side to it. If they do a good job, all is well.
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