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red/but only a retired person would seem to pull any of the two off... or a hip-hop artist imo 
How's Uniqlo's quality? In those images it looks like that sweater is made of thin material, and the zipper on the hoodie takes away from the old style I was looking for but I see what you mean... hmmm.  
"Levi's Vintage 1950's Hoodie."   I've always wanted an old style hoodie sweatshirt, and I think this looks the part. I will use it primarily to workout/lounge (is it stupid to try to look good while working out?)... I think its unique, like an old time boxer hoodie that Rocky Balboa would wear. Question is whether its worth the price, anybody have an opinion about the Levi's Vintage line? This piece is originally 210 but currently 168 at Ian for Memorial Day sale. 
i like the details at the back of the knee and at the side of the thigh. i don't like the contrast of the white drawstrings (makes them exclusively casual imo) they look too tight for my liking: however, if you have a lanky body you can probably pull it off. i wouldn't but if you're intrigued and its discounted then why not, they are unique. 
yea the hourglass and low neckline makes it look like something David Bowie would wear... pass imo 
dope, for parkour only. i thought about purchasing too, decided not to but idk i think they look cool. they're not ugly imo maybe fugly though probably just different 
first impressions? 
        I've been going to a lot of job interviews with manila folders lately and I really think its time to get a briefcase. I'm 26, I've been wearing a backpack to all of my jobs up until this point... I think its time to grow up, and bring in a portfolio/briefcase to work now, am I right? Anyways, so I'm looking for something minimalist, classic and I found this American Bison Leather briefcase by JW Hulme at 500 discounted from 745 at the moment. What do...
Yea, that makes sense if I'm running with a time-watch i.e. to beat a time score. I generally run/jog to break a sweat so cotton helps me in this regard; however, I do wear some dry-fit tech clothes underneath which absorbs the sweat that would otherwise drench any cotton.   Is it ridiculous to consider running in a hoodie that retails for this much? Or more generally, what y'all think of the hoodie? Anybody know about Geller Seconds quality?
Is it bad that I want to look good while I workout, or is that the point of working out? Is it worse that I want to purchase these "Robert Geller Second" hoodies to do my morning runs in / generally work out in? They're 100% cotton, made in Japan, and originally priced at 215 but are discounted to 64 at East Dane right now.  
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