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Yea, that makes sense if I'm running with a time-watch i.e. to beat a time score. I generally run/jog to break a sweat so cotton helps me in this regard; however, I do wear some dry-fit tech clothes underneath which absorbs the sweat that would otherwise drench any cotton.   Is it ridiculous to consider running in a hoodie that retails for this much? Or more generally, what y'all think of the hoodie? Anybody know about Geller Seconds quality?
Is it bad that I want to look good while I workout, or is that the point of working out? Is it worse that I want to purchase these "Robert Geller Second" hoodies to do my morning runs in / generally work out in? They're 100% cotton, made in Japan, and originally priced at 215 but are discounted to 64 at East Dane right now.  
I might be interested in purchasing. Drop me a line if you decide to sell them. 
Shoto Plain-Toe Lace-Up Boots   originally $595 discounted to $239 and now an extra %40 off at Barney's: $150.   fyi: http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/shoto-plain-toe-lace-up-boots-503117390.html?index=46&cgid=mens-boots   about to purchase - however, I am not familiar with this type of sole - any experiences, what are they meant for?
Hi there, what do you mean by "grey dealers"?
Neighborhood "Logger" priced at $255, thoughts?
Could it be that an Irish store would discount on "Cinco de Mayo"? Ha ha desperate thoughts here, apologies. 
Ah ok, thanks for the fitting advice. Well, at least I know of a store that is willing to discount Visvim. Was thinking of another holiday that might be coming around the corner (considering for a possible future discount code) - and all I can think of is 4th of July "Independence Day" here in the States... alas too bad Bureau is in Ireland... Regardless, thanks for the info. 
Wait, what? So you got the Visvim shirt at %15 discount from where? What size are you having to return, and what are your dimensions? I was looking at getting a size3 (L) because I dislike slim fit anything (I like my shirts to fall slightly below my crotch area) but I'm relatively small at 5'8 150lbs. I've never purchased Visvim so considering sizes from them is a bit difficult atm, please inform me.   
Well, damn. How sure are you of this? Fact? Thanks in advance. 
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