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 :) It wasn't meant like that, I have same problem and I know how hard it can be for people to describe, pretty much none of my MTM have picked it up. I have thought about this before, and for MTM for instance how would you decide whether you need to pick up for the drop shoulder or just clear and angle?
Something that's good to experiment with is structure of coat, I have come to conclusion for myself that business demands a formal elegant suit for sure, definitely structured, but I literally don't leave the house without a jacket. The greatest realization I had in the last few years was unstructured jackets, to get them clean they need fit perfect, as no canvas or rigidity to hide the flaws. They can fit like a second skin if done right and be a lot more comfortable for...
 If we could all only stand perfectly still and balanced for our photos. Your coats fit great you should be happy. My only advice would be to try different style of coats, you seem like you may be at the point to branch out a little
I think he's talking about picking the side up rather then just cutting a more sloped shoulder and clearing the chest?
 I tend to agree with that. All my patterned jackets are usually mixes of cotton/linen/silk @Despos thanks will try get hold of some bunches
Can anyone recommend any summer jacketing books, linen/cotton/silk etc in interesting designs perhaps? Maybe some Italian ones which I'm less acquainted with
Ha not 30-40 a season, that's the total I have now, tend to go for 8-10 per season. It's not actually as expensive as it sounds, the fabric is cheaper (cotton/linen), and as it's unstructured mtm (some rtw altered), that also saves on cost
Yes of course, these fabrics are from this years season, and quite liked the two blues
I'm definitely in the experimental phase of jackets. I went through a phase of buying unstructured linen/cotton etc jackets, still have two around the office from last summer ha. As a general rule I dislike structured odd jackets for summer  
 Sorry, I meant my 2014 wardrobe, I update yearly.  Ill get the bottom one, my lifestyle supports it, I must have around 3-4 colours around that, but I like the blotchy linen effect on this one. Does no one think the top one would look good at night with cream chinos?
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