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Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years... Anyway, let's do this. Hell, I'll even provide the booze (to a relatively substantial point) and spot, but am open to suggestions. Let's do this!
Brand New WITH TAGS (plus hard case, Ray-Ban microfiber lens wipe and product booklets) Ray-Ban for Brooks Brothers Wayfarer Sunglasses - Black with Yellow BB#1 Repp Stripe. Size: RB2140 1074 50-22 3N Items and tags are current and list/sell for $145.00 at Brooks Brothers. The link below is to their product page since they have better...
PM sent.
Good thing that Thom Browne isn't my size...
+1! That's a great coat... even better if it were just a tad larger. Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz TOTALLY bitchen Norforlk shooting coat by Cordings. Size 36-38R. ~ $300 OBO (pay attention to the shipping cost - seems high) It would be mine already if it was a size larger.
Bought and received the Jil Sanders pair. Great price for an awesome pair of essentially new Church's shoes! Communication with Harry was excellent, shipping was super fast with tracking info and the packaging was spot on considering the monsoon conditions at my location at the time. The more I look at those Lobbs...
Prices on the ties, #'s 3 & 4?
Doesn't work with Chrome.
I'm an Android (Droid on 2.1) guy these days but, for the most part, apps available to iPhones are available for us too (except they're cheaper/free for us). Anyway, what are your favorites? Mine (all free): HIIT Interval Timer - Like the Gym Boss, only free. Calorie Counter - Best all-around app. It has nutritional info for just about any item with a barcode on it (has a barcode scanner too), info on restaurant food, info custom food items by ingredients, diet...
It's not too bad in DC for the under 30 crowd. Out of shape heavy drinkers, sure... obese, not really. Over 30, they're probably from MD or VA.
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