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  Admittedly I'm not an expert in authenticating Barbour, but I have seen where some US retailers indicate different sizing on Barbour items than their UK Size.  For instance a UK Medium could be tagged US Small. My (again, uninformed) opinion is that your jacket looks authentic to me.
  I'll admit that for years I pronounced it "R" "R" "L" as I live in a smallish area with no official RL presence other than Polo at Macy's.  Still catch myself from saying it every now and then.
  I'll be honest, never got to handle nor see the RRL version in person.  The color is a bit lighter than the picture, but is a nice deep indigo.  It's weight is pretty heavy (100% cotton).  Buttons are ok, but I'm sure the RRL version has nicer hardware, as I always seem to like the buttons used on RRL cardigans.
  Funny you mention that one, as that too was one of the items I sought after for a while.  Wound up settling for this (undoubtedly RRL-infuenced) one from Polo... 
What are your guys' items that in hindsight, you wish you had jumped on them when you had the chance because you haven't seen them again?   For me, it was the LE Sashiko fabric Nautilus coat for a while back.  Haven't seen any pop up, and thought it looked sweet as hell...  
I do like the RRL tailored items.  Finally had an excuse to wear a suit today...Charcoal herringbone from a couple seasons back.  
  You want the RL Luxury outlet (there are two outlets at Woodbury, one 'regular' and one 'luxury', try the info here; http://global.ralphlauren.com/en-us/rlstores/pages/StoreDetails.aspx?storeIDs=87379
  X2, because if so, may have to hit up Woodbury.  Promised myself I wouldn't go their again after the overly pushy sales staff really ticked me off the last time I was there, but those sweaters are gorgeous!
    Ugh, don't even get me started.  At least back a few years ago when I started getting into RRL heavily the CS reps at least appeared understanding and were seemingly willing to do what they could to make up for such inconsistencies (e.g. offering partial refunds or substitutions for woefully inaccurate descriptions).  Now my various cancellations and complaints are met with a "we're sorry to hear that, is there anything else you'd like to buy today"? type of...
  My opinion is that RRL may have been discontinued as an officially offered line in certain non-US markets, hence the confusion.  Whether this has any bearing on RRL as a whole is unknown. My experience with lower level RL reps in general (those that tend to be the ones responding to emails) is that they are woefully uninformed when it comes to details regarding item offerings, let alone entire brand lines.  
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