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  That blazer, as the kids say these days (or used to say, I'm starting to get out of touch...) is straight fire.
   Yeah the quality of the RRL tailoring line is quite good (as with most RRL a tad overpriced at retail, but good quality).  The indigo sportcoat is unconstructed but does have lined sleeves. The other RRL suiting I have seems to be quality (e.g. half-canvassed jackets) and well cut.   Another thing to note about the RRL suiting is in general the pieces fit very slim.
 Thanks!  I think it was another user that had picked it up off the website.  At that pricing it was a steal.  I had mine from a year or two back, it's a great piece.
 Thanks!  Yeah the sleeves on that piece run a bit long.  I know because that is an unaltered 42R when usually I have to go 42L in suiting.
 Personally I generally loathe self fabric collars on polos.  They always seem to get ruffled and look limp.  With the RRL aesthetic it kind of works, but again, my personal preference lies elsewhere hence why I tend to avoid the RRL take on them. Went to a wedding a couple weeks back....RRL pictured is the indigo sportcoat, selvedge tie, and officer chino. 
So just a note as well.  Not sure what the validity is to this but my better half just got back from NYC and stopped by the West Broadway store.  She noticed they had some women's items and asked the SA about it, who claimed they had been slowly receiving inventory and were bringing back the women's line.     I hadn't heard anything like that so again not sure if it's true or if in reality it's just old inventory they are slowly trying to unload.
  Yeah my jacket (42R) isn't really 'boxy' per se, just a bit roomier in the arms and shoulders than the two RRL suits I own, which are admittedly extremely slim (size on the suits is 42L).  Unfortunately there is no way I can go down to a 40 and still have the waist area work (gotta hit the gym!).   Thanks for the tip, yea I figured it best to wear with shirts that I didn't mind any bleeding on.  Good to hear that after a few wears the bleeding reduces.  Where this piece...
  Good to hear on the herringbone sport coat.  I liked it a lot but saw the pictures vs. description and was wondering about the patches.  Also I can second the Unconstructed Sport Coat being a nice piece as I picked that up recently.  My only complaint about it is I found the fit (primarily the sleeves) to be slightly boxy compared to other RRL suiting I own which I find is very slim.  It works on the sport coat though because it just means there is a little more room for...
  Yeah I recall back in the day (at least 6 or 7 years ago) I'd occasionally see RRL stuff at the 'regular' non-PSR outlets and TJ Maxx/Marshalls.  Usually the outlets would have a rack or so of random Blue/Purple/RRL stuff marked down quite heavily, but I haven't seen that in a while.  I also recall finding a pair of straight leg denim at marshall's for like $40 a long while back, but nothing at all since then.  As you note with Marshall's and TJ Maxx it's all about the...
Pants on a bed.....   Rigid Officer Chino's purchased back from December 2013.  Initially I wore them about twice a week, now down to once a week, so I'd guesstimate this is approx 160 wears.  It's kinda grossing me out thinking about how these haven't ever been washed, I think they are about due.  Does RRL still sell these?   I see them up on some websites (unionmade etc) in odd sizes here and there, but nothing on the RL website.  Was unsure if they still make them in...
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