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Maiden voyage today of my Emerson bag  
     X3 guys, my biggset RRL pet peeve.  Many a top have been returned as the sleeves are more often than not too short (and to be honest I've put up with some that I should have returned over short sleeves because I like the style/fabric).
Anyone see/have the Reading Coat?  Looking for a new winter coat but not sure how warm it is from the pictures online.  
Got a recent early birthday present of the Emerson Bag from the past season.  I must say it is very impressive, and probably one of the nicer RRL bags I've seen.  I liked it in the stock photo's but in person it looks even better in my opinion.  If you were considering it and see one available get it, you won't be disappointed.   One of the few RRL items I would say looks to be 'worth' its $295 retail.  I'm honestly not sure how the retail price on some items works as...
Could someone who recently picked up the Ro buck's provide what size they got and what the waist measure is?  All this talk has me very interested in them but I'm seemingly getting conflicting opinions on sizing.  I'm normally a 32 in RRL, which I find to pretty consistently run 2" larger than tagged.
OK so sorry if i got anyone's hopes up...but it WAS at 40% plus 15% off I swear!  Now when I check it doesn't appear to work on bags but I swear it did!       
Noticed that they upped the presale discount today on the website...was 30% plus 15% kicker now 40% with 15% kicker.  Oh and bags are now included in the sale.  Speaking of which, anyone have/seen the Emerson bag?  Thoughts??
  Sweet, haven't seen any RRL at the marshalls/TJ Maxx in quite some time....not since years ago when occasionally I'd see the random pair of denim for ~$50.  I did score a pretty sweet blue label faded pinstripe workshirt there the other day though.  It's those once in while finds that keep me going back there, bastards.
  The conservative in me would pair it with something khaki....If I was feeling adventurous perhaps something in garnet-esque.
  I tried the Olive herringbone's on a visit to the RRL store on west broadway (32X34 for reference)....I found the fit nearly identical to the rigid officer chino, i.e. 2" larger in the waist then tagged.  YMMV of course...  Anyone have any idea how RRL hoodie's typically fit?  I have the hardest time getting most RRL tops to fit me properly.  Mediums are usually perfect in chest/waist but terrible in sleevel length.  Going up to Large generally gives me the sleeve length...
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