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  True, and perhaps I should have clarified that.  When I'm thinking of quality in this sense you are right, I am often thinking of durability and heft of fabric/stitching etc.    You are right that this is less of a quality issue and more of a design issue, but this presented an 'issue' from my perspective nonetheless. It just seemed the women's items were more of an afterthought, and besides seemingly sharing some fabric here and there, the fabrics and washes used...
  This echos the sentiment of my significant other, who tried to get into the RRL women's line but more often than not felt that it was too costume-y to pull off in any sort of daily rotation.  She would see the men's items and ask 'why can't they just make this, but tailored towards women'?  A couple of sweaters and pants seemed to fit the bill, but most of the items as you note, did not. It seems as if this is a potential hole in the market.  Not to get too off-topic...
 Fit looks pretty spot on, except for the longish sleeves as you note.  Can easily get them shortened if you wish, though keep in mind not to go 'too' short on the sleeves.  My personal opinion is that a waxed Barbour's sleeve length should be purposefully on the longer side, similar to a trench, due to its weather protection purpose. I see many wearing Barbour's with shirt sleeves poking out, which to me doesn't seem right.
  Funny you mention that.  I went through a period last year where the website cancelled four of my orders in a row.  I got pretty ticked and decided to actually contact their customer service about it, basically noting what good is offering me free shipping when I can't even receive the orders!  (this was pre-shoprunner). I heard the faint whisper of the world's smallest violin in the background, and not one fu*k, let alone two, were given by the CS rep.
No but this guy does.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/225-RRL-RalphLauren-Ivy-Rust-Sweet-ORR-Brushed-Cotton-Work-Shirt-MEN-M-/272173742505?hash=item3f5ed1b9a9:g:f8oAAOSwCypWmv8g While I don't often buy clothes on eBay (too many people list NWOT crap or re-attach tags and sell as new), I've found that if you search ebay listings it can be a helpful tool to finding measurements.  And oftentimes they are a lot more accurate then these 'professional' websites.
Crappy (pun intended) bathroom pic, but thanks to @FJCruiser for the suggestion on the Levi's X Pendleton workshirt.  Great quality (stitching and deep indigo wool denim material used is on point) and MISUA, I highly recommend it to the RRL-heads here.   Paired with Fairmont wash RRLs.  
  That looks very similar to the McQueen 'Jeffries' coat I own, except without the flag patch and button detail.  I believe that model was called the Mulholland, but I'm not 100% sure.
Regarding sizing on the Norfolk sneaks, do those that have them and other RRL footwear find that sizing is similar?  I've found I take the same size in the Bowery/Clifton/Powells I have, so should I size similarly in the Norfolk?
 Does anyone know if the leather they reference is just from a specific region of France, or a specific tannery?  A little bit of research indicates that there is a 'tanneries du puy' which was recently bought out by Hermes.  Just curious as I'm not very knowledgeable in this area.  I agree it is the specific leather lining they use that leads to the overall comfort of the boot.  Comparing the lining of this to say, the Clifton boot, is night and day. Also curious as to...
  Yeah that's normal, it really shouldn't get much worse than that though.  Here's mine on the same side to give you an idea of what the creasing will look like. 
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