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    Haha, I was a little bothered by it, but then the consensus seemed I shouldn't be, so I was doing good.  Then Baron came in with the dissent!  I'm most likely keeping it at this point as I did get it at a good price, so if down the line it bugs me too much I won't feel (too) bad.  Thanks for all the advice everyone.
       Thanks everyone, needed that to get over my indecision.  Guess it's a keeper :)
  Yeah that's why I'm having a hard time....another 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length all around and it would be perfect I think.
Got the Wool Sportcoat in the other day.  Need some advice folks....Ordered an Regular and a Long, and of course ralph lauren has informed me there is a delay in the shipping of the Long (which almost assuredly means cancellation, I've never have them inform me of a delay only to say 'great, we shipped it!'   I love the material and overall silhouette (nice thick 'hearty' wool, braided buttons), but seem to think the jacket is a tad short on me.  Would have loved to see...
Since we are on a sportcoat kick here, I couldn't resist and plunked down the $350 for the charcoal wool tailored...   http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=99828206&origkw=rrl+mens&sr=1&s=D-StorePrice&pg=1&kw=rrl+mens&parentPage=search
 Yeah they are definitely doing some wonky things with their inventory.  I was eyeballing the Indigo-leather wallet earlier today (they said they had 7), but now its gone from the website.  Many items have been taken down.
  Love me some Westworld!  That is actually pretty hilarious (or sad) that they show a picture of the 'Man in Black' followed by a gucci jacket with floral patches that looks like nothing at all in the show.  
I hear you, perhaps it's just something about having a white/cream rubber sole on a moc just looks a bit off to me.  Plus to me the thin leather sole of the SLP looks a tad sleeker.  In the end i'm not knocking Visvim really, as they look pretty damn sweet to me.
 Yeah I def checked out visvim as well, but I didn't like that most of their iterations seem to have a 'sneaker' sole lending to their hybrid look.  The SLP ones looked a little more 'consistent' to me which I preferred.
Anyone on here happen to have a pair of the Concho Moccasins?  For some reason I really dig them but was wondering about sizing.  I found an old description that noted them running small so it was advisable to size up.  Since I had to size down on 1/2 size on my most recent suede SLP purchase (Hedi 30 Chelsea) from my generally standard shoe size, I wasn't sure how these may work. TIA!
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