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  Not necessarily.  I provide measurements in my listing and also note that I don't accept returns.  However, there are numerous ways for a buyer to 'scam' the system and have eBay side with them.  They can merely file a SNAD claim, claiming something along the lines of (yeah they are tagged a 31x32, but didn't fit like one at all, sizing is way off, etc) type claim and generally speaking eBay sides with the buyer in these types of situations. The buyer could also...
 Sweet, they were the ones I was considering based upon my searches, thanks!
Also kind of a random question but I figured some of you guys may have experience with this.  Any good proxy service recommendations for items in Asia (specifically, Japan and Korea)?  .
  If you don't mind me asking, what shoes are those?  Like 'em.  Also I spy what looks to be a gaiam balance ball chair in the background and had to laugh, my fiance swears by it.
  Nice!  Is that the Yakima shirt on the far right?  How is the fit on the Yakima and the LE CPO in the middle?
 I didn't purchase it, but did try it on a little while back when I was at the West Broadway store.  Fit is very relaxed (by modern standards) with a very long inseam (definitely over 34").  Definitely had a lot of sag in the rear.
Really loving the 'slub' on the Ro-bucks from this past season.  Normally I don't rock a 3" plus single cuff, but something about these jeans makes me do it, I really like how the white and blue knots in the material create a dotted effect.  
  Perhaps someone can chime in as to more recently, but I can tell you I was there a couple of months back and they did still have RRL.  Most of it seemed from one years past (fall/holiday 2013 collection).  I'll probably be heading there within the next couple of weeks at some point so I can update as to what they may or may not have.
  I like the shirt, but it isn't perfect. It's a great color as the red is really a spot on perfect 'red'.  It has some nice details such as the throat tab on the collar and nice MOP buttons (a bit more substantial than the ones on my other RRL buttondowns).  Fit is somewhere smack dab in the middle of slim-fit and billowy workshirt.  Think 'slimmer workfit'.  I do wish as with most of my RRL tops that the sleeves were a tad longer, but if your comfortable with the...
    Thanks!  That's what I thought, the fabric itself seems like the type that would.
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