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Love the color of these hamilton brown clyde's (sorry for the crappy 'mirror pic').  Goes really great with various shades of blue.  
  Not 100% sure, but to me all signs are pointing to men's.  They still sell stretch slim-fit cargos on the website (albeit in different colors) with the same retail price at;  http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=57129376&fd=Men&origkw=stretch+cargo&ff=PAD&fv=Division%2FMen&fg=Division&kw=stretch+cargo&parentPage=search
  Let us know what you think of the pioneer buckle backs.....scored the Orgeon's from last season but had to return as it wasn't the right size and all others were OOS.  Interested to hear how the contrast is in person vs website pics.  I'm assuming from the pictures the fit is a higher waist straight leg similar to the Oregon's.
  www.ralphlauren.com/privatesale Active as of now.
   LOL, I was under the impression that these are a novelty 'collector's item' or such.  As they note they are based on a salesman sample of overalls and I don't think they are wearable, perhaps by a baby?  And its 11" overall length, not inseam, noting that the entire piece has an 11" length, the inseam as such is probably 3" or so. Who would buy such a thing?  I don't know, but its the stuff like this that makes me love RRL.
  I have several pairs of RRL washed denim, and can't say that any of them are asymmetrical to that extent.  The Left and Right leg honeycomb's are definitely 'different' on the pairs I have, but the height of them on the pant leg is pretty similar.  Your pair definitely seems like an unintentional error as all the fades in the front of the pant appear to line up fine. If it were me that would annoy the crap out of me, but i hear you on the dilemma.  Honestly in the past...
  Nice!  I got a pair of those a couple months back for a good deal (I really have to stop buying RRL pants haha), and I like them.  I find that the inseam on my Clyde's does run a tad longer than my other pants as a 34" inseam usually measures 35".  No worries though, I just double-cuff and I'm good to go. I saw there appears to be a new/similar version of last season's indigo guernsey shawl collar sweater up on the website.  Not sure if I like it as much as last season's...
  Love the patch, but could do without the paint splatter and stitch repair/holes.  It's odd because I do like heavily distressed-looking items but for some reason have never been able to warm up to actual holes in the items and paint splatters. That price does seem fairly dear given the usual pricing of D&S.
  Nice, that topcoat looked very sweet.  By 'take advantage' do you mean purchase, return in store, keep gift card?  If so no, I don't do that as that's beyond what my moral compass would allow for a 'good deal'.  To be honest I would consider that borderline stealing. Regarding the LE Ro-bucks from the past season, I've been wearing them probably about 2 times a week, and have been very impressed with the fading results so far.  While still early in their life, here a few...
  Odd, as I know that a couple others had mentioned that theirs ran smaller than the usual plus 2 so that's what I had expected given the depictions as well as UMs size chart.  Perhaps the waist varied among different inseams.  I wound up with two pairs, a 32X34 and a 33X34 and the 32 most definitely measures a 34" and the 33 definitely is a 35". Regardless I really like them and they look forward to many wears as they seem quite versatile and as I mentioned, surprisingly...
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