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So this may be a dumb question, but how do you guys handle a return in the event of a send sale from an RRL retail location?  I don't really have any RRL/RL stores near me, save for an outlet about an hour or so away...
  X2, took a trip down to Woodbury last weekend and needless to say was disappointed by the new format.  Looks like the rolled the PSR and Accessory store into one, reduced the inventory shown by about 80%, and inserted numerous, somewhat annoying/pushy sales people in formal attire.  As you noted, most items seemed relatively recent (literally past season) at a flat 40% off MSRP. I always enjoyed a trip there every once and a while to find that 'diamond in the rough' type...
  Interesting, not exactly sure what to make of this pair.  While the pictures aren't great they do (to my eye at least) look like a pair of rigid's that have been well worn as opposed to a factory wash.  That's just my gut feeling based upon the photos, as at least in many of the recent washes the whiskering has a more 'exaggerated' 3D effect.  Did the seller say they were new?   I also haven't seen too many washes that have the back pocket fading that these exhibit....
  Thanks for the reply.  I'll probably pick them up then but size down to a M. I hear you on the tassels.  I've had them on numerous pairs of sweats and flannels and they really serve no purpose for me.  The whole point of sweats is that they are easy, and I don't need the ability to tighten the leg openings.  I'll probably just remove them right off the bat if I decide I like them otherwise.
At the risk of sounding like sweatpants guy (before my time here), anyone out there own the Rinse slouch sweatpant currently on sale?  Looking to get an idea as to what you may think of them as far as fit/quality/etc.  Normally I'm a 32X34 or 33X34 in RRL, and thinking about going with an L in the sweats for hanging around the house.
 I have a pair (Cheaney produced, I believe) and for reference I'm an 11.5C in an Allen Edmonds, and an 11 fit the best in the Bowery.
  As others have said, West Broadway is definitely the store to hit up if you are only going to do one.  Coming from a smallish area myself with zero RRL availability it was great to be able to see a store chock full of RRL and be able to play dress up haha.
 I've always thought that the intent by this was to keep the distressing as close to the 'new' state as possible.  I know I tend to take the same approach to my unwashed pairs as my washed as I don't want to have the distressed pair's color fade too much because of washing.
  X2 on that, can't comment on the actual slim narrow rise but I can note that I've found unionmade's measurements woefully inaccurate in numerous instances.  I understand there may be some variation from piece to piece, but I've found in the past that they've been off as much as 2-3" in the measurements on multiple occasions which is very frustrating.
Love the color of these hamilton brown clyde's (sorry for the crappy 'mirror pic').  Goes really great with various shades of blue.  
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