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    RRL Jacket (Bonnie and Clyde), Powell boot
So my better half went a little crazy with command hooks this past weekend....ode to the RRL pant....  
Question regarding RRL fits.  While I find many a pant that seems to fit very well off the rack, I've had the hardest time finding tops that work for me.  Generally, it seems as if RRL fits are more full.  Sizing down isn't usually an option for me as I have relatively long arms.  Specifically regarding button downs, it seems as if a large is more often then not too baggy and a medium too short in the sleeves.  Are there certain items that tend to have a slimmer profile...
  Does RL itself still control production over LRL Mens?  For some reason I thought that they didn't.  I know with Chaps they sold off the brand a while back hence why you no longer see 'Chaps Ralph Lauren' but just 'Chaps'. But yes, there is a Lauren Ralph Lauren Mens line.  Terrible quality and conservative, dated designs for the most part.
 I haven't tried this season's but do have a pair from a season or two ago.  I found the fit very similar to the denim slim-fit.
Hilarious.  I haven't bought any RRL via eBay but search for certain past season items from time to time.  What is the purpose of putting everything on yourself, even if it's 3 sizes too small!  Reeks of d'baggery.
 Interesting...are you basically saying that no Purple/Black/RRL items will hit any outlets anymore?  Or just that the PSR store/section of Woodbury will cease to exist? When there is a will there is a way so I'm sure the resellers will find a way to still function, its just that their margins and quantities may tighten a bit.  It will be very interesting to see how RL liquidates its inventory online and works to limit overproduction on it's higher end lines.  It seemed as...
  Ebay?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-DOUBLE-RALPH-LAUREN-RRL-MENS-NAVY-GOLD-OFFICER-WOOL-PEA-COAT-TRENCH-JACKET-M-/370764631973?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item56534b4fa5 Best of luck in your search!  That is one sweet coat...
  Not sure....I don't think there is anything midland about them and that's a typo.  From what I understand its a slim fit jean in the stillwater wash.
 Actually that's the pair I picked up recently on my trip to the West Broadway store, a nice pair indeed.  Great indigo wash, and the fabric feels great on these, it was the pair of denim I left most impressed with.
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