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Really loving the 'slub' on the Ro-bucks from this past season.  Normally I don't rock a 3" plus single cuff, but something about these jeans makes me do it, I really like how the white and blue knots in the material create a dotted effect.  
  Perhaps someone can chime in as to more recently, but I can tell you I was there a couple of months back and they did still have RRL.  Most of it seemed from one years past (fall/holiday 2013 collection).  I'll probably be heading there within the next couple of weeks at some point so I can update as to what they may or may not have.
  I like the shirt, but it isn't perfect. It's a great color as the red is really a spot on perfect 'red'.  It has some nice details such as the throat tab on the collar and nice MOP buttons (a bit more substantial than the ones on my other RRL buttondowns).  Fit is somewhere smack dab in the middle of slim-fit and billowy workshirt.  Think 'slimmer workfit'.  I do wish as with most of my RRL tops that the sleeves were a tad longer, but if your comfortable with the...
    Thanks!  That's what I thought, the fabric itself seems like the type that would.
Recently picked up the Ro-buck LEs that people were talking about earlier, and no lie, its a great fit and fabric.  However, I find that because of the higher rise they are running a tad more snug around the waist (the fact that I can't seem to put down leftover Christmas cookies is not helping either).     Can any of you who've worn them for a bit now comment as to the extent in which the fabric on these stretches?  Seems like a slightly more 'loose' weave so I'm...
 +1, also if the back stitching is anything like my pairs of washed slims it will start to come off naturally after repeated wear haha
I have the powells, cliftons, and bowery's and my experience has been a half size down in each. YMMV of course.
Maiden voyage today of my Emerson bag  
     X3 guys, my biggset RRL pet peeve.  Many a top have been returned as the sleeves are more often than not too short (and to be honest I've put up with some that I should have returned over short sleeves because I like the style/fabric).
Anyone see/have the Reading Coat?  Looking for a new winter coat but not sure how warm it is from the pictures online.  
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