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Actually, it looks like you sort of got taken. The shirt itself seems legit but the car looks screened instead of embroidered. Is that the case? It looks like somebody took a plain navy polo and screened all this extra stuff on it. I take back what I said about counterfeit incentives, if they have cheap but legit RL polos it makes sense to dress them up a bit to mimic more expensive RL offerings.
The label doesn't look like the typical counterfeit Polo label. The design itself doesn't really seem like something that would be attractive for counterfeiters to replicate either; adding graphics just adds extra cost and reduces the number of potential buyers.
Going the Ikea route I see. There's some great synergies here as well.   "No jacket, sir? Step this way, we'll get you sorted out and put everything on one bill for you."   "I see you had a mishap with your tie, shall I fetch you another?"   I just picked these up to replace some Park Avenues that are going back because of a glob of excess glue in between the leather and lining. It's hard to find much on Kilgour French & Stanbury shoes but what little I could find indicated that they were made by Crockett & Jones. I thought these looked like a bit of a deal if true. I don't know what to think of the non-handwritten info on the inside and the non-dovetailed heel. What's...
Is this a QC issue? It's a lump like a button right on the inside quarter of my right shoe. They're park avenues.
I'm an idiot and bought the quintessential fake prl cashmere sweater today. Where do I exchange it for a legit one? Seriously though, do I trash it or wear it on laundry day? It seems nice enough aside from the counterfeit part.
I don't think there's any reason for buyers or sellers to be annoyed with each other in the bargaining process. Here are my thoughts from a bargaining theory standpoint, not directed at anybody in particular.   Buyers:   Sellers have costs too. If you're increasing their costs in terms of one dimension of time, effort, risk, etc. you need to make up for it in another. They are all different in terms of how long they are willing to hold onto something and how much it...
I just ordered some Alico boots from Sierra Trading Post for around 150 with coupon to serve the same purpose. Like the others I'm sure you can do better if you up your budget even just a tad.
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