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I've been looking real hard for a raw or one-wash denim jacket that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I came across some of the old Marc JacobsxWrangler jackets on ebay and I am thinking that might be the way to go. Just wondering if anyone has one and could comment on the quality and sizing (the ebay seller does not accept returns). If anyone has any other recommendations for a denim jacket thats not super expensive, I'm all ears. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol this cuff is capris-level Agreed, done for trudging through snow a few days ago and left that way. Will fix.
First WAYWT. Apologies for terrible macbook photo
I had to go one size up from chucks. I am a 12 in those and initially bought a 12 in the PF's but had to send them back for the 13, which fits great. You might be able to go a half size up, but I don't think they make a 12.5 so I didn't have that option
White center-hi's FTW. Much more comfortable than chucks, although it took a couple weeks of wear for them to stop making a farting noise when walking.
One pair of STF's in a size 32/36. These have been soaked once to get shrinkage and worn once. I am usually a waste size 32 so I went true to size to account for the shrinkage, but these jeans are still a little big in the waste and thigh for me, so I am looking to size down. Asking $20 plus shipping.
Has anyone used Kiwi oxblood polish on their Black Cherry GT's? The neutral polish just isn't doing it for me and I wonder if the oxblood polish will give that nice red dr. marten style shine.
I'm wondering if a laptop could fit in the 256 bag, which is smaller than the 257 with the laptop compartment. The latter seems overly big for my purposes, usually I dont carry more than a laptop and a couple of books in my bag, and that bag needs a dire upgrade. If the slimmer 256 can hold a laptop, I will be all over it when I get the cash.
I would buy the same size as I would in chucks, which would normally be about a half size down from dress shoe size. I have a pair of Bed Stu boots that i sized true to size and they are very big, even with an insole. These are boots however, so the sizing on a regular shoe may not be the same. I would probably look elsewhere to buy the shoe and wait for a sale however. UO is very overpriced (Red Wing GTs are 300 dollars on there) and from my experience the quality and...
I much prefer my average joe's to the new standard. They fade slower, which suggests to me that the denim holds indigo better. I like the fit better, because of the slightly higher rise and larger leg opening. With large feet, its difficult to pull off boots with the NS. For the price, with discount codes offered at self-edge and other affiliates, I would sooner buy another pair of AJs than another pair of NS, despite the advantage of minimal styling on the APCs.
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