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my comments on the navy blazer (yes gold buttons) I work in the investment world and have long been in the camp that the dress code bar has been continuously lowered over the years and as such always opted to fully suit up every day to the office. Keep in mind I always had choice between biz casual and full suit and tie as my office supports both. I, however, like most on here, would rather be the best dressed in the room. I have now been in too many meetings (100s) with...
I have a 4 OZ bottle purchased from Neiman Marucs about 6 months ago. I can't tell how much is in the bottle since it is solid black. Does anyone have a way to tell? Anyhow, I have not used it much since it is not my cup of tea. Since I don't see myself using it again I thought I would through it up on SF and try to trade it for scents I do like but don't own. If you are a regular SFer with good feedback I would be willing to send you my bottle first for inspection as...
Agreed! I go against the SF grain without regard. I wear my Walnut strands with a suit all the time. I think wingtips are more formal and more office friendly than a plain toe. But I would never wear a derby with a suit. I think it is more appalling than any other shoe with a suit rule.However, if a Navy McNeil were available in my size on sale I may have to bend.
FYI There is a new store opening in Oakbrook, IL. A radio ad this morning mentioned a grand opening sale of 15%. They ad also mentioned an upcoming 90th anniversary sale.That may be the motivation I need to buy the neumora. Another pair of shoes I don't need.
I have a tie that has a pulled thread that is creating a tiny (very tiny but noticeable when worn) loop in the front center of the tie. The tie is worth saving. Does anyone have any suggestions on fixing this issue and to not make it worse. I thought of cutting the thread or should the tie be taken apart and have the looped thread pulled back from behind? Any thoughts? It is a 7 fold unlined tie. Thanks in advance.
I wear mine (brown) with suits and to a much lesser extent everything else. Very versatile. By the way, I am in the minority camp on SF that feels strongly that shoes like the strand and tips are more formal than plain toes. I also feel wearing shoes like the strand with jeans is way to "cowboy boot". I really enjoy the Fifth Aves and would not hesitate to wear them with just about anything. Order away.
Well Stated. Agreed. I follow the same school of thought. Although I will add this.... My boss (we work in a small boutique office) wears blazers most of the time. He has reached a point in his career that dictates a blazer (read dressing down) is more appropriate. I notice this trend with those that are the boss and are above 50. They don't have to wear suits so they simply don't. This would most certainly differ in large organizations I would assume.
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Those look like they have seen better days. If wearing with a suit I would pass.
I would like to purchase 28 and 29. Thanks
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