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Ild be in
+1 for James. I'm I Chicago and I go through James.
Where are all these navy and midnight navy make ups coming from? Are these now options?
I agree with Your comments on Charvet. I have never been impressed by one of their ties. I own many Kiton and many cappelli. The kitons feel nicer but they loose their shape, lining twists and unfold representing consistent problems I have with them.You have me wondering if there is indeed a difference between the outlet ties I have purchased from Cappelli versus the custom orders.I have good and great borrellis. Same with Marinella. I have a couple 7 fold Tom fords that...
Greetings, I am a Allen Edmonds 10.5 EEE. Is there any carmina last that will work? If so, what size? Thanks so much!
As the title says. Excellent condition - worn only twice- standard length and width. Will ship in box. $75 shipped conus.
So what you are saying is that you want to take some of my shell and redistribute it to others. Is that right?
Anyone hear any rumors of another round of a shell MTO open window?
I have 2 bottles of cologne that were both purchases from Neiman Marcus and are in perfect condition. They just don't get much use. I have taken a picture with the point of the sticker where the fill level is. On the GIT it is just a guess but it should be about right and it is priced accordingly. GIT 120ml $125 shipped REDUCED 110 shipped TF TL- sold
Ild be in for few ties
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