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any idea when a shell sale might be? I would be in for a shell GMTO at that time for certain.
So according to the Woodlore sizing chart, specific for the epic style, a 10 1/2 triple E matches to a medium. I ordered the medium weight too small. After speaking with customer service I went with an extra large. Even the extra larges are way too small. They do not come close to reaching the sides of the shoe and stop at least an inch and a half from the toe. And my missing something here?
I ordered my trunk show shoes (navy shell strands) on 11/21 and was quoted late January. As an aside, I was told that AE is shutting down production on the 22nd and will not start back up until the new year. I am on the look out for a simple pair of black shell PAs that was supposed to arrive before shut down. I am holding my breathe.
My walnut shells do not get that same shine, what are you using/doing?Thanks
If we could get it again with RDA pricing ild be interested but ild rather do a natural or whiskey austerity shell shoe.
Not only do I not have buyers remorse. I wish I bought a second pair for back up. Easily my favorite shoe I own. Now the navy shell strand being made as we speak will hopefully disabuse me of that.
I am a perfect 10.5 EEE on the number five last with Allen Edmonds. Is there a last and size that would be an acceptable fit in Carmina? Thanks
Now those are great!
Pics or it didn't happen. No, in all seriousness I have a pair of shells that does not shine well, maybe this will do the trick. Could yo post some examples?
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