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Yeah, the oxblood looks best in the strand IMHO. Although I just picked up a bobs chili in the strand and have a merlot Mcallister and a burgundy shell strand on the way, I may have to pick this up too. God help me and save me from my wife
I want a Mcallister in Navy or even better a whole cut- Yeah, ryan make it happen. please!
Not true. Not true at all.
A black strand with a navy suit?
Thanks for the question. No shortage of short and tie. I own every shade of a balmoral (brown, walnut, merlot, bourbon, chili, etc) but no black. Was thinking of adding a black park for the above mentioned purpose. I Have other black but no plain cap toe. I'm thinking it is the default CBD speaking ensemble.
And wearing a navy suit a la CBD. What shoe do you wear? Black plain toe/cap toe, brown, something else? Thanks in Advance
I think I may be alone in this but I would be interested in a black suede Rutledge or black suede strand
I will be in the loop tomorrow for meetings and need an emergency shine on a paid of walnut cordovan strands. A google search of a qualified place to go turned up nothing. Anyone know where I can get a great shine tomorrow? thanks in advance!!!
I picked these Dark Burnished Chili Strands up at the $219 price. Nice shoe but see in the last two pics, the creasing. Not sure what causes this on a new shoe on some shoes or what the technical term is but it seems to occur on certain parts of a new shoe from time to time. Would you keep this pair? Last one in stock BTW
Yes, that was my point. The brown Harrisons are great shoes, in fact based on your photos I may buy a pair if the burgundy shell strand MTO falls through. But wear that combo to work. Wear the black to YOUR wedding. Contrary to many posts, it is the right shoe to be wearing on this occasion.
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