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great point mikeIf we could get a balmoral done in a whiskey shell I am all over it. or even a a non-butcher style boot like a chelsea with broguing in whiskey shell.
Re; GMTO I would be in for a balmoral of some sort- either cord or calf or a whole cut in NAVY.
Question : What are you guys using on walnut cordovan? I have a couple fresh scuffs on my walnut cordovan strands and am thinking the neutral wax from saphir won't be enough. I am thinking I need color wax/cream?
I am a large guy too. I would vote against a vest all together. A 3 piece suit is the only real option and those are tough to pull off unless they are really well done, appropriate for the job/occasion, and you can pull it off personally. You need the trifecta to make it work. You may not like to hear this but I never looked my best (when heavy) until this occurred. I "networked" with a men's custom clothier. He said he guaranteed me that he would put me in a suit that...
I just cleaned out my tie rack and have some room for some new ties. I am looking for mint 3.5-3.75 Inch wide 58+ inch higher end ties: Brands such as EG Cappelli, Attolini, Barba, Borrelli, Kiton, Hober and the like I am looking for solid grenadine (navy and other blues, black, purple, red) , clean neat patterns and houndstooth with white. I am looking to pick up about 5-10 total. Ties must be stain and defect free and have original heft and thickness. I don't know...
Thank you for the fast reply.
Quick Question.I tired to search and could not find an answer. Can we post wanted to buy threads?
my comments on the navy blazer (yes gold buttons) I work in the investment world and have long been in the camp that the dress code bar has been continuously lowered over the years and as such always opted to fully suit up every day to the office. Keep in mind I always had choice between biz casual and full suit and tie as my office supports both. I, however, like most on here, would rather be the best dressed in the room. I have now been in too many meetings (100s) with...
I have a 4 OZ bottle purchased from Neiman Marucs about 6 months ago. I can't tell how much is in the bottle since it is solid black. Does anyone have a way to tell? Anyhow, I have not used it much since it is not my cup of tea. Since I don't see myself using it again I thought I would through it up on SF and try to trade it for scents I do like but don't own. If you are a regular SFer with good feedback I would be willing to send you my bottle first for inspection as...
Agreed! I go against the SF grain without regard. I wear my Walnut strands with a suit all the time. I think wingtips are more formal and more office friendly than a plain toe. But I would never wear a derby with a suit. I think it is more appalling than any other shoe with a suit rule.However, if a Navy McNeil were available in my size on sale I may have to bend.
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