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All ties are in nice wearable condition all 4 ties shipped for $50 Brioni has a couple of hard to see pulls
Doing some more closet clearing after selling 50+ ties on eBay I thought ild try here too. I will list these on eBay later but will include free shipping and PayPal fees at a slight discount to the SF. Prices included well packaged shipping in the conus. I have perfect feedback on eBay without a lot of high end ties. Pink 7- fold kiton w/ nice teal and blue medallions - mint condition $SOLD Stefano Riici silver with blue and white flower pattern - very hard to notice...
Question, I am going to order a grenadine Navy and MIdnight Blue. Do you folks feel that either fina or grossa is more conservative. My thought is that fina is more conservative and CBD but with that in mind, order the midnight blue in fina and the navy in grossa as the slightly more vibrant shade of the navy would pop better in grossa albiet a little less conservative. Any reason not to go with a 3 fold lined? I am open to suggestions as I am a hober noob. thanks in...
I am getting ready to place my first order with luxire. Some lustrous white and maybe a couple other dress shirts. I am noticing on some shirts that the collars seem huge. Is this something people are selecting. I just want a standard size collar. Thanks
those are awesome!!!!!!!
Hi Group, I need Chris' email address. Can someone please PM it to me? Thanks in advance
That's perfect. Now I just have to wait for a sale. $125 is a little steep. Thanks
Does anyone know who sells solid (navy) with white edge pocket squares. cotton would do too. Thanks
great pm sent.
If you have a navy or burgundy grenadine sell them to me and start with new ones. Might be cheaper that way
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