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What would you call this type of fabric? Does anyone know of a luxire version? Thanks
So do the other 50 pairs flaunted here the last few weeks.
Ok so here is deal. I just placed an order. The orders will not be put in until Monday. They will NOT do ANY customizations; no Indy lining, no edge or welt changed. How that shoe comes in its calf version of same color is how it will come. At least this is what I was told when I placed my order. I ordered the cornwallis in brown and burgundy but told the SA that if I can't get the burgundy with the chili edge I don't want it as I don't like it with the normal black.
^ that is what I thought too. My main reason for boxing my favorites were to avoid the dry skin snags, dust, and just all around more protective.
Ok thanks.Last night was a big freak out moment. I have a lot of ties, like many of us on here. I have about 60 of my best ties stored in tie boxes. I reached for a tie 2 days ago and noticed a bubble. I posted my question and did some more research- silly me, my ties shouldn't have been stored in boxes. I quickly unboxed all my ties. The only ones that still have a bubble are my cappelli 3 and 5 fold ties and a few grenadines. Obviously ties as nice as cappellis are...
Question: How do you gents deal with a tie "bubble" where the tie from being folded as stretched a bit and creates a bubble, usually right in the middle of the front blade? Thanks in advance
Anyone who is a EEE find a fit strategy in carmina? Thanks
Same here. Was told MTO was coming back at some point but no plans of a trunk show
That had no effect
Hi shoe care experts. I need some help. I just purchased a pair of Burgundy Shell park avenues from the shoe bank. They look great expect one potentially deal breaking issue. On one of the toe boxes there are two quarter size blemishes. They are black in color and look like they were left under some burnishing wheel to long or something. There is very little difference in texture. I won't wear them like this but my hope is that some burgundy polish will fix this. I would...
New Posts  All Forums: