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Doing some tie collection thinning.All ties are stain free and free of any flaws. Most are still new. Prices are firm as these are the lowest prices , othwewise I would keep the,. Prices do include shipping in conus. WORN ONCE Exquisite trimmings grenadine grossa 3.5x59 $70 NWT Kiton dark gray 3.5x58. $85 possibly linen NWOT Tom ford silver and white on blue 3.25 X 59 $65 E. Marinella blue on blue 3.75x62 $60 SOLD! E. Marinella deep red -like new 3.5x59 $70 New...
I'm in for a couple
If you do I'll order a few. I missed out on the last one because my PM never actually sent.
Never bought from the Armory before. Thinking of getting a couple of the Godard cross stitch pocket squares. Any SF discounts or cyber mo day deals?
That is perfect. Thanks!
In need to order some shirts. Any code or sale that would Apply to 3-400$ worth of shirts? Thanks Everyone
Oh and for grenadine ties there is no comparison. Hober is king, by a wide margin.
I own about 20 cappelli ties and about 15 hobers. I would say the quality is similar with a slight edge to hober. I would buy either though and Do based on patters/needs and availability.
Greetings I am looking for recommendations for a Leather document case/envelope padfolio type product. Any suggestions? Primarily looking for something in the brown family not black. Thanks
Well said
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