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how tall are you? I'm 6 foot and wanted to know how long the length of the crew neck would be. thanks!
Anyone with Kanye APC size 32 or 33 raws? I would love to get some measurements on them... thinking about grabbing a pair... the fit seems to fit my body type and its the only brand I've seen run this style.
Does anyone know when APC KANYE is being restocked? sometime in november? and is it only for backorders?
 Dont u need to account for stretching?
 I like stacks so i wouldnt hem... just depends on ur style really , they look great 2 me btw.
Dang , i give up... i was really interested in the denim.... but i cant seem to have any help on the measurements :-\
 Hey , I was thinking about getting a pair of henley haihara's.... do these raws stretch any? I found a pair with great measurements except the waist will be about 3 inches too tight... so i was seeing if it would stretch to atleast 2 inches... thanks!
 OK well ima try to tailor them , they arent raw denim they are prewashed so it might not look weird thanks alot for all the help!
Is there any info you can give me on the sizing of the denim? Is this new season accurate with the sizing on the site? And should i size down 2 for raw? and stay with my real waist size for washed denim? THANKS!
 So this will eventually happen to all elastane denim? Its just a matter of time and wear? Also now i have another question! So lets say the elastane stretches the thighs and knee like 2 inches ( and the elastane wears out ) Could i then get the thighs tailored to a skinnier fit and they would stretch as much? Thanks for the answer btw guys! 
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