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 I accept your offer.  Do you take checks? :P  If so, I'll bring one next time we're out!
  Thanks for putting this makeup together!  I'm excited for the Snuff Plaza WT Boot combo, especially with brass eyes!  Definitely a great makeup that I've been waiting for someone to make.  Now the wait begins...  Do you have any more pics of these?  They're awesome!  The dark laces contrasting, the alt wein boot style - this is amazing!
@JjasonL and @tanbar,@BenLeaman, @tifosi and I meet every month or so in the King of Prussia area. I'd be down for meeting closer to the city.Shoot me a PM if you guys want to join!
I cannot wait for my preorder now. Great pics! That material was made for a wingtip boot. Good tip on the belt too.Perfection DV!Can't spoiler. These are just too nice Ben!
I really like the conversation that was going on a little while back about everyone's "Grail" and whether or not they own it. What about the shoe or boot that doesn't exist? What would you MTO if you could? My dream MTO's: - Color 4 Wingtip Boot with Antique Edge on Commando with Brass Eyelets (all eyes) and a pull tab. - Cigar Naval Boot with Antique Edge on Commando with Brass Eyelets and pull tab. - Whiskey Cap Toe boot on Grant/Commando. Interested to see what...
 These are awesome Ben!  Looking good!
I am looking for any of the following boot styles in 9.5C, 9.5D, 10C or 10D:   Whiskey Indy Boot Whiskey Wingtip Boot Cigar Jumper Boot (PCT) Cigar Cap Toe Boot Color 4 Wingtip Boot Color 4 Cap Toe Boot   Please PM me if you have any of these that you'd be willing to sell!
Nice looking boot! Congrats. Love the brass hardware on light suede. Looks like you got a killer deal on them too.
   Thanks!  The indoor color is as great as the outdoor color IMO.  For a moment they even look like Color 4 (one can dream).  I'm thrilled with these!  So glad I wore them.    Thanks dude!  I just had to put miles on them before you and Ben confiscated them!      Thanks guys!  I'm getting happier with them as the bloom comes out today.  Ravello is easily my favorite color boot.  This is also my first leather soled boot.  I have been wearing exclusively commando sole, but...
After 6 months of hiding them in the box, I'm finally making the maiden voyage with my Ravello WT Boots x TSM. The shade is unreal and these are easily my favorite boots that I own! It makes me excited for the Cigar WT boots!More images... [[SPOILER]]
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