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 These are awesome, Mike!  Are these the TSM makeup or different?
How do you guys feel about comfort level of each sole? Commando is very comfy to me. But how would you order crepe, double/single leather, etc.?
 Damn.  These are insane.  I hope someone runs these again!  Thanks for the pics!
Does anyone do a color 8 wingtip boot with antique edge?
Awesome boots, gentlemen! That Ravello is beautiful. The commando on that last and deep color 8 is spot on, Mike!
I have a Ravello WT boot that I'm hoping comes in looking like my latest Whiskey and not Brownvello (TM @mdubs). That's why I passed on Whiskey WT today, that and Commando/Antique I feel like should be separated. I like Antique with Double Waterlock. Just personal preference. Commando sole is awesome on my Color 8 CT boots.Congrats to those who got in on the Whiskey boot today. It's going to be a beautiful boot, regardless of dark or light shade.
I mean, the retailer specifically said don't post it here or tell friends and that they'll only sell to people already on the list anyway. I feel like that probably should have been respected. They don't want to get inundated with calls and emails. The people not on the list will get a stab at it if they add themselves to the next list. Pretty simple. Nothing secretive. Probably should have not even brought it up.
So new Whiskey is old Ravello. New Ravello is old Cigar. New Cigar is black?
I actually broke out the Unionmade Kirkwood Boots in Color 8 today. First trek into the real world with Commando Sole on Barrie last. I like them! I feel like these will be my go-to shell boots. Outdoor Indoor
Does anyone know if shoe trees stretch shell shoes? I bought Alden trees from a local store that insisted I get L instead of M for 9.5D. They seem to fit fine, but I vaguely remember reading that shoe trees can stretch out shell cordovan over time?
New Posts  All Forums: