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These are super nice! I have the same makeup with the same creasing as you. On all of my shell boots, my one foot creases much more and haphazardly. The other foot is calmer and only a single line across. It's like I walk funny or something haha.They look great. In direct sunlight they're definitely much lighter. As well, the factory is really using some dark polish on these. Just brushing and buffing them once lightened them up a tad. After 2-3 wearings, they'll...
  These look amazing!  It's a great looking color even in the shade.  Enjoy them!  Lawn's looking good...   These are great!  Enjoy them.  They will look good with a ton of different outfits.  Excited to see some more shots of them once they come in!    This is kinda crazy, IMO.  I just sold a pair of these worn twice for about half of that and feel really good about it.
These are one of my favorite pairs that I own. I'm glad you're enjoying yours! They look great!
Today was boot cleaning day since it looks like boot season is officially here! Clockwise from top (12:00)... - Alden x Unionmade Color 8 Cap Toe Boot - Barrie Last / Commando Sole - Alden Madison Cigar Shortwing Boot - Barrie Last / Commando Sole - Alden DC Cigar Cap Toe Boot - Grant Last / Commando Sole - Alden x The Shoe Mart Cigar Indy Boot - TruBalance Last / Commando Sole - Alden x The Shoe Mart Ravello Shortwing Boot - Barrie Last / Leather Sole - Alden DC...
I... I... I just don't know what to say. I didn't even know these existed! Nice DV!These are amazing boots! One of my favorite pairs. What a great shade of Ravello. Enjoy!So what did you think after seeing them in person? I had to use your picture to determine how the shade looked during the day. I had a busy week away from home and still haven't broken them out in good lighting.Congrats and enjoy them!Killer! These look amazing in any lighting and with almost any...
Package from Alden of Madison this evening. Excited to wear these new Cigar WT boots this week! Commando sole, antique edge trim, speed hooks, Barrie last.
Best Ravello and Cigar belts?  Ravello is decent new-ish brown/red/orange Ravello... not Brownvello but also not the very red Ravello of the past.Cigar is decent new-ish fairly dark Cigar... not super-dark/nearly black but also not the very brown/olive Cigar of the past. Ideas?    A few of these look like my list of excuses I once had for school work.
 And for that price?!?  He doesn't have a leg to stand on...
  These are beautiful!  You have very nice chukkas.  I would say in order my favorites are Ravello, Cigar, Whiskey.  A color 8 chukka with a light edge trim would be a great addition too, if you think they're different enough from your shade of cigar. Enjoy them!
 Very nice boots!  Are these from Alden of DC?  They look new!  Great shade of Ravello.
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