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And the grail is...
These look amazing! Is that the DC recent run?
I thought most of the retailers appreciated it when we didn't talk about the MTO's here on the boards?
All eyelets.
Does anyone here size down 1 full size from their brannock measurement for Barrie last? I know it recommends going .5 size down and I have done that but just tried on a full size down and it didn't fit too tight?
Those modified last PCT's are great. I love the way my PCT brown suede boots from moulded fit and look. Boots that last looks great. It's shoes that it looks a little too orthopedic.
Thank you so much!I'm jealous of your Color 8's! My color 8 is nearly black, while you seem to have red/purple nailed!
Alden DC LWB. Wasn't really expecting to pick these up but, these were a good decision! Thanks to Joe and Kathy. They are the lighter edge trim (med tan), not quite antique. I feel like antique looks best on King and Cigar, anyway. I do like mdubs black trim Ravello's! I don't think this will be the last Ravello LWB I buy, haha.
Thank you so much Mike! I appreciate your post. Huge help. I think I like Ravello on Antique or Med Tan edges the best, but darker still is stunning as well. I am playing roulette with the ones DC had close to my size. It's in the double water lock from this past summer, so I'm assuming they're the lighter? I cannot believe how different the shades can be!
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