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Does anyone know how often Wolverine does limited shell cordovan releases like the 721 or 744?
Haahahaha, milw50717 I like your style.  You're not really like a grumpy dude at all.  You're just kinda cynical and witty.  I'm the same way.  You actually have alot of good answers, too.
I was just about to treat my new 1K's with Sno Seal and I'm wondering if I should do this first or treat them with some sort of Filson oil or something first?
On a brannock, I'm a 10D.  I went with 9.5 D and they're fine with thick socks.  Thinner socks, I'd definitely go down a full size.
What boots are these in Color 4?
Crane's is a great place to order from.  Used the discount code and got a great deal and fast 2-day shipping.  The Brown 1k Mile look awesome!   I thoroughly looked them over and couldn't find any imperfections.  They look great.  After reading this thread I was really concerned about finding scuffs, loose threads, different heights or fitments, etc.   No issues.  Happy!  
+1000000 Crushing is exactly what I experienced.  Love the way the waist and knee-down fit.  Then, just a little tighter in the thigh (if they do a skinny fit) and like an inch in the rise (either way) and they'd be spot-on for me.
 The computer you typed this on was made overseas.  The Jeep you drive was assembled partially in the USA from parts made overseas.  The forum you posted on is built on framework contracted to programmers overseas. Should you buy American when you can?  Absolutely.  Does it mean that you can't get good quality stuff made overseas?  Not at all.  In fact, companies can do it really well as long as they have experience with keeping on top of QC with their suppliers.  Often...
Agreed.  If there was a skinny fit (especially in the thighs), but also a little more crotch room (I guess higher rise>) - I'd buy every release.
 I have this and love it.  Great for my Mac Air, business cards, etc.  Good quality, fairly light.  I'm a fan...
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