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In the theater district tonight to see Hamilton. Color 8 Saddles
About a year and a half ago I picked up a dark grey Napoli. The sales staff was really nice but the guy who helped with alterations wasn't helpful at all. Great looking suit and I love the color. It is much roomier than I expected and went in not knowing enough about suits to be able to understand how to convey the look I was going for. As a result, the pants are a little baggy in the legs/thighs, the break is a little much (I'd like no break), and the waist is pretty...
Congrats Ben! I was out of town and just saw this! Happy to hear that she's here. Best wishes!
 For being a size 57, you have some pretty darn cool boot makeups!
These are beautiful my friend! They look like a great shade of Ravello. You wear them well!Mike these are stunners! They're a very nice shade of Cigar and you paired them up well. Very nice!
 Boot season for me starts on January 1st and usually ends right on December 31st.
 The color on these is stunning!  What an amazing shade.  Great boots my friend!  I don't reach for this boot enough!  A definite grail boot that I'm afraid to scuff up.  Your picture shows how nice these look in use.  I might have to break these out tomorrow!    I love this!  Great boots!  On commando with hooks?  Perfect makeup - where are they from?  The shade on these is killer.
Check out   Respect, TSM.  Respect.
Dude, this shade of Ravello is incredible! Very nice my friend.I love these! Very nice tones and they look like they patina well. Great boots!
I may not be Irish, but I'm feelin' it today! Happy St. Pats!
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