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Package from Alden of Madison this evening. Excited to wear these new Cigar WT boots this week! Commando sole, antique edge trim, speed hooks, Barrie last.
Best Ravello and Cigar belts?  Ravello is decent new-ish brown/red/orange Ravello... not Brownvello but also not the very red Ravello of the past.Cigar is decent new-ish fairly dark Cigar... not super-dark/nearly black but also not the very brown/olive Cigar of the past. Ideas?    A few of these look like my list of excuses I once had for school work.
 And for that price?!?  He doesn't have a leg to stand on...
  These are beautiful!  You have very nice chukkas.  I would say in order my favorites are Ravello, Cigar, Whiskey.  A color 8 chukka with a light edge trim would be a great addition too, if you think they're different enough from your shade of cigar. Enjoy them!
 Very nice boots!  Are these from Alden of DC?  They look new!  Great shade of Ravello.
  Hahaha, as I was typing that I was thinking how you'd cringe!
I was actually wondering whether or not AoM was mistaken about the Cigar CT boots today being Grant as the ones a few months back were Barrie. I thought maybe it was just a typo but I can't tell from the picture they emailed out. They (and the Cigar NST loafer) both look amazing. Congrats to the few that grabbed these extra pairs today. AoM is great to do business with.Funny enough, I'd actually trade someone my Grant Cigar CT boots for Barrie (as crazy as that sounds,...
 This is just a solid outfit.  Details on the shirt and pants?  That color 8 looks like it would be sick in direct sunlight too!  Those look amazing.  Great shade!  Hope I can get these in a C-width one day!
These look unreal! Great color on these. Further confirming I need a pair. They look amazing, my friend. Enjoy them and wear often!Amazing shade of Ravello, bud. Much nicer than my short-lived Brownvello of 2014. They look great!
These look amazing! One of my favorite pairs of Cap Toe boots. Enjoy, boot season is in full force!Is it wrong that I like the way these look more than my Grant-lasted pair? Every time I see the AoM version, I dig the casual last a lot. Enjoy wearing them... great boots!I'm a huge fan of the Cigar SWB and you wear them well! I have an AE in a lighter (walnut) shade that I beat on pretty badly, but I'd love to fill in the hole in my shoe rotation where I don't own a...
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