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 Nice DV, these look amazing! Those are some nice loafers you got there, buddy!
 These are beautiful.  I'll bet in direct light the shade is really something.  This boot looks amazing!
 Wow.  I own the TSM version and love them.  I never would have thought about another Cigar Indy, but when you put them next to each other it really makes me think!  Nice work - the Leffot version is killer.  I love the aesthetics of all eyelets, but the hooks are so much more practical.    Dope!  I'm excited for the ones I have coming from epaulet (brass hardware), but I'm thinking of selling off that preorder spot and going with these.  I think snuff suede might be the...
Are your EP boots black shell on commando soles? Essentially are they the same as Leffot except commando instead of crepe?
Isn't Viberg mahogany shell like old cigar? Brown/light in direct light and medium/dark brown in shade? And would these be like $800 or $1500?
 These look so good!  I was thinking of pulling the trigger on these on so many different occasions.  You wear them really well!   I refuse to spoiler the last picture, haha.  Congrats on your new acquisition!  Nice shoes AND boots.  They work well together and you definitely have coverage in Cigar!  What last are the SW bluchers on?   Killin em' out here, Ben!  Nice LWB's.  If you want to hit Sherman Bros this weekend, give me a shout!
  Don, these are amazing.  Great pick up!  When was this order from?  Trying to gauge if this means the cigar WT boots are incoming soon or not.  Amazing shade and you wear them well.  Congrats!   Mike, these are stunners!  Enjoy.  You and Don are both are killing it in the cigar shoe game today!  Are these TSM?  Nice Ben!  You know how I feel about these!  These are the perfect Cigar shade.  The light is showing them off big time!  Details on the pants?
 Congrats!  I was on the same run as you (also waited around 12 months) and they turned out beautiful.  An amazing shade of Cigar with tons of different tones.  Now wear them and let us know what you think!
 https://www.aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=158&ParentID=94&PageID=&Action= Alden of San Fran.
New epaulet preorders look pretty awesome!  Color 8 / snuff saddle shoe on plaza, a sleek alpine grain alt wien boot on plaza and a grant lasted alpine grain PTB.   Epaulet coming through with some really cool makeups.
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