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Both are beautiful either way. Great shoes!I can't wait to see sunlight photos. They are definitely close!I held off on a Ravello LWB because my Whiskey LWB is from the same run you were on.Chris
  These are a great shade of Ravello.  What makeup and how old?
I love these DV! Plaza? Antique?
Can we all slow-clap for this shade of Ravello?
Congrats! Enjoy them!I have these from the same run. Just grabbed them from the awesome crew at SF. They are very Ravello-ish. I am hoping the Ravello I have arriving soon looks as good!Would have loved a little bit lighter of a tone, but hey - nearly flawless shell isn't easy to find!
Now this is Cigar! I love when it looks like different colored leathers in certain lighting.
Thanks Mike!Yeah I also tried to make a size work that wasn't my usual size. They went to an SF member who will get more use out of them than I will. I'll get the correct size and that will be 90% of the problem for me and the latest Ravello's look good, so maybe I'll get lucky on finish!I still have to get to a retailer to try narrower widths like you suggested!
I had the 97506 which was Alden DC with Double Waterlock and (I think) medium tan edges.It was too brown for me. I will try again with them in the future and hope for more of a red tone.
When you find one, let me know! I'm in Conshohocken and can't find anyone to trust, especially with exotic shell.B. Nelson may have to be the answer.
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