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Does anyone know if shoe trees stretch shell shoes? I bought Alden trees from a local store that insisted I get L instead of M for 9.5D. They seem to fit fine, but I vaguely remember reading that shoe trees can stretch out shell cordovan over time?
The real answer is the factory knows exactly who they're making a shoe for when they see size 10.5B! They make sure the color is on point for Mike! Haha In all seriousness, I think it's intriguing how different a shade of the same shell from Horween can be in just a few weeks time.
Whiskey LWB from Alden SF is in. It's misleading! In direct sunlight they're completely different and much lighter. They are closer to Ravello than I've seen in the past, but I'll take a daylight picture tomorrow and post, since it now gets dark at 5PM! Alden SF was awesome to deal with and they have great customer service. I'm having a hard time justifying a Ravello LWB now. I just sold a "Brownvello" for this and feel like I made a good choice, but would love...
Quite honestly, this is what I'm struggling with. If my Whiskeys show up almost identical to Ravello tomorrow, I might take another shot at Whiskey. @mdubs Whiskey looks so different from only a few weeks prior.
That's bizarre. I'll have to see what shows up Monday!
Woah... That's identical to Ravello!
Has anyone received their Alden SF Whiskey LWB's from last week? I'm wondering what the shade looks like this round. Anyone with daylight pics? Mine are on the way, just impatient!
Thanks Mike!Those look so much better than Trubalance! I'm excited for my Cigar Indy's, but would love to see them on plaza.
This! Hand-stitched moc-toe boot on plaza?This is exactly what I was looking for. I'm a 9.5D on the Barrie but it's a little wide. I could potentially be a 9.5C. I was hoping a 10D would be okay, but sounds like it could be tight.Are there any stock models on Aberdeen that I can try on at an Alden retailer like Sherman Bros in Philly?
Is the consensus here that most people go TTS on the Aberdeen? I know it's very narrow and I've heard some people just can't wear it or go up a width. What do people typically wear in Aberdeen (who found that it works for them) compared to other lasts?
New Posts  All Forums: