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Jeez this thread moves fast compared to the Alden thread!Okay forgive me everyone, as I'm new to AE and have been hunting "rare" Alden shell for a while but love the 65 last compared to the clunky Barrie last. So I took the advice and went to the AE store yesterday on my walk to the train. I'm a 10C in the 65 last. I have a 10D now but the 10C is the best fit for my borderline width foot.I really want a simple sleek cap toe in natural shell and another in brownish shell...
Thanks! I'll stop by on the way to the train.I didn't realize there was a trunk show going on. I'm new to AE and have only purchased Alden other than these McAllisters. I just learned about the MTO contact. Should I ask about the trunk show?
Walnut McAllisters today. Sizing help: - I'm between a 10C and 10D on the brannock. - Barrie last 9.5C is a perfect fit. - My 10D McAllisters are fine with a tongue pad. The toe box isn't super roomy but not at all tight either. I want to order shell strands but don't know what size to go for. Do I risk a C width being tighter in the toe box but perfect in the heel and vamp? Thoughts? Or suck it up and walk 4 blocks to the Allen Edmonds Philly store? Thanks!
That's the goal, yes.Look at where the wooden edge meets the leather. Here are two Cigar Indy boots. One has a flat welt and the other has what you would call a "reverse" or "storm" welt.Flat welt:Storm welt:Hopefully that helps. This is separate from a 360 degree welt that wraps around the heel or the 270 degree welt that stops at the heel on each side.
Saz,Killing it in these!That sounds like an awesome makeup! Who is producing that? The flat/270 welt makes for a stunning side profile.
Speaking of new #8, Alden of Madison Color 8 LWB with antique edge. Maiden voyage at the office yesterday on denim and bagel Friday. I finally figured out my Barrie size after quite some experimentation. Luckily AoM has some narrow width sizes on occasion. 😁
I figured it still was. Nobody's foot is actually a rectangle with the same width throughout. What I can say is that I noticed immediately the heel width in a 10C felt comparable to a Barrie 9.5D.
Got the job! Vintage Color 8 PT saddles from 1992 from a place called "Terry and Juden" in New Orleans. eBay rescue! I had to wear these to the final round interview for good luck. Old shot:
I personally found the M-75 list to be a little wider in the heel than Plaza but interestingly still pretty narrow in the toe box like the Plaza. I don't know how this works but you'll notice it's not a "split last" like most Alden lasts at least according to what is printed. Where most Alden shoes say "A/C" or "B/D", etc. inside them, these only show the widest width in the last. I felt like the last was a little sloppy in that respect going TTS (10C) with no way to...
In the theater district tonight to see Hamilton. Color 8 Saddles
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