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Gates in KCMO! Great place...Haha these guys also have a stack of handwritten notes from the last 5 years all requesting rare shell.Side note: congrats on the 379x NST color 8 boots on crepe! They look great! Was gonna text you to see if they had come in yet.
   Both of these!
Mr. Moo and shoelord = same person I'll come back in a few days to see the Cigar Indy pics after they ban him.
these are a stunning shade of whiskey and I'm sure very comfortable!
Holy crap those are phenomenal! Whiskey SW Bal? Where from? The shade is unreal...
 Any shots in sunlight?  How was the maiden voyage?  Ugh, these are my grail shoe.  They look great, bud!  Maybe we'll see you Sunday if you are in the area!  I should have pulled the trigger.  Hope you're enjoying them!  I just realized you said you're in PA - same as bkotsko above... if you're in the King of Prussia area on Sunday, we're meeting at Fox and Hound at 6PM!  Haha, I have a feeling that's true.  I think the reason that I haven't been bitten by it yet is due...
 I'm with you 100% on this purchase!  The Ravello WT boot was an expensive purchase in that it has forced me to look for more!  I'm contemplating Color 8 and Snuff Suede!  These Color 8's look great RTP!  Enjoy them!
 I haven't been bitten by the black shell bug yet, but when I do I think this would be the first purchase!  The 6-eyelet chukkah is an amazing choice.  I love the additional eyelets - feels more "solid" around the ankle.  The 2-eyelet is more convenient to get on and off, but it will never look as good (IMO) as a 6-eyelet. The flat welt looks slick on this black boot.
That would be great if you could make it out @bkotsko!
If anyone is in the PA (greater Philadelphia) area, there's about 5 of us meeting up at Fox and Hound in King of Prussia, PA this Sunday at 6PM!
New Posts  All Forums: