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 Touchdown!  You were waiting for these to land for a while Russ.  They look awesome, congrats!
These are so sick! I think I like grain over black shell. Nice Ben!
Thanks! Unionmade Kirkwood CT boots. I really liked the commando sole and the look of the Barrie last on a boot. The contender was Kathy's 4060HC on Grant that I now have in Ravello. I like them both, but I like the casual Barrie look for my daily drivers, haha.Thanks again! This whiskey is definitely just a tad darker, but still are almost golden in sunlight. It's perfect for what I was after. The latest whiskey from AoM that just dropped today looks unreal. I...
Maiden voyage. Maiden scuff. Pretty much gone with advice from the dubs!
Haha, thanks! A little deer bone and a little edge trim polish and I might be alright!Good tip! Definitely made a big difference.I saw! How was it? It's easily the most complimented shoe I've worn. The color stands out I guess...
Maiden voyage! Whiskey LWB from Alden SF! Doh!
Very nice! Enjoy!Also very well done! Enjoy the new socks!They are! Unionmade Kirkwood Cap Toe boots on Barrie.
King CT Boots on Barrie/Commando today.
Nice collection! Details?
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