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Congrats! They look awesome. I think a #8 WT boot has to be my next pick up. They really look great with the olive pants. Nice work!
What kind of car parts?!
That's funny. I actually wish my Whiskey LWB's were a tad more on the yellow/gold side. Mine are very bronze!
Hahaha, that's more than likely!
We are on the same page! I was thinking of converting completely over to C-width. It means that I'd have to pre/special order most makeups but I'd be okay with that I think. In boots, D width works fine on most lasts but shoes that won't work.If you ever plan on heading to Sherman Bros or somewhere local to solve the Alden last problems we're having, let me know!
I find that the TruBalance last is easily the most "comfy" of the lasts I own. Barrie and Grant look much better if you're looking for more sleek but the comfort for me goes down significantly. I think it's because I have a narrow heel and a wide toe area. The Barrie heel is too lose for me, the Grant heel is fine but toe box is a little tight. I have skinny/boney feet and that doesn't help either as I measure right between a C and D width on the brannock.The Modified...
Mike, these are just plain stunning. Absolutely amazing!
Looking good bro! My favorite Alden boots in any color, but especially Cigar!
Not their maiden voyage but 2nd outing for Whiskey Wednesday! And yes the socks are a day late. I completely forgot to wear green yesterday and told everyone at the office I'd make up for it today!
Looking good DV! You're killing it this week. For some reason every boot you post looks like a sleek plaza last. You've mastered the Alden selfie.Such a great boot! I love my Cigar Indy's. Enjoy them, they're one of the nicest shell offerings in my opinion.My 4-6 months wait is going to be killer because of pics like this. I can't wait! Nice boots!Add me to the "kicking myself" group. These are so sick! Congrats and enjoy them!I hope I get lucky on the next run of...
New Posts  All Forums: