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This is a great moment. This truly shows the power of the Mike method! This was my 3rd time wearing these boots. 👍
Yes!!! Going out of town this week. I will have to try them out when I get back.
Ravello Friday? Walks 20 feet... gets 20 creases.
Haha, I can't even knock you for it. If I had color 4 cap toe boots, they'd sit in a closet, come out for a photoshoot and go right back in.My color 4 cap toe boots are your ravello NST boots!Didja wear them yet, tho?
Diggin that shade, DV. Plaza?
Hahaha, seriously though... the single best boot Alden has ever made. Nice score and I love that you actually wear them occasionally. I wouldn't have the cojones!
Saz, I'm shooting you over my address in case you ever want to box those up and send them my way for brushing and polishing. It's on the house! Turnaround time is a little high... say... nevercomingback?
What about brass shell with black eyelets?
Wow. I haven't been bitten by the black shell bug yet, but these are stunners. Between these and the Rydenfan boots, I might end up owning a pair or 2 of black shell boots from Alden if I can't contain my wallet.Side note: I heard black shell won't have brass eyelets anymore either. So basically no shell at all with brass anymore?
 Super under-rated.  I have the Kirkwood Color 8 Cap Toe boots on Commando from Unionmade 2014.  They ran them the last time they also ran the Halleck with dark edges on commando.   It's a barrie lasted boot, which I know some/most prefer the Grant version (4060 or 4060HC), but the Grant last doesn't work well for those with a narrow heel and low-instep... atleast in a non-custom size.  These have speed hooks and commando so they're a great boot for everyday use.  I'm a...
New Posts  All Forums: