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Love both of these boots. Nice my friend!
Maiden voyage last week and forgot to post. Wearing again tomorrow because I am hooked! Crappy indoor lighting. Much lighter with a little sun! AoM Cigar WT boots
Nice king WT boots my friend! Looking good. Where is this makeup from?Very nice! I'm excited for my pair of snuff WT boots coming soon. These look great! Enjoy.
 These are insane.  Awesome reverse welt.  Great looking boot!
I love the look of a plaza lasted Indy boot! You wear them very well. They look like they're going to be a great shade. How is the fit in the toe box going TTS?Holy patina! That looks amazing. Nice boots! The antique edge looks amazing with the nearly red shade!
These are absolutely unreal. I love my DC Cigar cap toe boots, but this Barrie version is stunning. Jealous! You wear them well my friend!Very nice! Looking good and love the shade.
Looks great! Barrie Jr. Last? All joking aside, this is like an Alden staple at this point.No spoiler! These look way too good. Nice bloom going on there.Nice! Those nearly look Ravello after some wearing. Makes me really really want a Ravello Indy!
Well done on the color 8 WT boots fellas! Those look amazing. I really have to get myself a pair! I think I'm sold on a dark edge trim. Enjoy them!Amazing chukkas! Cigar and ravello chukkas from Alden are absolutely winners. Enjoy them!Great looking SWB's my friend! The Hampton last is awesome looking. Did you go TTS and what is the fit like in the heel and toe box?Looking great! Amazing shade of whiskey. Enjoy!These are stellar as well. Again a great shade of...
Very nice! These look really comfortable. On Leydon last? Did you go TTS?Beautiful Hallecks. One of my favorite boots. I have to pick these up some day!
Will not spoiler. Can't wait to wear mine! I just need to find the courage to lace them up...
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