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Nice looking boot! Congrats. Love the brass hardware on light suede. Looks like you got a killer deal on them too.
   Thanks!  The indoor color is as great as the outdoor color IMO.  For a moment they even look like Color 4 (one can dream).  I'm thrilled with these!  So glad I wore them.    Thanks dude!  I just had to put miles on them before you and Ben confiscated them!      Thanks guys!  I'm getting happier with them as the bloom comes out today.  Ravello is easily my favorite color boot.  This is also my first leather soled boot.  I have been wearing exclusively commando sole, but...
After 6 months of hiding them in the box, I'm finally making the maiden voyage with my Ravello WT Boots x TSM. The shade is unreal and these are easily my favorite boots that I own! It makes me excited for the Cigar WT boots!More images... [[SPOILER]]
Agreed! They look killer.
The Halleck is an extremely good looking boot! Amazing! Great pics and enjoy them.Looking good Ben! Those Cigar LWB's are killer. Headed anywhere good bruh?Very nice! I love the shade here. How did they make out on the first wear?Absolutely. Cannot. Spoiler. These are great DV! I really think you have the shoefie angle down. Every last looks so sleek in your photos.These are so nice Mike! I can't wait for these to arrive. One of my favorite boots and you wear...
Congrats! They look awesome. I think a #8 WT boot has to be my next pick up. They really look great with the olive pants. Nice work!
What kind of car parts?!
That's funny. I actually wish my Whiskey LWB's were a tad more on the yellow/gold side. Mine are very bronze!
Hahaha, that's more than likely!
We are on the same page! I was thinking of converting completely over to C-width. It means that I'd have to pre/special order most makeups but I'd be okay with that I think. In boots, D width works fine on most lasts but shoes that won't work.If you ever plan on heading to Sherman Bros or somewhere local to solve the Alden last problems we're having, let me know!
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