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Has anyone ever made a Whiskey Plain Toe Boot?
Any update on a skinny fit chino or denim? If no, understood. If yes, would there be more "room" in the rise area or am I just going to be slowly developing an infertility problem with a nice fade?
Haha, not angry by any means.
That's ridiculous. Some businesses just don't understand customers and feel like they're playing a game against them as opposed to playing against the market they're in.I would just continue to mess with them at that point. If you'll go out of your way to make a customer's purchase more difficult, forget just taking my business elsewhere, I'm going to make you work harder to get your business. I'll go consult for free for your competitors and build their SEO, social and...
Instagram names?  Who posts Aldens?
Haha, re-reading my question, it definitely wasn't clear. Thanks for your answer, though. Didn't realize the 2-eyelet was a stock model. The 6 eyelet is much more attractive for some reason, but I think snuff is one of the nicest colors for chukkahs.
Any snuff chukkahs at all you know of?
Does anyone make a snuff suede 6 eyelet chukkah on commando sole?
Mike (@mdubs)Those cigar jumpers are my Alden holy grail. Where is that makeup from?ChrisI have the #8 Kirkwoods from Unionmade and love them. I want a good mix of straight captoe and PCT. This boot because it was so dark was going to look more formal regardless, so straight cap toe it went!
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