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Thanks for the useless response. What's wrong with looking like a model? If you don't have anything constructive keep it to your self.Thanks
Hey all,   I've been searching these threads for a while and am sick and tired of how I look. I am eager to start changing it from dressing like a bum and become a more fashion forward person.   I am looking for a black shoe that is stylish, high quality and reasonable price. I am looking to spend an upward of $600.   Stylish black shoes are always hard to find because of the color nothing tends to stand out at all. I saw a few shoes by Gucci and Prada but am worried...
Hi all,    I am new to the world of high fashion and saw these SM shoes and was wondering if they were any good   http://www.shopthefinest.com/p-57162-sutor-mantellassi-black-shoes-size-9-us-8-uk.aspx   I am looking for a shoe thats: a) high quality b) fashionable c) reasonable priced   Please let me know I want to order these as they look great and original, hard to find in a black shoe :S
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