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I am in Denver for the week. Where can I find clothes, shoes, etc.? Mathieu
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 I'm not sure if we have the same problem, but here are my two cents. I have relatively square shoulders and thus most OTR jackets have some collar rolls on me. It's not a slope problem. My shoulder pitches forward, so that there is a gap between sleeve and lapel.
One of my shoulders is somewhat forward, so that there is a hollow space over my collar bone. The sneaky jacket takes advantage of this: the fabric does not go smoothly from armscye to lapel, it kind of collapses in due to lack of support. Is there a way to fix this (shoulder padding, canvas, etc.)?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jerry52 Oddly enough, while I've always worn 12-C in Aldens, the used pair of AE's I have are 11 1/2 - D and fit OK. That's not surprising. Oftentimes, narrower and extra 1/2 size compensate. So you may wear regular width shoes a half size smaller. The basic question is: would you really spend US$350 on AE or Alden shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy are you serious? european brands aren't known for their width selection. C is not overly narrow. So some brands basic width may do fine. That's within the error bar.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jerry52 the dollar versus the British pound sterling is even weaker than dollar versus Euro... And the American shoe versus the British shoe is even weaker the dollar versus the British pound sterling.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I'm going to wear brown shoes in London next week. Then they will show you back to your farm, sir.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I think the jacket in the picture is too dressy. I agree. This is a suit with odd pants.
1. "My shoe size in American shoes is 12-C which may present complications in the European shoes." Why? 2. Why exclude C&J and other English shoes? 3. Vass would be $400 per shoe in Hungary. Even more in the U.S.
jmswentworth, I understand your problem. In order to avoid this I sometimes invite people to come to my place instead of going to a bar. This way I am sure that I'll find something drinkable.
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