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So bummed...just picked up my loomies I've been patiently waiting. Open them up and are exactly what I wanted material wise, perfect. Huge issue, I ordered a 35 and they are sewed up almost identical to a 33. I know they sew up a bit smaller than spec, but 2 sizes is ridiculous considering the need to soak/shrink them. I wear a 33 in Gustin, so there is no way ill ever get to wear these...putting them on presoak they are tough to button the top one, which would be perfect...
Not the case at all if you go back and reread, I merely brought up that I was charged more for shipping jackets than jeans and all things were equal...along with clearing up a few incorrect statements. I calculate the total price when making decisions in these cases, and definitely don't base it on shipping alone, no one is being cheap here as I have clearly bought multiple items from Gustin knowing how shipping works. You can put words in my mouth if you'd like to, I'm...
Good one? You're definitely offended, go take a couple deep breaths.
Uhhh all I said was I got a couple jackets and jeans in the same flat rate envelopes...settle down ladies.
Nothing pedantic about facts, all I did was state them in a reasonable manner...you are really jumping to absurd conclusions. This is a place for discussion, if you don't like discussion then I'd suggest staying off forums.
Clever, I can tell you have intense feelings for the boys at gustin. Way to stand up for them, I bet they blushed.
Indeed, asshats like yourself are always a welcome commodity.
Guess I missed the part where I said it was a deal breaker. Also, thanks for the heads up on where to handle my complaints, I had no idea the interwebs were only a place for compliments and not constructive criticism...
The padded envelopes my stuff came in are for sure flat rate. The weight is irrelevant.
There are a few, but the padded envelopes all my jeans and jackets have come in are the padded variety, only one size/price for those. I do realistically expect that actually, its a pretty easy process that almost every other site uses.If my jeans and jackets are shipped in the same $6 flat rate envelopes why are the jackets shipping so much more?
New Posts  All Forums: