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Im near identical sizing to gaseous and got a large dark oak trucker, fits great...only thing i might change is an extra inch or 2 at the waist, but its minor, and i suppose not really in line with a trucker
Got my 18's last Thursday, 1 month turnaround...ordered via their site, not kickstarter.
CPO in the original runs wool herringbone fabric with symmetrical pockets, would be my request.
Black/Red is my alma maters colors, but looks ridiculous on denim to me. CPO also looks awful, but love some of the fabrics. Guess I prefer classic styles vs tricked up.
sure wish the CPO didnt have that third chest pocket as wel las the sleeve pocket. ruins it imo.
Yeah...I didn't mean to imply there was anything wrong with it, just was wondering why as it's not something I see people doing
let it naturally wear off, creating unique wear patterns and fades over time due to the way the denim conforms to you and your activity in it
Just goes against the general motives of raw denim, was curious.
Why hose them under the shower? You were just stripping indigo.
If you are actually muscular up top, you should go large. 180-190, 5'11 40 jacket. Just got my first shirt. Snug fit, not a lifter just athletic.
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