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Long shot...anyone out there order the grey silks in a 33 straight want to swap for the 34 straight I ordered? Too late for me to change sizes via gustin.
Yeah, I was planning to tomorrow...have seen posts here with them and mentioned it. He said it was too oily to adhere properly.
So, the oiled sole on the originals...how's it handle the wet? First pair with this type of sole, they are also recently acquired so no experience yet. Heading to Ireland in 2 weeks and would love to break these in while there...but not if they can't handle the prolonged damp conditions (and my cobbler said he wouldn't be able to make a topy stick very long). Have read oiled soles handle wet better than standard leather soles...what do you guys think? Slipping I guess is...
hmm 2-2.5 months isnt gonna work for me I dont think, bummer
Is the lead time accurate/long/short? Thinking about snagging the duffle but need it by mid-August...listed as shipping in August though.
Careful...many of the ones they are clearing out have sub par leather...finally got a good pair and they have developed a squeaky heel after ~8 wears...trying to decide on returning them
 So, Allen Edmonds told me to return these to Lands End...Lands End checked their stock in size 11D and all of them are like this or worse. Just an FYI for anyone thinking of ordering them, you might want to call first and have them check your size before shipping.Fortunately I was able to pair this sets good boot with my first sets good boot, as the local Sears I returned the first batch too still had them sitting around.
Thanks for the response.If that was the case though why wouldn't some other portion (big or small) of it or the other one look similar? It's just that one panel. I have some chromexcel chukkas that are not like that at all either.Looks like I'm not the only person having issues. Lands end was very helpful last time around.
Looking for some opinions. Got my (second pair) Bayfields in today from Lands End and one side of the upper is a lot more wrinkly then I would have expected, much more so than the rest of either boot.The wrinkles kind of grow or shrink depending on the direction the leather is folded, kind of like its loose or hollow under them. Sucks because I already had to return one pair that was much worse off than these with drastic creasing and wrinkles. Makes me wonder if they're...
Not sure if posted, but Lands End has the Bayfield Boot on sale for 259.99 w/free shipping too.
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