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Have you considered to offer the wokshirts and jackets in a tall option?
You have to be looged in with your gustin account.
 Any news about the "tall" option for shirts?
Hands down - one of the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever seen! Could not be any prettier!
28 years
I backed a 36 straight Grey Silk in April as well. Perfect fit (for me!) but cannot be cuffed properly due to the "silky" material. Nevertheless nice jeans but a little bit overrated...
I doubt you'll can change the size of the Grey Silk in September. Usually Gustin starts prouduction 6 weeks before shipping. Thus you can only change the delivery address but not the size anymore.
 My experience with Zimbabwe cotton is that it is much softer! The fades are neither more nor less interesting than other jeans' fades. Momotaro jeans are a league on their own! They are way better than Gustins (contruction, detail) but cost up to three times as much! I own two pairs of Momotaros "budget line" Japan Blue and they are comparable to Gustins.  But they still cost 20-30% more than Gustins do...
New Posts  All Forums: