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 My experience with Zimbabwe cotton is that it is much softer! The fades are neither more nor less interesting than other jeans' fades. Momotaro jeans are a league on their own! They are way better than Gustins (contruction, detail) but cost up to three times as much! I own two pairs of Momotaros "budget line" Japan Blue and they are comparable to Gustins.  But they still cost 20-30% more than Gustins do...
I am pretty sure you will wear them all one day!
In Germany Edwin are "affordable" and "widely available" selvage jeans. I don't wear them very often anymore. But at almost 30°C they are one of the comfiest pairs I own.
  edwin ed-47 (hidden) rainbow selvage at 28°C - summer is coming! :-)
Check out Gustin. Best bang for the buck IMHO!
Mine just entered German customs. It will take some time until I'll get them. So pictures are very much appreciated! :)
to reduce indigo loss
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