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Pike Brothers 1937 Roamer Pant Edwin Nashville Lee 101S Edwin ED 47 Rainbow Selvage Japan Blue 0706 Japan Blue 0700SP 3sixteen ST-220 Gustin Super Heavy Gustin Japan Umber Gustin Grey Silk Gustin Indigo-Indigo (backed)
I had to show German customs the credit card bill, a Gustin denim order printout. No problem at all.But if Gustin would add a "real invoice" to the package I wouldn't have to drive to German customs. But driving the is no big deal for me.
Same here in Germay. I have to drive to customs office as the value of the jeans (or other relevant information such as receipt/invoice) is not visible on the outside of the package.
Shrinkage will be minimal as the 0406 is sanforized. Excpect 1" max!
I assume a good cobbler could resurrect these beauties!
I don't see any remarkable blemishes. Just wear them and be happy!  :)
I wonder what they look like with black laces.
Could you please take some pictures as soon as they've arrived?These are so beautiful!
Desert Boots and snow are not a good combination. And neither are temperatures below 5°C . You should consider buying the Red Wings!
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