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when i started i made a  decision not to be in the "flipper" camp. when i go i go to buy for myself, and wear it until i need to donate it.If i do proxy i proxy for actual cost + shipping + optional tip. not complaining that i'm not "successful" as im not aiming to start a business. Some people knock flipping, i don't mind it, i just don't do it. Seems like more and more ebay business types had invaded the thread over the years
i am, i started around the time wes started here, and i'm like $20 in the black haha.he did good, nice area he did a lot of work, and since it was ebay im sure it was mostly bs from people trying to scam. congrats wes!
New year, New higher prices! i paid $12.99 each for 2 hermes ties i paid $19.99 for a pair of jeans and i bought a few shirts for $19.99 each       i spent over $120 at a thrift store today, and i am actually happy haha (one of the few times i do it anymore because of higher prices) Oh and there were the cheapest shoes at the store pair of highly worn church's for $29.99 10.5 size. anyone want them via proxy?
i was looking for a way to keep my folded sweaters organized in my drawer, eventually use a number of boxes so everything has it's place and a way to limit my wardrobe to bare essentials.   i have 2 thick knit sweaters and they slide off of each other and have trouble staying folded   do any of you use something like this?  
land's end has been on my "to try" list for awhile. and i got tired of buying desgner only garments. for this season so i decided to work on my basics  again.   i ordered the linen/cotton blend thick knit sweater i am hoping it is decent quality. can anyone confirm that it is?   and some basic shirts + some oxfords i know its alot to order to try the brand out but i figured if it is all garbage older genetleman wear i'd just return it due to their guarantee. It would...
  Does anyone recognize this label?   it was NWT, it had the client's name on a hang tag, and on the pant tag. on the inside of the pocket it had the clients name and measurments.   BUT it had a label that said "tailored in china"   low quality suit IT HAD TO BE FUSED but im not a good judge on that. functional cuffs (all 4) but it was sloppy   is this the shit savile row is putting out today? or is it some knock off?
looks like the grain of those cheap 35mm disposables you get at 7-11 in the 90's
Found this theirry mugler black cotton shirt Too big for me so it's avalible   no buttons on shirt all snaps   Im finding all sorts of stuff just not in my size  
there was a girl in front of me in line holding a NWOT Maison Martin Margiela dress, clearly not knowing the designertalking about wearing it with her yoga tights and uggs :thud: I need to go back later tonight
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