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So rather stupid question, i like this stuff from target...but i hate the added smell of it... "fudge urban surfer wax"  has a nice pliable hold, and a matte finish.     it comes in a block that you rub on your hair, the main ingriedent is beeswax.... would it be stupid to just buy a block of 100% beeswax to style my hair with?   the only thing i can find after googling is black women using that "murray's beeswax" thing but their reading comprehension isn't very...
Have you heard of the term wardrobeing?I don't want to be accused one of those types since he has such a strong presence here.Since he has more "e-cred". I'd just rather avoid the fallout. But yeah, like I said I'll revisit wvg after all other options are exhausted or wait until there is a crazy fire sale or something to take the plunge
that can be said with denim now too. what you said held true about 5 years ago but now there are china produced selvedge jeans being sold at cotton on, american eagle, gap, cpenny and target that all have loose twill, traditional projectile loom like denim with a "self edge"   this is different than the target and khols jeans where they sew a fake strip of denim with fabric stripes onto the inseam of cheap jeans.
id rather not risk it,  i don't like having to be part of the whole social circle in order to get service or be in good standing on a forum of younger guys just to offer up my opinion. it's easier for me to just buy from something with a B&M and if i can't find anything there i'll resort to the online stuffand have to play the "game"
  gitman brothers?what is a sample shirt? how does it differ from ordering 1 shirt @ full price? i don't want to buy and return because i use this forum freq and i don't want any negative feedback publicized here for a return or my reputation being in jeporadythanks for the contact info, but i think i'll shop around a little more with more established brands then come back and see what i can do. i just wanted some opinions from actual consumers/forum users. i know what the...
$210 is pretty close to most designer pieces on sale. Though and looking at these images make me nervous as he'll. The hemline is uneven on this shirt, the buttons are not in line, the sleeve looks wonky and the shoulder seam seems off. I'm not hating on the brand I just want the most for my money, I can't be blowing hundreds of dollars left and right on bad shirts and $100 +25 shipping on a coupon code I'm never going to use. Are these issues just the samples he's using,...
Question for the rewards membership buyers, have you actually saved money with it? I was looking to get all of my basic shirting from 1 place. But it seems like I have to buy this membership coupon to buy at the regular rrp, or buy 1 shirt at double the price to test it, I don't want to blow a few hundred on some coupon and be stuck buying so-so shirts at a little more than they're worth becuase I feel like the coupon would be a waste of money. I was looking at gustin,...
when i started i made a  decision not to be in the "flipper" camp. when i go i go to buy for myself, and wear it until i need to donate it.If i do proxy i proxy for actual cost + shipping + optional tip. not complaining that i'm not "successful" as im not aiming to start a business. Some people knock flipping, i don't mind it, i just don't do it. Seems like more and more ebay business types had invaded the thread over the years
i am, i started around the time wes started here, and i'm like $20 in the black haha.he did good, nice area he did a lot of work, and since it was ebay im sure it was mostly bs from people trying to scam. congrats wes!
New year, New higher prices! i paid $12.99 each for 2 hermes ties i paid $19.99 for a pair of jeans and i bought a few shirts for $19.99 each       i spent over $120 at a thrift store today, and i am actually happy haha (one of the few times i do it anymore because of higher prices) Oh and there were the cheapest shoes at the store pair of highly worn church's for $29.99 10.5 size. anyone want them via proxy?
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