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Hey there! What do you guys think? Seller says the manufacturer tags have been removed. If im not mistaken this coat is from the fall winter 2012 line. But when i compare it to pictures of the real one, the seams look off, the jacket is not double breasted, and is the zegna logo tag supposed to look like that? Can any experts help me out with this? Could this have been a first run or a modified coat? Thanks!
Sorry! The seller actually said the tags have been ripped off :/ And awesome. Thanks. Im gonna post it on there as well then. Thanks for replying!
Also the label looks funny too. Please! Anyone help me out! Thank you!
Can someone tell me if this is real or fake? It looks good to me but when i compare it to pictures of a real one, the seams look a bit off to me. Anyone an expert with this? Thanks for the help! -al
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