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Alden Indy Boots, 9E:   Alden color 8 handsew 986, 9.5c:   Harley of Scotland Shetland sweater, S   5-fold heavyweight ancient madder tie:
 The grenadine is self-tipped, which I had to request specifically. The wool one is untipped.
Just arrived. Superb quality, although I wasn't expecting less.  
Hand rolled white linen pocket square:   Gustin Shirt - Small Slim   La Portegna Moccasins - Size 43
 Thanks for the recommendation. I got in touch with Isles Textiles and they quoted me $160/yard, which seems a little steep to me. Anyone have any idea of what it goes for in the UK?
Any suggestions for a nice alternative to the Minnis Tobacco Fresco? I want a solid tabacco/darker brown for a lighterweight sport coat.
I've been browsing the shirting for a nice brown, maybe a linen, but nothing is catching my eye. Any recommendations?
I had a very pleasant visit to the shop this week. The shop was closed for holidays, but Patrizio let me make an appointment anyway. He is a thoroughly nice man, and tried very hard in order to communicate with me in English.   Ordered a grenadine tie and a wool/cashmere mix tie, which I was surprised to see was made from Holland and Sherry jacketing. I asked him about it and he said he thinks that lightweight jacketing makes for a great tie.   Incidently, also visited...
I have a number of things from Gustin, and I was curious to see the prices for the sneakers, but definitely not interested in buying. Once again, it seems that Gustin is entering a sector that it understands only superficially. Gustin offers well constructed jeans at good prices because they know a decent amount about the industry and denim.    Outside of the jeans, all the products have been rushed, not particularly great quality and not especially well priced. Why...
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