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 I received an email about the sale. 15% off belts thru 11/20 with a personal promo code. I'd like to get one of the perforated belts but they're rather expensive even with 15% off. If there are better sales, I can wait.
There's a 15% sale for belts which is not much different than last months sale where everything was at least 15% off.   Have there been better sales on belts? Are they cheaper at the AE outlets?
Thank you for your time responding on my issues, Despos. It seems I've got odd areas on my back that really needs the services of a master tailor and a bespoke suit. Unless I go full-on custom, I think I'm doomed to have a messy back with wrinkles and creases. Sadly, this may be the case since my budget won't allow me to spend that much for one suit. I really appreciate the information about my various fit issues though, it will help on what to look out for in purchases...
 That sounds like a very intensive and expensive alteration. About how much would doing something like that cost? Should I just return the suit and go with another brand? 
  I've been emailing with the online store about the wrinkles. They were the ones that recommended a collar tuck. I sent a few more photos to them and they said adding padding to the right shoulder and tightening the chest would help remove wrinkles. I took the jacket to a tailor today and she said the jacket was too small in the shoulders. I mentioned a collar tuck and she pinned it up just below the collar. This helped but there was still light wrinkling and pulling in...
 Yes, the right button hangs lower when the jacket is unbuttoned. Would simply adding padding on the right shoulder help even them out? Also, would this fix the vertical crease on the left side, or the horizontal wrinkles in the center of the back, or both?
 Thanks for explaining half back, Despos. Other jackets don't have those wrinkles; the back is smooth. Would that mean it's the fabric or quality or cut of this particular jacket that's causing the wrinkles?
 Thanks for confirming what I suspected, that it's not collar roll. Could you explain what you mean by "half back"?
Hey all,   This is a MTM suit I just got and wanted an opinion on the upper back area. There are horizontal wrinkles between the shoulder blades.They said that the wrinkles are caused by collar roll but I thought it was because the shoulders of the jacket are too small for me so the fabric is stretching.   Would a collar tuck fix this? Or do the shoulders have to be let out?  
 No, it feels fine. Snug but not tight. Nothing pinches or rubs and I can move my toes around. I tried 8D and 7.5E and on both sizes, the sides flared out on the outside ankle. The gap concerned me at first but the shoes felt fine so I went with it. I wore them all last night and this morning and have no blisters or sore spots.
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