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Hi madeinitaly, i extracted this photo from another persons wedding photo, and i havent found a larger resolution photo yet. Il try post one if i am able to find it, but for now it doesnt exist in the internet. This is the best link to the original photo i can find : http://66.media.tumblr.com/58c0461c6aa84f3d093e71edaf9ad229/tumblr_o53f23sKa01r09g7so1_1280.jpg Cheers
I recently saw something that I really liked in a photo online and have been trying to track it down, however I am not having much luck finding this. I've attached the photo, although its quite low res, you can make out a long thin leather strap that knots onto something at the end. I am trying to find this in nice high end supple leather exterior, possibly with another layer inside for a better thickness and weight. Can anyone point me to a product that fits...
I am thinking of bringing a blazer with me to wear after i take off the robe on graduation day, At the moment i have those brown shoes + navy dress pants + navy tie + white shirt + silver cuff links, Was going to get a grey/charcoal blazer but it may not look good, any suggestions? I am going to to crane brothers tomorrow to have a look around their off the rack range.
The new shoes arrived today , went down half a size as well and they feel like another layer of my feet. The strap is a pain in the butt to buckle especially when I am treating it with the most care. 
 Ive brought it to a few cobblers around town today to get a second/third opinion and they said there must be something with the leather at that point because the crease is too defined. I brought it back to crane brothers and the owner said he would let me exchange them for a new pair, i am very happy it worked out fine because they are my first proper shoes. 
I bought them for my upcoming graduation in 2 weeks time...    seems like im having badluck with shoes lately, ive just received a pair of wolverines and found that someone had ripped half of the insole off the midsole, im suspecting it was customs... hmmm. Another trip to the cobbler.
Thanks, ive rung up another cobbler and shown him the photos, he said to leave it because eventually the shoes will crease anyway. Rather than risking rining it further with heat decreasing. It has left me depressed because of that mark though
I brought the shoes to him and he tried different trees, and he said that one was the best fit. Really he had only tried two or three and seemed to be guessing. The store from which i bought the shoes from recommended him. When i used the trees it seems like the shoe has stretched a few millimetres, and resulted in a few creases here and there
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